OH SNAP: Obama’s Former Doctor Says Hillary Clinton Should Get A Neurological Exam

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are at it again!

Clinton must be getting stressed out from all the pressure. Maybe she needs another jab from her diazepam pen? Also, gonna include a little rap I did about Hillary, Huma, and Weiner, yesterday.

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  • Tehy

    now that I think, is it really fair for Anthony to have been taking all this flak for simply showing his devotion to Harambe?

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Wow watch the interviewer lady go deer in the headlights as soon as he starts going off script around 3:30, looks like Obama’s doctor is old and crabby enough he doesn’t feel like covering for Shillery’s bullshit.

  • scemar

    now wait for it
    he’s going to have an accident and they’ll find a note “lol jk hillary is ok”