NOT SENDING THEIR BEST: Mexico "Deliberately" Sends 140 Million Gallons of Raw Sewage Towards San Diego

NOT SENDING THEIR BEST: Mexico “Deliberately” Sends 140 Million Gallons of Raw Sewage Towards San Diego

Donald Trump once said that Mexico is not sending their best when it comes to the illegal immigrants who have streamed into or country through the porous Southern border. Now it seems as if the Mexican authorities have decided to literally send 140,000,000 gallons of raw sewage over the border in response to now-President Trump’s immigration actions.

In another video, the Mayor of Imperial Beach, California says this was done deliberately…

This is not only disgusting…it’s also a flagrant act of environmental terrorism potentially committed at the behest of a foreign government against our coastline. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the mainstream media to talk about it, though. I’ve only seen mention of this on local news affiliates in Cali. Not one report has come from any national news organization so far.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Maintenance Renegade

    Shouldn’t be too hard to get Breitbart to cover it, and once they cover it Fox will cover it.

  • Whaler31

    Want to take a swim in the Tijuana river, mijo?

  • Gigaknight

    I would LOVE to hear the excuses/mental gymnastics/apologia for this one.

    • JasonC5

      Considering it’s affecting California I bet they already have a ton of support for this and as such deserve all the natural disasters befalling them. They want to push for so much regressive shit that I cannot feel any sympathy for that state with NY coming in a close 2nd in deserving of disasters.

      I wonder if that cunt of a congresswoman was successful in passing that bill calling for publishing sexual assault accusations on a person’s transcript.

      • Gigaknight


        I make an important distinction between “individuals” and “people”; this is an example of why I hate “people”. Banding together, they do not think at all for themselves of what’s right or wrong, only settling for the doctrines of the group. (It’s so much easier, after all.)

        They’ll do this to the point at which indefensibly and irrevocably ruining someone else’s life–someone who is anathema to the group according to its doctrines, especially–means absolutely nothing to them. Conscience and scruple be damned, as they don’t exist beyond what their doctrines allow them for. Disgusting.

  • Lost Question

    … mexico what are you doing? do you really want america to start slapping you about?

  • Marigold

    It’s time for Trump to annex Mexico and make America greater again! All the Mexicans can be shipped off to Brazil.

  • Dubs Check’em

    Mexico’s silence about this is outrageous. This kind of thing puts people’s health at risk, and they didn’t say a word? I was just in San Diego a week ago, and I hadn’t heard a thing about this. Imperial Beach had damn well better get that federal investigation they want.

  • vr

    To me this is an act of war and should be dealt with accordingly