VERIFIED: GamerGate Helps Achieve Historic Win For Internet Ethics


Well, you guys wanted some happenings? Here’s a huge one. According to reports, GamerGate has achieved a huge win not only for ethics in gaming journalism, but we’ve also affected news journalism, and indeed, the entire Internet. Liars and sociopaths have tried to call us misogynists and abusers from day one, but if confirmed, we now have all the proof we need to show that GamerGate is about ethics, not only in gaming, but in journalism as a whole. I look forward to helping explore further avenues of expansion with that as well. We’re just getting started, as I’ve said for weeks. Gawker Media, and all their corrupt cohorts, would feel a blow like this for years to come. 

Here’s a recap of what I’m talking about:

“A brief recap: Operation UV involves emailing both advertisers and the Federal Trade Commission. In terms of the FTC, we are trying to alert them to the fact that Gawker Media and presumably others embed many of their product reviews and news articles with for-profit affiliate links (such as Amazon Associates). This creates a conflict of interest whereby Gawker Media receives a percentage of sales from an embedded (and undisclosed) link for a product they review.

Well, the FTC has heard the complaints from consumers about the lack of disclosure for affiliate links as well other disclosure-related issues and are planning to release revised guidelines around these very same concerns. They are working on them now and they should be released next year. These revised guidelines will make clear about what must be disclosed to consumers. It will also further clarify guidelines for YouTube personalities and perhaps others…

GamerGate has already been instrumental in bringing about better standards in a number of major video game websites. It now looks like we will play a key role in helping to boost the standards of internet reviews and news sites as a whole.”


I’ll update this article as more information become available. Our contributor EbolaChan hasn’t been able to authenticate yet. So I’m just bringing you the story as is.  Here’s a copy of the email as well, but we haven’t done a full trace yet:



UPDATE: Ebola has confirmed it…Legit.


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  • Pepper

    Still trust and verify. If this is legit, then finally something happened. As they always say…

  • ᴮᴬᴰ ★ ᴼᴹᴱᴺ

    Dude! Confirmation! You ruined the surprise, now sjw will have a cork in their buttholes when this get confirmed!

  • Edward

    Didn’t TFC do this?

  • Sarron

    We are so badass that we harass the government!

    I think SJW are just jelly, we are heard and taken seriously by bussinesses and the government.

    • ASoreThumb

      They’ll just call us terrorists who bullied the FTC into submission. Wait for it.

      • RiseOfDivergents

        I think so too. They are pretty delusional, they treat feminism like religion and shame, guilt, insult, humiliation, whining, lynch mobbing are the tools they use and have expertise in. let us see, 3…2…1….

        • ASoreThumb

          Giving these types of people feminism, is like handing religion to a crazy person and giving them free pitchforks and torches.

      • Silence Dogood

        Lmao won’t change the fact that the cyber flames are rising and they’re little shit show is about to go the fuck up in smoke. As I wrote up on MMO-Champion, the radfem and sjw agenda NEEDS to corrupt journos to leverage their agenda in the industry. The second they are forced to comply with complete disclosure, the second we can nail their asses to the wall. When that happens, suddenly it becomes very clear that they’re pushing a repressive, self-serving social agenda to enrich and aggrandize themselves and they’ll lose all credibility. How sweet their tears will be.

  • realgamer07


  • ASoreThumb

    but muh narrative…

  • #GamerGate accomplished more in 3 months than SJWs in 3 decades.

    The fact the FTC will be extending these guidelines to encompass the YouTube realm makes me feel a lot better about a huge personal risk I took back in January 2014. If you search for ReconXBL and watch the Address the Sess with the “Machinima leaker,” (me), you’ll know what I mean. It had to do with the disclosure of YouTube videos that were part of a paid promotion when the contract specifically stated to not mention the videos were part of a paid promotion. I broke it wide open, posting the contract to Pastebin (

    Now, almost a year later, #GamerGate’s influence and push for ethical coverage in games media has made a legitimately positive impact that effects the entire industry. As someone who has been a part of #GamerGate since day one and was the whistleblower for the Machinima precursor event, I’m feeling pretty good.

    • ASoreThumb

      On that note I think it’s interesting how much #gamergate resembles the consequences of whistleblowing.

    • >#GamerGate accomplished more in 3 months than SJWs in 3 decades.
      You want to know why?
      Because, to outsider folks who don’t pay attention to the media, we sound & act like the reasonable motherfuckers.

      • bazzar

        It’s known in SJW circles as “sanity privilege”

      • Gregg Braddoch

        lol, yes that clever disguise we call “who we are” – They never saw it coming.

    • An Honest Opinion

      Just wanted to say thanks for doing that. Standing up on your own takes serious courage man.

      • Thanks. I’m a combat veteran, so I didn’t see this as a courageous act, I simply saw it as something that had to be done.

  • Guest

    this is so awesome

    better get my popcorn.. dis es gunna be gud

  • languish

    this is so awesome!
    better get my popcorn.. dis es gunna be gud!!!!!!111


    I’m sure they’ll still trot out the tired old “actually, it’s about ethics!” jokes.

    • Jon

      It’s the truest meme of them all.

  • Jon

    Another of the many wins for GamerGate.

    You’re in for a wild ride, Gawker. There are no brakes on the pain train.

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  • Mr0303
  • An Honest Opinion

    This is a great win for us. We’ve accomplished a lot these last few months and we still have more to do. People are excited about this and it will help invigorate some of the supporters who are losing steam.

    We just need to stay focused, we’re doing just fine.

  • Jess

    INB4 “Durr the FTC are caving to a terrorist organisation”

    We dun gooded. :’)

  • Cakemagic

    YES! This is so badass!

  • Silence Dogood

    Can you really believe these SJW and Feminist psychopaths with the Ferguson situation? Bashing white people for showing solidarity and support because they’re “co-opting and appropriating”. WOW, such lack of self awareness. These people are so incredibly racists, sexist and self hating it is fucking MIND BOGGLING. And my favorite, #FullMcIntosh retweeting gems about how Ferguson is an example of “White Privilege” and “White MALE Privilege”. It’s not like the two figures in conflict weren’t men. It’s not like all the rioters looked to be black. Totally a white privilege thing though. And Toxic Masculinity. Totally. These people…

  • Kurt

    They’ll be forced to disclose affiliate links, so what? All that’ll change is they’ll put a message at the bottom of the page that no one will see and keep on doing what they’ve always done.

    • Zael

      Some clever browser addon will notice those messages, and disable the ads/inform you in visible text about it. (Though most of use use Adblock to begin with.)

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Looool, you got the attention of a government organisation?

  • Lars Anderson

    It appears name calling and slandering can’t keep up with cold, hard facts.

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