One Day Biden Declares Cyber War, Next Day Assange Is Cut Off From Internet. Hmmm...

One Day Biden Declares Cyber War, Next Day Assange Is Cut Off From Internet. Hmmm…

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like a series of events during the last couple of days are related.

Before the tweet went out saying his Internet had been cut off, Wikileaks disseminated a series of hash codes which are most likely meant to verify the authenticity of documents contained in “dead man’s switches”, which Assange has previously planted. So if something further happens to Assange, we’ll be able to verify that the documents that eventually get released have not been tampered with.

What will happen next? Who the fuck knows! The Obama administration is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war to protect their darling candidate’s crimes from being exposed.

I honestly can’t stop laughing, as a former Democrat myself. They have turned into the very monster that they’ve always railed against. Using military force to shut down a news publisher — that’s pure fascism. And coming from the very same people who claim to be against it.

These traitors are so detached from reality that they have no idea how strong our movement is — not just in the US, but worldwide. The populists are rising up, faster than they can don their face-stomping boots.

Globalists, hear this: Your days are numbered. We are coming for you. We’ve transcended the left-right paradigm and have formed a nationalist movement where populist forces from both the left and right are teaming up. Against you.

One way or another, no matter who wins this election, you will be done and your power will be stripped. Some of you will likely die or be imprisoned for the rest of your wretched lives, as demanded by the laws of our nation. I realize that you have nothing to lose, at this point. If you don’t win, many of you are likely to lose your freedom. We are winning. You will lose — there is no other way that this plays out other than full tyranny on your part. But the people are already rebelling, long before you’ve battened down the hatches.

The people are rising up and they can’t put the cat back in the bag, at this point. Or can they?

I fear that these evil-doers have a contingency plan, if all else is lost for them — nuclear war. Yeah, sure, all of us rubes will die, but their descendants will crawl out of their bunkers when the radiation has cooled off, and they’ll be rolling out their technocratic utopia, unopposed,  with all of us ‘useless eaters’ conveniently eliminated from the food chain.

I hope it doesn’t come to that, but at this point, I’d put nothing past these psychopathic power hungry criminal elites.


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  • Wow

  • poopface

    Conspiracy! I’m sure you and your MILLIONS of users will get to the bottom of this! Make the internet great again bros!

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Did the democrats even think for a second it would work? Wikileaks isn’t just Assange and Wikileaks has stated repeatedly that they maintain multiple cashes of their data.

  • Damian L

    Run! Hide! Get in your bunkers you creepy crawling paranoid Nazi scumbags! Commies for Trump!

    • Knightwing19

      Is this your attempt at trolling? LMAO!

      • Typically Deplorable

        I think it’s his success at being a faggot actually

  • Ante035

    Great article! Thanks.
    The deadman’s switch was probably activated when they severed his internet link. A bit amateurish of the British poodles of course but it proves how concerned they are with the leaks. Good work Wikileaks. It will be interesting to hear what kind of nonsense will follow now by Kerry, Biden and all the other lackeys.

    • Los Illuminados – Vote Trump!

      indeed. best wishes to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

  • ScienceABC123

    A note on “Globalists”

    Evil men have always found ways to corrupt governments, laws, and people for their own personal gain. No matter the outcome of this election, they will adapt and continue their evil ways.

    • There will always be roaches in the house, but that doesn’t mean you never vacuum or take out the trash.

      Look at how much better things used to be- Nixon committed crimes, and it actually mattered. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in that kind of system again?

      • ScienceABC123

        Much better than what we have today.

  • Mykeru

    it’s becoming surreal

  • MaryWesker

    We know exactly why this happened and who was behind it. This is how they silence those who tell the truth and speak out against the corruption of the Clintons and their operations. They couldn’t kill him so they tried to shut him up. I hope Julian is safe and has contingency plans for his continued safety. He needs to prepare for a fight of such intensity he has yet to encounter.

  • Can we not go to war with Russia? Over fucking Syria?

    How about maybe we don’t go to war with Russia. How about that. Jesus, what the fuck have our leaders been even doing.

  • That Guy Who Goes There

    (Hillary singing) “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Assange …. “