Mia Khalifa Trends WORLDWIDE on Twitter Due to False HIV Rumor

There’s been a huge rumor swirling about on Twitter all day and it has to do with ex-porn megastar Mia Khalifa. This chick only did like 20 porn films in the first place and she’s still the biggest star of her generation, so any bit of speculation takes off when it concerns her. However, this latest rumor is so malicious and seemingly without fact I’ve having a hard time comprehending why it’s trending in the first place.

Yes, as you can no doubt tell by the headline, Mia Khalifa is being smiled with HIV/AIDS rumors. I mean, I guess there’s a chance she has the disease, but there’s also a chance she has leukemia. The point is, there’s been no proof presented.

That’s hasn’t stopped Twitter from doing what Twitter does, though…

This is one of the quicker (seemingly) false rumors that I’ve seen spread in a long while. Shoutout to Mia, hope you’re getting through this one well. And if you do have HIV, get well…err…be well.

But for real. She doesn’t have HIV.


UPDATE: While I was writing this up, Ms. Khalifa decided to go ahead and respond to the rumor…

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