OUTRAGEOUS: Democrat Mayor of Seattle Holds "State of City" Address Inside MOSQUE!

OUTRAGEOUS: Democrat Mayor of Seattle Holds “State of City” Address Inside MOSQUE!

You know how Democrats always like to whine about the supposed encroachment of Christianity into state institutions? It’s called the ‘separation church and state’, but it turns out that many Democrats don’t actually have a problem with combining the two — at least, as long as the church in question happens to be a mosque.

Last Tuesday, the Mayor of Seattle held the city’s “state of the city” address inside one of the city’s Islamic religious centers. From KOMO News:

Seattle mayor Ed Murray gave his 4th State of the City Address Tuesday, outlining several new proposals.

But this year, the speech wasn’t given at the usual spot at City Hall, instead it was given at the Idris Mosque in Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood, in what he called a show of solidarity with the city’s Muslim community.

“We are here, because we are a welcoming city to all,” Murray said as he opened his speech. “We stand in support and solidarity with the Muslim members of the Seattle community”.

“Solidarity with the Muslim members of the Seattle community”, eh? The term “standing in solidarity with” is mutually exclusive with the term “separation between”, the last time I checked. If there is solidarity, there is no separation — by definition.

It turns out that Democrats don’t truly care at all about keeping religious institutions separate from state institutions, at all. It just has to be the right religion, according to hypocritical Democrats, and then it’s perfectly fine to not only claim to have unity between the religious institution and the state, but to also hold official state business inside religious institutions.

It seems that Democrats have no real ideology at this point other than hatred of whites, hatred of Christians, and hatred of America. For instance, Democrats often complain about “freedom of speech” restrictions. But Tom Perez, the new chairman of the DNC, is currently facing controversy for statements he made regarding laws that would make it illegal to criticize Islam. It turns out he doesn’t actually care about freedom of speech at all.

As the Democrat party gets further co-opted by Islamic elements, they will continue to become more of a danger to the American way of life.


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  • Silence Dogood

    Why the West is so fixated on embracing the bigoted, backwards and violent religion of Islam I cannot fathom. They must think that “oh, all religions are the same” (cultural relativism) and “well, this is a brown people religion from a part of the world filled with strife” (the religion and culture is why that part of the world is filled with strife) “so because they aren’t White and Western it must be oppressed and therefore good!”. Because the hard Left is fucking obsessed with oppression and victims (who don’t exist).

    • Grust

      I can fathom it. SJWs are beyond all levels of stupid.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Money, Saudi money. They’re going to get worse and worse about it too as Trump and other ascended centrist and right wing populists start slashing state funding to SocJus programs and institutions. Trump has already expressed a desire to completely federally de-fund NPR and PBS and take a hatchet to SJW infested academics.

        So as they lose government money only expect them to slurp up even more Saudi money to keep operating. Don’t fret when it happens either because it’s fruit from a poison tree and it WILL kill them.

        • Vinnie Venios Vicent

          exactly, people only endure them because they have cash.

          if they run out of it (oil). i doubt the “leftists” would really do anything about them…

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Good, let them hitch their wagon to the most despised religious group in the West. According to recent polling more Americans now feel favorable to us atheists than they do toward muzzies. This is basically the first period in history where another position is more despised than we are. As everything continues to slide toward chaos in Europe due to Islamic enclaves and as the Mideast remains a shithole and exporter of rising amounts of Islamic terror the day draws nearer that everyone who threw in with Islam will become seen as traitors.

  • inVred

    Why the fuck are people so eager to undo all the hard work our ancestors fought and died for?

    The Battle of Vienna was won in 1683. Are we really going to let everything they fought for be desecrated for the very enemies that have returned?