RAGE QUIT: Naked Ape Gets Destroyed in Debate

RAGE QUIT: Naked Ape Gets Destroyed in Debate

I don’t really know Naked Ape and I’d seen maybe 30 seconds of his work before the past week. I’m not denigrating his stuff, just pointing out that he was not on my radar in any way. I don’t have anything to do with Devon Tracey (a.k.a. Atheism-is-Unstoppable), either. I just think this whole uproar over doxing is akin to some pearl-clutching bullshit. People will be doxed online and saying someone with tens of thousands of YouTube followers is a private person strikes me as utterly ridiculous.

Also, I want to point out that Kraut and Tea has always been very nice with me. This has nothing to do with him at all. Anything intimated within this video is a statement on the overall issues and not the people that support the various stances. I will say that Naked Ape came off like a dick during this debate with WildGoose, but then again it’s safe to say that a lot of people see me as a dick as well. So take it all for what it’s worth. It’s just kinda hilarious when someone cries about censorship then proceeds to censor the other person live on YouTube (not to mention all the other laughable points).

Ethan Ralph

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  • lwes4 .

    goose lost and the editing it just makes you look worst

  • I hate all this arguing, because it seems to be the same as the social just warriors are doing. I don’t condone doxing, and I worry because I have a lot in my past I don’t want people to see, and people in my past harassing me. My name is the only name in the UK as far as I know.

    I wanted to make a channel about mental health and history of the subject, but this is scaring me off again.

    I think this has been thrown all out of proportion, and I think this just makes Steve Shives happier, because he sees this and thinks he is winning.

  • Cenobite

    @1:18 – “I’m not supporting doxing one way or the other but if you make YouTube Vids and have thousands of followers then you are a public figure.” I bet Nick Denton feels the same way.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Hyep, or Zoey Tur.

      Afterall Shapiro’s personal info was “out there” so why the fuck not spray it all over twitter after losing an argument with him and threatening to beat him up in a parking lot on tv right? Hey that’s just what a grown ass adult person does when they lose a twitter argument, they post the other person’s home address.

      Hey Ralph if Wacky Wu ever pops up in the news I guess I’ll maybe just post the freak’s home address in your comments section. I do have it. That’ll be cool with you right?

      • I delete doxing on the site for advertiser reasons.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          So no comment on the double standard then? Ape’s got that much right at least. So begins the end of the new order, different rules for different people as in the old order.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    Look, doxing is wrong, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if your name is out there, you have to go look it up. I mean, if I’m arguing with The Ralph Retort on Twitter, I’m not gonna hear a ding and see

    Joe Fuzzytits
    123 Sesame Street
    Buttfuck, Egyptme 2256987

    No. I’d have to hit up the old Google Box and plug in your info, or else hit Speakeo, or some other place where that info is all gathered. That’s the same type of shit the slimy cunts that claim to be all about social “justice” does.

    You guys should be better than this.

  • El Guesto

    Dude Ralph, your argument of “a youtuber with tens of thousands of followers is a private person is riduculous” is dumb. So you’re saying it’s impossible to have a following yet remain anonymous?

    • If you want to be a public person, you’re a public person. Making yourself a commentator with thousands of followers means it’s legitimate for media or other people to try to find out who you are. That’s just how it works. Now, if you’re doing it to harm someone etc., that’s another issue. But the person still put themselves out there in the first place.

      • El Guesto

        “If you’re doing it to harm someone etc., that’s another issue.”

        Well wasn’t Devon doing it to harm someone? Because he was pissed that someone called him a racist and hurt his fee fees?

  • El Guesto

    What I love is that these supporters of “doxing” act like it’s not a big deal, yet, if I were to ask for their addresses, family’s addresses, perhaps a social security number or something, I doubt they will post it on their own accord. Yet, it’s no big deal! Lol

    • Most of that info is already out there for me. Also, I’m not supporting doxing in all cases of even most of the time. I’m just saying it’s not black and white.

      • El Guesto

        Fair enough, so what’s this issue then? Devon did it because he was pissed off, he did it to hurt and punish and silence someone. So this goes under the “it’s ok” file or what?

  • Catrina Jenkins

    This guy is going to talk about targeted harassment? Are you fucking kidding me? He made FOUR FUCKING VIDEOS attacking tj over some shit aiu did months ago. That’s targeted harassment.

    And read out your IP? What the fuck is he on about?

  • Catrina Jenkins

    He literally contradicted himself. First he claims that youtubers deserve privacy bc they aren’t public figures. Then he says that AIU can be attacked bc he is a public figure.

    Which is it, ape?

  • If you think Naked Ape got “destroyed”, then you have a pathetic definition of it.

  • Scott

    Dude, Ape’s right. Dumb video.