ONE DOWN: Rabidly Anti-White, Anti-Trump School Board Member Resigns After Facebook Rant

ONE DOWN: Rabidly Anti-White, Anti-Trump School Board Member Resigns After Facebook Rant

After Trump’s historic upset, liberals nationwide became…historically upset. One such woman ended up sperging out on Facebook, in a racist, anti-white, and anti-male tirade that ended up going viral. It turns out the lady was a member of her local school board — emphasis on was.

After the post went viral, it garnered enough heat to force her to resign:

In her Facebook post reaction to Trump’s election, which contains about a dozen profanities, Poore was sharply critical of voters who chose him, particularly straight white males, a demographic that heavily favored Trump at the polls.

“We are a nation of selfish fearful morons who thinks we can still be friends with people and like pictures of their dogs and kids on facebook even though we just voted to gut every last protection they had as human beings.”

In her post, Poore went on to say “f— you and your s—– straight white man version of America.”

She added Trump’s opposition would multiply and push back against what he represents.

“We will weather this storm because that’s what we do, that’s what we have always done, this is your last hurrah, boys. Tomorrow there will be more of us,” Poore concluded at the end of her post.

At least she’ll have more time to protest in the street with her fellow anti-democracy revolutionaries. I just hope she was able to have a last hurrah when she packed up her boxes at the school board.

Apparently her fellow liberal school board members weren’t offended by her racist cyber-screeching:

In the wake of the controversy, several of her colleagues shared their admiration for Poore at Tuesday’s Lynchburg City School Board meeting, where they addressed the matter individually.

Board Chairman Michael Nilles was not at Tuesday’s meeting, but Vice Chair Regina Dolan-Sewell read a prepared statement on his behalf, in which Nilles wrote Poore was a “sincere and committed advocate” for LCS, and he “appreciate[d] her desire to do what is best for the division.”

Others members who spoke in support of Poore were Sharon Carter, Polley, James Coleman, Katie Snyder and Dolan-Sewell.

“She really was a champion for different students of all backgrounds,” Carter said.

Polley said he appreciated her mentorship on the board and for making him feel welcome.

A “champion for different students of all backgrounds” — unless that background happens to be white, apparently. She makes me feel welcome, too.


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  • Mr0303

    One down 3 million more to go. Still, the triggering from Trump’s victory is bringing the wackos into the light, where the normies can see them.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Take note, if you’re a typical little white Bolly American in today’s school system this is the sort of administrative normalcy you will continually get downdrafts from. It was already starting to get fairly naked when I departed the public school system around 2003 and I’m sure the day to day experience is now utterly intolerable.

    It’s having an effect too, the newer cohorts are starting to wake up. How could they not when they bump elbows with tumblrtards in the halls every day and get shit on by a bunch of their teachers?

  • D-Bone

    It’s nice to see some of these hardcore liberals getting punished for outrage and saying things on social media. I thought it was only Trump supporters that got banned or silenced.

  • Dubs Check’em
  • People like her are the most biased, bigoted, sexist and racist pieces of shits.

    These types need to be culled from academia. It’s disgusting how they are actually allowed to indoctrinate young people with their bullshit in the first place.