LILY ALLEN LOSES IT! Takes a Dump on Pensioners & Deletes Poll After it Shows Folks Don't Want Muslim Immigration

LILY ALLEN LOSES IT! Takes a Dump on Pensioners & Deletes Poll After it Shows Folks Don’t Want Muslim Immigration

I don’t know all that much about Lily Allen’s musical talents, or lack thereof. Thankfully, she’s virtually unknown here in the United States. Most of what I know about her has to do with her autistic screeching over on Twitter. Almost every single day, she goes off about one thing or the other. Recently, it’s had to do with Muslim immigration into Europe and more specifically, into the United Kingdom.

Well, she got embarrassed once again today and it was pretty damned hilarious. She put up a poll for 15-35-year-olds on what they felt more marginalized by, Muslims or pensioners. The results didn’t quite how she expected them to go…so she deleted it. Thankfully, some helpful Twitter users saved it for posterity.

She also decided to rip on old people, which I guess is what gave her the idea to start the poll in the first place.

Put all old people to death! I don’t have a clue why Labour is in the shitter with political geniuses like Lily Allen at the helm.

She also got triggered by Pepe the Frog, cause that’s what you do nowadays if you’re a “progressive.”

The weekend is off to a good start!

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Mouth

    It’s a beautiful thing when people like this realize there is opposition to their world view and that in reality they’re not the majority. The ensuing meltdown is always entertaining.

    • Emil Åslund

      The general meltdown since last year have been glorious. They’re getting more and more desperate and they can’t hide itanymore.

      • Vinnie Venios Vicent

        since when they did hide it?

  • Maintenance Renegade

    This is why all the social media companies are now trying to “filter” us all with bots, they know how emotionally fragile and easily demoralized the typical prog demagogue is. When they say they’re afraid that our disagreement will “silence” these people if allowed to continue they really believe it and frankly they might even be right.

    Isn’t that the point though? When bad ideas lose an argument SHOULDN’T they be tossed in the trash?

    • 9eyedeel

      Yeah, how is it that companies know better than we do about truth and right and wrong? It’s like the middle ages. and we are serfs.

  • Guest
    • milk bone

      I’m not afraid of the zombie apocalypse. But I’m scared to death about what happens to civilization when the Thorazine runs out.

      • Vinnie Venios Vicent

        we’ll have flying whales for a while. i pity who had to clean that.

  • Love it when these leftist SJW skanks get called out and seeing them face actual opposition.

    These bastards have had it all their own way for the last 20-30 years, it’s about time people started to challenge their so-called “progressive ideas”.

  • aliswell

    Yeah, because we just don’t have enough divisiveness in the world so let’s add Hate Grandparents to the mix!

  • ash

    Lily is mentally deranged. This is what happens to your brain once you have a lot of money and nothing else better to do.

    • Vinnie Venios Vicent

      you don’t really need Money, just nothing else to do.

      check twitter and tumblr.

  • Len Fox

    Oh…that was inconvenient! Hear that sound…that’s globalism dying right in front of us!

    • BanPC

      It’s about 30+ years overdue.

  • lazypadawan

    “Logan’s Run” must be her favorite movie ever.

  • MedStudentForLife

    Wow she just casually advocates for killing off all the people at her granddad’s old person’s home. She is truly a deranged lady.

  • One-Eye

    I watched a TV series where she briefly retired from music and was trying to open a boutique. She seems sweet but very sheltered and out of touch.

  • Fuji Gerry

    Fake liberals and real libtards are increasingly being countered and defeated on the Internet as opposed to the MSM where they reign unchallenged. Beware the crackdown on Internet free speech opposing the MSM. It’s already happening on twitter and on YouTube. Recommend everyone go to and open a mind account. Continue the fightback

  • HMS Lion

    Surely attempting to whip up feelings against “pensioners”, the very people whose taxation contributions over many decades have funded the Welfare State, is a “hate crime” in itself?

  • Grust

    So much winning. It’s almost addictive.

    • Lily Allen and the leftist celebrities may be getting mocked, but regardless of the growing dissent and fightback of these people, leftists/SJWs are still the ones in power and in charge of the mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government, society, entertainment media, etc.

      “So much winning”? Not even fucking close.

      • Grust

        Very well I’ll rephrase. So much SJW butthurt. It’s almost addictive

  • Mykeru

    Many over 75 remember WW2 and now they are being written off by Lily Allen as fit for scrap. Lily Allen pays other people to mind her kids while she has benders on drugs which she can afford because she has pioneered a style of music that involves halfheartedly talking over music.

  • Mykeru

    Making an enemy of Pepe only ends in one way.

  • Dave The Sandman

    I think this is an outstanding and well reasoned reply to the crack whore and all her chums

    Take it away Paul old mate

  • Typical

    I just know she flashes her tits and twat a lot. I’d bang.