New Documentary 'BLACKPILL' Goes Deep Inside The Deep State

New Documentary ‘BLACKPILL’ Goes Deep Inside The Deep State

The Ralph Retort is pleased to present to you the world premiere of ‘BLACKPILL: Deep Inside The Deep State‘.

This free, full length (67 min) documentary investigates Obama’s weaponized sociology program at the DoD — the Minerva Initiative — taking an in depth look at official government funded studies, such as the attempt to create an ‘artificial social intelligence’ that can predict and model revolution. Another study focused on the Sandy Hook massacre, to see if more deaths in a shooting creates more interest in gun control.

As the viewer will see, Minerva’s sordid past is littered with lifeless bodies, including that of one of the deep state’s own technocrat, who was likely murdered to keep the Clinton campaign from going rogue. It is often said that the deep state would not have had any motive to leak Clinton campaign manager’s emails, but the official documents relayed in BLACKPILL tell an entirely different story — one with many ties to the billionaire philanthropist, George Soros.



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  • Toastrider

    Excuse me, S4T, but you typoed in there.

    You said ‘billionaire philanthropist’ when you meant ‘billionaire terrorist supporter’.

    • LOL

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  • The Gator Gamer


    • Celerity

      Would he have gotten away with it, if not for us meddling shitposters?

  • ExiledV2

    Ah yes, Soros, the evil Jew Illuminati Master who controls the world through extremely-effective-yet-inept spider tentacles.

    Meh. You get conspiracy theories about various DARPA projects and funding all the time. Thanks for the flashback to the scares over the “Mind’s Eye” and “Information Awareness Office”, though.

  • Yarlg

    Oh, “This free, full length documentary” is just another SEATTLE4TRUTH YouTube conspiracy video. I’m sure everyone watching it will dig deep into its assertions to see how much is actual fact.