INTERVIEW: YouTube Creator "placeboing" Receives Channel Strike

INTERVIEW: YouTube Creator “placeboing” Receives Channel Strike

With the election year behind us, it’s a wonder as to why people would want to induce further stress on themselves by engaging in political censorship, but YouTube still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing its roll. Chris Lohr, a video artist and musician most notable for his parodies of Trump & Clinton speeches, recently received a strike on his placeboing YouTube account for “bullying” people. The video in question was a remix of the “Fucking White Male” guy (aka AIDS Skrillex) raging about Donald Trump.

WildGoose: Your YouTube channel’s received a lot of attention over the past year, especially your videos related to the election cycle. With Trump in office, there wont be any shortage of source material for remixes. Are you going to continue making political remixes as much as you have been?

Chris Lohr: This election has been great for remixing! As long as I keep finding good political soundbites, I’ll continue creating political videos.

WG: What initially drew you into making video remixes? Is there a specific channel or artist that inspired you?

CL: I’ve been making video remixes on and off since 2009. Back then there weren’t many big video remix accounts like there are now. I was first turned on to the idea by Red Symons’ channel (rocsims). He was remixing and auto-tuning politicians all the way back in 2006. I finally decided to learn how to remix video when I saw DJ Steve Porter’s “Slap Chop Rap”. That was a next-level remix at the time.

WG: One of your videos was featured in the movie The Comedian recently. Did this come as a surprise to you or did their production team reach out to you beforehand to ask for permission?

CL: I was actually hired to work on a video remix exclusive to that movie, using footage from another scene. My remix serves as a minor plot point. I really enjoyed working on that.

WG: YouTube put a strike on your account last week for bullying. This was for your Fucking White Male remix. What do you think the dividing line is between a public figure (like Hillary Clinton) and a private person (Jane Doe) is? Did you cross that line somehow or do you think YouTube is exercising political censorship?

CL: I guess I did cross the line, but it is hard for me to recognize where exactly that line is. When someone is already an established meme, with plenty of other remixes of this person online, it surprises me to receive a bullying strike. It further confuses me when I look at top YouTube channels that constantly poke fun at people, and I don’t see them having too many issues with strikes, although they likely are able to deal with strikes easier than smaller channels like mine. The main issue is the three strike policy, which I think is a little too strict.

WG: If YouTube doesn’t improve their language regarding the rules of their site, where will you post videos in the meantime?

CL: I doubt that YouTube does much to make this easier on content creators like myself, but aside from the strike policy and censorship, it really is a great site, and its popularity allows me to reach a large audience. I’ll be sticking with YouTube primarily for now, while posting backup links or embedded videos on my Twitter if anything gets removed. is also looking like a good upcoming alternative.


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  • StephaneDumas

    Looks like the folks who removed had probably created a Streisand effect. Someone else might already re-uploaded that video on Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, Liveleak, etc…

  • Silence Dogood

    People who become public figures through their own actions have zero expectation of not becoming subjects of criticism and even ridicule. The fact he would get a strike for mocking that human garbage can, AIDS Skrillex, is fucking absurd.

  • Mr0303

    Hopefully they’ll remove the strike soon. Placeboing’s remixes are amazing and I’d like to believe they influenced the election.

  • fnd

    Placeboing is an awesome remixer, shame on utube