Rachel Dolezal Marching in 'Black Hair Rally' Today, Asks Critics "Why Throw Shade?"

Rachel Dolezal Marching in ‘Black Hair Rally’ Today, Asks Critics “Why Throw Shade?”

The wrongskin transblack former-NAACP leader is back in the spotlight again. Apparently this time she went marching in a ‘black hair rally’ — whatever the hell that is —- and naturally people started flipping her crap about it, because to bigots and neanderthals she’s considered a white girl, still.

Sarcasm aside, what’s interesting about this story is that I found it on Jezebel, and believe it or not, the intersectional-feminist site had a surprisingly scathing criticism of Ms Doezal. I’m guessing that is because the site is not keen on cultural appropriation.

Dolezal—the fictionally black but actually white former NAACP Spokane chapter president—has taken her love of black culture to epically warped proportions, to the point of working as a professional hair braider for black women. This weekend, she’ll be marching in the 6th annual Naturally Isis Braid On, Economic Liberty March and Rally in Dallas to further show her commitment to being black.

When it was first announced in August, Dolezal’s inclusion in the event was rightfully ridiculed. But according to its founder, Isis Brantley, homegirl is a real deal advocate. “She is a supporter,” Brantley told the Cut. “I wanted people who are passionate. She’s passionate. I wanted people who were advocates, who were activists. She is a fighter for justice.”

Dolezal is certainly fighting for something. Brantley says, “If I knew that teaming up with Rachel was going to bring bad energy…” (The sentiment appears to trail off, which could mean: Maybe we should’ve re-thought this.) But then she adds, “We need to join forces with people of all nationalities that braid hair. This is our gift. This is the blood.”

Then Dolezal added this on Twitter, to clarify:

Haha, you have to admit that it’s pretty funny that even the left has turned on Dolezal. And it’s even funnier that Dolezal keeps trolling them!

I found a flyer for the event on Instagram, for those interested in the deets:




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