Lionhead Shamefully Apologizes for Sharing "Foaming Jugs" Art After SJW Barrage

Lionhead Shamefully Apologizes for Sharing “Foaming Jugs” Art After SJW Barrage

Something pretty hilarious just happened over on Twitter. Well, it’s actually kind of sad and infuriating, but I can’t help but to laugh at the absurdity of it. Lionhead Studios (owned by Microsoft) shared a piece of game art with a busty young lady holding two cold beverages. It’s an ad for The Foaming Jugs tavern from Fable II. I’m not sure if it’s in all three or not, and I’m writing quickly, so look it up. I did beat all three of them, but as I said on Twitter, that was many brain cells ago.

But that’s one of the things that upsets me the most about all this. I feel more personally involved with this decision than I otherwise would. Tim Schafer is a scumbag, but I never really cared for his work anyway. I have a great affinity for the Fable series and even just the Lionhead brand. So I hate to seem them do what they did today. It hurts a little bit more. It’s good for one thing though, and that’s as an example. Rarely do you see such a clear example of what this fight is all about.

They ended up deleting a companion Facebook post as well, by the way. Notably, I didn’t see as much radical feminist bullshit on Facebook, but they took it down anyway. Here’s the rundown:



Just looks at how many tweets Brianna Wu is shitting out. it’s un-fucking-believable. You would have thought Lionhead just shared some fucking child pornography through their social media accounts. Look at this:

I’ll be damned if they didn’t cave to troglodytes like Brianna Wu. They actually came out and groveled:

You apologize for sharing an art asset from your own game? Why would you ever do such a thing? It’s truly stunning. I’m not sure how to react to this. Some people are saying take it easy on Lionhead, but this was incredibly dumb. Also, it makes the climate even worse for other creators who see this. There’s no telling how much damage will be done that you won’t be able to see. It will instead be told by what you don’t see. Also, let me point out one other thing real quick. There’s plenty of women who found that art appealing. You wouldn’t know it by the crazy radical feminists, but there are lesbians and bisexual gamers, and they appreciate the female form.

Here’s some more rundown from Twitter, then I’ll leave it to you. Notice that Casey Malone character above? He’s good buddies with Maya Kramer and Brandon Boyer. I know you’re just as shocked by that revelation as I am (/sarcasm):

(They’re even trying to get the person who tweeted it fired. What a shameful display.)

Ethan Ralph

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  • dingl_

    There is really only 1 recourse when blatant shame censorship like this occurs- Craft your own #NationalCleveageDay tweets+images and put them out there, RT each other. Shaming others to censor is terrible BUT the fact that whomever tweeted from the Lionshead account could b fired for this? That’s the crime

  • Olympion

    Let’s show the SJW scumbags the true power of the Streisand Effect: ReTweet the picture everywhere (especially in SJW and Radfem tags), make #NationalCleveageDay trend and make it clear that #GamerGate stands for free speech and will always fight these neo-puritans.

  • The Deuce

    You wouldn’t know it by the crazy radical feminists, but there are
    lesbians and bisexual gamers, and they appreciate the female form.

    Hell, not just them. I daresay most straight women like breasts and the female form too. The vast majority of people in general do. Hell, even with dudes, most of the games we play don’t feature out-of-shape sad sacks, do they? No, and nor do most of us want them to, even those who are out of shape themselves.

    But no, the crazy “female” developer with a shit “game” and a Y-chromosome is the real expert on what’s “offensive” to women.

    • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

      And even if they didn’t, that’s not a reason to take it down either.

    • jlenoconel

      I’m gay, only like men, but love the female form for what it is.

      • You’re gay and only like men? You’re the ULTIMATE misogynist according to the nutjobs! You hate women so much you’d rather only have sex with other men.. there’s no greater height of misogyny XD

  • Are you fucking kidding me!? You’re offended by big jugs? Really? Just throw a fucking burka over every woman, just create the oppression you’re fighting against.

    Great job, SJWs – where there is no oppression you artificially create some, just for the whining sake.

    Fucking ‘ell.

  • It’d be a wonder to see Wu playing anything that is not pandering to its own psychosis.

  • bans

    I loved Lionhead’s response, shame they didn’t stand by that response. Shame as those whinning about a pair of boobs aren’t the ones who will be buying Lionhead Studio games.

  • Shane Phillips

    This whole thing has me absolutely fuming, caving to such censorship requests is nothing short of disgraceful.

  • Simple Chicken

    Just don’t buy their products. Simple. That’s why I’m the chicken. 😉

    • bans

      I disagree, that’s just what the sjwankers want. Support people like Lionshead, show them we do support their right to express themselves.

      • Simple Chicken

        Nothanks. They caved. They deserve to be punished by lack of revenue. By caving to sjw’s they caved on their consumers who give them their revenue. Do you believe sjws do? They aren’t buying their games. If game devs can’t learn to stand up to sjw bullshit then I have no interest in buying their games.

        • bans

          After MattTaylor/Shirtstom was reduced to tears by sjwankers and rad fems over a shirt I’m not surprised so many are jumpy around these bullies. They have created a climate of fear, and most are falling over themselves to get off their radar. Lionshead have been bullied, they are the victims of bully tactics.

      • ThatGuy

        As much as I’m torn to admit it, I’m with Simple Chicken on this one. The developer and publishers of a variety of entertainment media are being dominated by SJWs because they roll over for the SJWs at the expense of their actual consumer base. We end up supporting people who cower before a master whose power is as great as it is limited.

        The developers of Hatred.. hell, Rockstar Publishing itself, know how this game actually plays out, and who to side with. They use the very hatred these people spew, and the subsequent middle finger they give the media, as the method of gaining the big freaking bucks.

        I think its about time we narrow the street, make it a proper two way, so that companies who want to play identity politics suffer for it while those who embrace the true freedom and brutality of liberalism make mad gains.

        These SJWs, radfems, post modernists and progressives are the element of the US left wing that essentially cost the democrats the election in 2014. While our specific enemies.. Wu, ZQ, Anita, Movieblob, Schafer, and company are mostly involved in this industry, they have companions across multiple fields of business, entertainment, and politics.

  • Sand Ripper
  • Alex

    I feel so sad for most of the developers in the industry…. The gaming
    industry feels eaten by the ”progressive extremists” and all the devs
    can do is cower and hope they are not targeted by the gaming media…

    • Sheba

      Thanks god we have still Japan being too busy being based to listen to raibow-haired cunts, landwhale and the hordes of white knight eunuchs.

    • Pintheshadows

      The best thing is, the hardline progressives in game development are all shit at it.

  • Jaker_K17

    By caving to the demands of SJWs people are giving them power and telling them they’re right. Being offended doesn’t make you right. Being upset or “triggered” doesn’t make you right. They only have as much power over you as you allow them to have.

    It’s like with words people find offensive. Some people get seriously offended when you say the word “faggot” but it’s so common place on the internet now that most people don’t care. Hell, even calling SJWs a faggot they just respond with “yeah, okay. What else have you got?” because it doesn’t bother a lot of them anymore.

    If people keep caving to these ridiculous demands, it will only get worse. If someone stood up to them and said “No, fuck you.” sooner, we wouldn’t be seeing this shit now. It’s gotten to the point they’re harassing people to get comic book covers and tweets of a game asset taken down, they’ve banned clapping in a conference. What next? If I wanted to parody those old soccer moms that got offended by everything from years ago, what these SJWs are doing now is what I would have jokingly used as an exaggeration back then, because it would be just as absurd as saying something like “my dad is a million billion years old!” It’s something you would never expect a real person to actually do.

    • bans
      • Jaker_K17

        Fucking yes. I’ve seen a lot of people reposting it and I’ve heard these guys are very pro-GG. We need more of this, more people standing up to them. People give in to pressure too easily.

        • Pintheshadows

          Yeah it is only natural. They did make Postal afterall. They have been dealing with this particular breed of idiot for a long time. The difference is, they are used to telling them ‘fuck off’ rather than caving in.

  • Dave The Sandman

    When will someone have the balls to stand up to these snowflakes and just tweet out a reply like FUCK OFF. YOU ARE NOT OUR CUSTOMERS. WE DONT GIVE A FUCK HOW HARD YOU WHINE. GO CRY INTO YOUR SKINNY LATTE YOU RAINBOW HAIRED CUNTS.

    Just fucking once.

    Still, the makers of HATRED are pretty much playing that line.

    • Dave The Sandman

      and as for BatWu

    • bans

      Running With Scissors!

      • Dave The Sandman

        As good as it is that smaller indy studios make a stand, and it does cheer us on, it will take a big league player to really get the ball rolling.

        • bans

          Oh ye, you’re spot on. Though I’m not sure SJWankers would pay any attention to anyone, who ever criticises them would be labelled sexist/racist/homophobic.

    • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

      People are too afraid of bad press. The things is, once enough people stand against feminist whining, it becomes normalized. The first step is the hardest.

      • Dave The Sandman

        Agree entirely mate. Methinks Lionhead are scared of getting bad press for all future releases care of the Usual Suspects – Gama, Kotaku, et al.
        All the more reason for GG to focus on burning them down.

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    *Sees all the anti-gamergate hate thrown at Lion’s Head*
    *Reads the supportive, though ultimately sad comments from GamerGate supporters who tell the studio not to be apologetic*

    I’m sorry, but exactly WHO is the hate mob here?

  • Zach Puckett

    At this point I seriously want to know what doesn’t trigger these people. I actually want to know if there is one thing on this entire planet that doesn’t trigger them. The fact that we have gotten so far as clapping makes me believe that it is impossible to find something that doesn’t.

  • Landale

    That 30 years bit kind of annoys the fuck out of me more than almost anything else there aside from the fact that they pulled the image down in the end.
    It has been said by who for 30 fucking years? 24 years of the hobby myself so far, and having been a military child I got moved around all over the damn US, and ended up overseas at one point, thanks to us getting moved around from one base to the next. Never fucking heard anyone anywhere say it’s a “men’s space”

    Been told it’s “childish” and “unmanly” though. Got the shit beat out of me for playing video games instead of playing sports. Who did play games with me? My mom, my sisters, the girls that lived around me and their mothers too. Sure there were occasionally guys that played, but only for maybe an hour or two, then it was time for insisting I play various sports with them. They’d never be willing to talk about games in public with me either.
    So I’ve been around the world just a little bit, mostly stuck in the US I’ll admit, and I’ve never heard nor seen gaming as a “men’s space”. Being male honestly felt like being the fucking anomaly.

    • Gone

      Nobody has ever really told me jack shit about gaming, but from observation over the years, the only people I ever heard telling men that gaming is for boys is women who were judging and ridiculing them for playing games. Kind of the way they used to ridicule and shame the guys who were good at math or science or technology and now crowd shitty SF bars on Friday and Saturday nights trying to score a boyfriend from a hot startup.

  • Pino Irsuti

    Guys, I suggest you to make and share a list of upcoming games to avoid, being directly related to feminist/swj requests. Bet they’ll be very worried about that…

    • Simple Chicken

      totally agree with this. I was hoping someone would do that so we can have it on our phones when we go shopping. I dont want to accidentally buy a game from a company that caves to sjws.

      • the red army

        so far as i can tell avoid naughty dog(presented an award to snarkessian), bioware(has aggressive tweeter sjw’s), and these guys…

        as you will note most devs remain silent… whether that is good or bad remains to be seen…

    • Pintheshadows

      I don’t think you need to to be fair. One look at most of the ‘games’ they are making is enough to make you go, ‘nah, fuck that shit’.

      • Pino Irsuti

        I was referring to the “ordinary games” being changed according to their agenda, like the new Mortal Kombat

  • Duce

    OMG will Osama bin Wu stop with her fucking Twitter terrorism already. fuck

  • Charmieos

    Is it just me or has Zoe gained like 40+ lbs since the start of GG

    • bans

      She feeds off controversy, and that’s a fuck load of controversy she gobbled up…

    • I think she ate Alex Liftshits’ parents, and now he’s afraid of her.


    Seriously, that image was from a game that came out years ago, and just NOW they’re pitching a fit over it?

    And of course, Wu has to capitalize on this to not only earn back all the SJW brownie points she had lost when she dared to talk to Wardell like a human being, but also to settle her score with Game Informer after they BTFO of her a few weeks back.

    Lionhead should have just told these fuckers “TITS OR GTFO”. What were they going to do – boycott a game they weren’t going to buy anyway?

    • Zach Puckett

      Funny how she had to drag Game Informer back into this. That came out of left field. She is clearly getting desperate because notice how Anita and her ilk haven’t come to back her up yet.

  • Cenobite

    Oh these people… That’s a pretty mild tavern sign, and it’s in a game not in the real world. It’s right up there with that Super Bowl Commercial. Here is a real life sign they can get all wet over…

    • bans

      “Here is a woman who has lost her head, She’s quiet now; you see she’s dead”

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    Also, let me ask you this. Why is it that the Lionhead Studio tweet is considered bad, but THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE gets a free fucking pass?

    • Erthwjim

      Not only did that shit Wu make set women back, it set gaming back at least 20 years too (or at least it looked like it was made from a decade or two ago).

    • bans

      You’re triggering me, I need my mans space. Call the WHHAAAAAmbulance.

    • Pintheshadows

      Oh my god my eyes. That may be the ugliest game I have seen since Ride to Hell. What even is that? I love the way Brianna claims to be an integral part of the game development scene but that is the best she can do.

      I am offended by the way this game looks.

    • gixxerharry .

      The sad thing is ,nothing in that pic is made by Wu,She hired people to make that shit (20.000 dollar for the model)

      She cant even make shit like that but still claims she is a game dev

  • WTF Magazine

    This makes me sad

  • Erthwjim

    First Wu is probably jealous about the size of the breasts in the picture.
    Second regarding this tweet of hers:

    What @LionheadStudios doesn’t understand is when game studios set this kind of culture, it has terrible repercussions for women.

    What repercussions? I guess no more Ren Faires because it sets women back 20 years. I know when I saw that picture I wanted to go out and slap a woman or 10. Or maybe just maybe, it didn’t faze me, and if anything, I’d be more interested in the actual foaming jugs (in case Wu doesn’t know, it’s a double entendre, not only does it reference tits, but it also references the beer). And her being offended at this picture is more telling of her inadequacies than anything wrong with Lionhead Studios.

    • Pintheshadows

      There are no repercussions, only delusions. 😀

  • But what about the image Brianna Wu has given women?

  • Les Ismor

    There is absolutely no difference between real breasts and completely fictional, never ever existed breasts, and the sooner people realize that breasts are something to be ashamed of and covered up and kept out of sight, the better…
    /s (just in case anyone is stupid

  • masterninja

    Every time 1 studio caves it sends a message to artists that there’s a precedent and we allow these attacks to have succes…
    When you say its open season on censoring art its open season on all art! Because people arent standing their ground they are saying the industry isn’t safe for them and their art…

  • Gone

    Every time you speak up, you’ll still be shut-down by game journalists, forum moderators, and others with “Are you some sort of fucking paranoid cry-baby? Nobody wants to take your games away or censor anything you consume. They just want there to ALSO be content that THEY want to consume”.

    Interesting, because all they do is spend their time shaming and intimidating creators and consumers of content I want to consume into not creating or consuming it, rather than supporting and creating their own content. And the fucking idiots in the industry gladly oblige.

  • Keikoandgilly

    That’s it, the cunt’s becoming a meme.

  • I want someone to punch Wu in the face. So fucking hard.

  • Pintheshadows

    When Brianna Wu speaks I have the sudden urge to go and attack a brick wall with my face. It would definitely be more entertaining than listening to her asinine bollocks.

  • Pintheshadows

    Most of them don’t play games period. A fun experiment is talking to them about games on Twitter. It is pretty eye opening.

  • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

    Why does Lionhead cave to these things? The whole purpose of gatekeeping is to actively deny feminist wishes, knowing that feminists themselves can’t make anything happen.

    Microsoft, grow a spine. You will find that most things that anger feminists are good things and should be encouraged, not censored.

  • NastyNinja

    I think I’m going to throw up.

  • lafingman0

    I’m going to start using titty trigger in place of booby trap!

  • Sevuz

    Lionhead studios has zero backbone.

    • Snake-Eye-Mitch

      and I don’t blame them going against the Anti-gg can get you fired or at least blacken you good name which have value of it’s own.

      • Sevuz

        You got a point. I can fully understand this came from a person who holds their jobs and paycheck in their grasp. I just hate to see tactics like these being used because a few people sees themselves as a the big cheeses :/

  • Jorick
  • Gregg Braddoch

    I never even liked the fable games (Not an xbox player, and my friend spent so much time farting in people’s faces that it was annoying) but now I almost want to buy them.

    “To be fair we don’t discriminate” – EPIC.

    It’s just a shame they caved.

  • lolwut?

    LOL!!!. Read tweets from “Holly Green” She’s offending by the sign but loves posting about masturbation and hosing asses, among other things