Richard Spencer Beat Auburn in Court Today, Speech Going on Now: Watch the Mayhem LIVE

The other day, we told you about how Auburn University was trying to shutdown Richard Spencer’s appearance on campus. Spencer vowed to go there anyway, and give a speech out on the quad, if that’s what he needed to do. As it turns out, he didn’t have to go that route. A federal judge ordered Auburn to let him speak in the Foy Hall Auditorium, as originally planned and paid for.

The judge is an Auburn undergraduate, by the way. Of course, he got his law degree from the vastly superior University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). But still, I thought that was funny. I’ll be watching the proceedings this evening and looking for antifa terrorism. One of them just said, and I quote…

“There’s enough people to storm that mother fucker, but we’re cowards” – Antifa Weirdo

Well, you are cowards, so no argument there. Nonetheless, I figured some of you might want to watch the proceedings as well. If so, check out the link down below…

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Ethan Ralph

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