Did Obama Attack Syria On Purpose To Draw Putin Into Conflict So Russia is a Bigger Campaign Wedge?

Did Obama Attack Syria On Purpose To Draw Putin Into Conflict So Russia is a Bigger Campaign Wedge?

Right when I heard about the “accidental” attack by the US on the Syrian army  yesterday, which paved the way for ISIS to come and overtake the position, I figured it was most likely an attempt by Obama to make Putin overreact, so that Hillary could make Russia into a bigger campaign issue.

I mean, Clinton doesn’t really have any other issues to run on other than ‘Trump works for the KGB’ memes. And she’s already been busy laying the groundwork over the last few months. Russophobia has become rampant within the DNC and their media partners.

I also figured that Putin would be smart enough to realize that if he really wants Trump to win, he should just ignore it. I figured Putin wasn’t dumb enough to fall for the bait. I was wrong.

Russia just blew up a UN convoy.


But if Obama really did attack the Syrian army position on purpose in an attempt to bring Russia into conflict in a display of election year antics, it wouldn’t be the first time something of this sort has happened with Russia as the victim.

Back in August of 2008, when the Bush administration was rightfully scared to death of losing to Obama, it’s likely that they attempted to draw Russia into a war in Georgia, just so that McCain could have a better chance at winning.

I found a Russian “documentary” (warning, the production was made by Russia) back in 2010 on YouTube and re-uploaded it to my channel back then. It’s at 100k views, 6 years later. It gives the Russians’ side of the story. Take it for what it is and come to your own conclusions, but for me, the Russian’s side of the story rings true.



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  • Herbert☆VonDoom

    it definitely wasn’t an “accident” Russia knows the positions of that area so why not let them do the bombings there to hit Isis. if they were meant to be coordinating, they could of hit any other target helped with the Euphrates shield or raqqa. this isn’t the first time US has hit SAA that has ended up helping isis. Russia has fucked themselves though. the whole ceasefire seemed like a setup. its not really a ceasefire if the SAA & russia were the only ones complying

  • axisfiver axisfiver

    I think so, and I also think the recent pipe bombings are retaliation, neolib goons want war with russia so bad man, who knows how many russian troops where embedded with the siryans

  • Maintenance Renegade

    It was Russia that blew up that stupid convoy? I just heard on the radio it was the Syrian military and that Obama was shaking his fist at Syria over it.

  • Typically Deplorable

    Hmm. It’d be hard to make some of us hate putin, I’d vote for him even over Trump if I could.

  • Jak Constantine

    Alex Jones could be right. He said something like this last week where a US president at the end of their administration does something very dangerous, and stupid which ruins the country for certain reasons. Example Bush with the Iraq War.