Heat Street's Louise Mensch Gets Dragged by Your Friendly Neighborhood Fatso Blogger

Heat Street’s Louise Mensch Gets Dragged by Your Friendly Neighborhood Fatso Blogger

Louise Mensch and the site she runs, Heat Street, have been sperging out about Pepe the Frog for the past couple days. Needless to say, this is pure insanity. Despite the article she ran under her byline yesterday being one of the most idiotic things she could ever do, poor Louise just can’t help herself. Perhaps it’s the self-inflicted brain damage she’s admitted to in the past. Whatever the case may be, she certainly stepped in it with her unhinged tirade about a cartoon frog.

Of course, that’s a regular theme for Ms. Mensch. Every time I pull up Twitter, she seems to be getting rekt by someone new. Today, that someone is yours truly. Unfortunately for Louise, she brought a knife to a gunfight.

(link to that storyand another one for good measure)

If Louise had any sense, she would have moved on and acted like her dumbass column yesterday didn’t happen. But, she doesn’t have any sense and seems to be severely lacking in intelligence as well. Oh well, all the better for fatso bloggers like myself. It kinda feels like picking on a kid who rides the short bus to school, but holy shit is it fun.

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Ethan Ralph

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  • GuitarAnthony

    HE’S FAT!

    • The Scott Steiner Method

      • GuitarAnthony

        Freakzilla Mindset

        • GuitarAnthony


  • RuralScot

    Fatso is the best she could come up with? Pathetic.

    • Yea, and that was allegedly evidence of her being quick on her feet…according to her.

    • Mr0303

      Tsk, tsk. Fat shaming at its worst.

      • DisneyVillain

        I thought SJWs are trying to embrace obesity. Must only be when their kind do it though.

    • scemar

      some old people have very weak bants

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    All the SJWs like to fat shame. First Ana, now Louise.

    • Mr0303
  • popehentai

    Hahahaha oh wow… “fatso”? really?! what is she, five?

  • Mr0303

    Let me use my SJW translator to see what she really thinks:

    “Get off the internet you fat fuck!”

    Unfortunately Ralph is immune to shaming language.

  • Egalitarian Alliance

    Wait, that was a serious column? GTFO.

  • fnd


  • Mykeru

    They’re always so hypocritical when it comes to personal insults. If you’d called her or somebody else with the right politics fat, they would run an article on it. That comeback you hit her with reminded me of that Churchill quote. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fdbd513b97d495a14b9a959443ef90358a1e5f0c08cc82da5b0690ca6268e901.jpg

    • scemar

      they do the same to every group or minority or whatever

      they’re oh poor oppressed and shamed innocent special snowflakes until they don’t tow the line, then they become the disgusting traitorous internalized bigotry losers

  • scemar

    murdoch btfo because his controlled opposition site is getting exposed https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7fe41cc035dfd4f1a20f305a5f5fc29c3a83d85792cc1acef906e05b84ecb402.jpg