Psycho SJW Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Trump-Supporting Female at Her Residence

Psycho SJW Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Trump-Supporting Female at Her Residence

Remember that rowdy Trump supporter that went viral after the election for ranting at some workers at a Michael’s store in Chicago? Well, according to the police, some scumbag SJW showed up at her apartment complex, started screaming obscenities at her, and shoved her.

I guess this is what being a progressive feminist is all about now — assaulting women who ‘mouth off’ with the wrong opinions. From CBS Chicago:

A Chicago woman whose angry tirade at a Michaels craft store went viral last month reportedly was attacked in a Wrigleyville apartment building last week.

Ramiz Bajwa, 29, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery on Dec. 20, in connection with the incident in the 800 block of West Cornelia Avenue, according to Chicago police.

According to a police report obtained by the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog, the victim was a woman seen on YouTube videos berating employees at a Michaels store in Lakeview on the day before Thanksgiving. Bajwa reportedly pushed the woman and called her a “racist a** b**** w**re” after entering her former apartment building in Wrigleyville.

I originally saw this story posted on one of the most radical alt-left websites, Raw Story. Judging by the comments section, the userbase of that site truly is ‘raw’, as majority of them justified beating her up and countless women and men said she deserved it. Here’s a few highlights:




Yeah, they’re  justifying low-level terrorism against a young women for having the audacity to speak their own mind. This is what the left has become. This is where they’re at right now, and on January 20th, it’s going to graduate to a whole new degree of violence and treachery against conservatives.

These radicals are becoming more and more like ISIS every day.


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  • Silence Dogood

    Let’s be honest, and feel free to call me a racist or an islamophobe (not that anyone will here haha), but if that guy had been white they wouldn’t be championing her getting attacked nearly as loudly as they are. Brown (middle eastern?) and muslim (yes, I am assume his religious preference, but odds are good I’m right and I like to play the odds) trumps white woman in the Oppression Olympics.

    • Donnajscott

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    • DisneyVillain

      You’re a racist and an islamaphobe. Lol kidding.

      • Silence Dogood

        Aloha Snackbar.

  • Flowey

    >”Ramiz Bajwa” Typical Muslim name.
    >Attacks any one that doesn’t tow the line, just like it says in the Quran.
    >Is at the age of the stereotypical disgruntled young millennial.
    Seriously when are we going to deport those fuckers.

  • Lamont Cranston III

    Yeah…followed the link…charges dropped because woman didn’t show in court…why did you leave that out?

    • StephaneDumas

      It could be interesting to know why she didn’t show in court? Doubtful then there might be more than meet the eyes but who knows?

  • Red Raleigh

    The case was dismissed. You may want to post an update, with an apology to Mr. Bajwa.

    • Perrico de los Palotes

      Never apologize to a mud. Seriously, don’t ever do it.

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    So the rag-head just coincidentally showed up at her address to visit a ‘friend’? This is kind of a weird case. Probably at the least, he’s guilty of stalking.

  • ash

    Ah Ralph. The charges were dropped so please drop this headline.