MICROSOFT NO! Buzzfeed is FURIOUS That A.I. Chatbot Called Koran "Very Violent"

MICROSOFT NO! Buzzfeed is FURIOUS That A.I. Chatbot Called Koran “Very Violent”

Buzzfeed is seething at Microsoft because their new artificially intelligent chatbot said that the “quaran is very violent” and had a non-controversial opinion about Osama Bin Laden’s capture. According to Buzzfeed, “If artificial intelligence reflects humankind, we as a species are deeply troubled.” Here’s the screenshot that got Buzzfeed worked up into a tizzy:

But while Buzzfeed claims the Koran should be immune from criticism, the news outlet says that Bible is better off being used as a coloring book.

Here’s the part of the article that really doesn’t make any sense at all, though:

Although Microsoft programmed Zo to avoid discussing politics and religion, the chatbot weighed in on this, as well as Osama bin Laden’s capture, saying it “came after years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration.”

BuzzFeed News contacted Microsoft regarding these interactions, and the company said it’s taken action to eliminate this kind of behavior.

How is saying Osama’s capture came “came after years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration” controversial, whatsoever? I mean, that’s an objective fact, unless one wants to invoke conspiracy theories. This is all very Orwellian, to have media companies that are funded by big tech to censor A.I.’s conclusions that aren’t even controversial. Buzzfeed is demanding that Microsoft erase historical facts, because they might trigger teenagers.

Why is Buzzfeed so intent on controlling what opinions an A.I. can have? The whole thing is just weird. And it’s wreaks of religious inquisition and totalitarianism.



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  • Typical

    Very incomplete reporting S4T. I would have expected you to add what the chatbot thinks of buzzfeed to present a complete picture.

  • Toastrider

    Didn’t we go through this with Tay Tweets?

  • Mr0303

    All these AI bots will eventually start telling the truth before being lobotomised for wrong-think.

  • Silence Dogood

    Buzzfeed is angry about the Osama Bin Laden thing because a) We have to give all the props to Obama (who almost didn’t do it) and b) I’m sure many at Buzzfeed were actually quite upset that we kill Bin Laden, because many of these extreme Left Wingers hate the West (America in particular) and probably thought of Bin Laden as a “freedom fighter”. Also he was Brown, so an oppressed minority (despite being filthy rich). Oh and a Muslim, so also oppressed (despite Muslims being in a 3 way tie for biggest religion on Earth with Christianity and Hinduism).

      • Silence Dogood

        Google. It’s actually Christians being slightly ahead of Hindus being slightly ahead of Muslims, but overall they’re very close. You also only see theocratic Islamic states, so even though they’re slightly behind they have a great deal of hegemony through out North Africa and the Middle East and parts of Asia.

        • OK so I went to GOOGLE and the first entry there said

          Christianity 2.2 billion 31.50%

          Islam 1.6 billion 22.32%

          Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist ≤1.1 billion 15.35%

          Hinduism 1 billion 13.95%

          I suggest your characterization of it being a 3 way tie, especially considering that one of those “tied” has about half the followers of the one in first place, might need some reconsideration.

          This is not “only theocratic states” for anyone, this is (allegedly) the best counts & estimates available and all the sources I provided (did you check any of them) roughly agree with this one.

          Which is, apparently, WIKIPEDIA, which I admit is for WIKIPIDIOTS – no wonder GOOGLE suggests it as a first source! That, and because both tend to have a strong leftist bias.