RIGGED? Perez Wins DNC Chair After CNN Called Him "Chairman" Days Ago

RIGGED? Perez Wins DNC Chair After CNN Called Him “Chairman” Days Ago

A few days ago, Chris Cuomo let a Freudian slip out during the live debate on CNN for the DNC chair. He repeatedly referred to then-candidate Tom Perez as “chairman”. Today, Perez just officially walked away with the title of Chairman of DNC, albeit after coming up one vote short in the first round of voting.

After winning, Perez started a motion to make Ellison his “deputy chair”.

This comes after a rule change to go back to paper ballots that set Democrats off, because it made the votes temporarily anonymous:

Apparently, some sympathetic to Perez felt intimidated by the idea of an “open ballot”:

Here’s where CNN’s Cuomo kept calling Perez “Chairman”, just a few days ago:

Shortly before Perez was elected Chairman of the DNC, Democrats predictably voted to continue with collection of monies from corporate lobbyists.

Some offered alternatives to the DNC:


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    So they went with the maintain control of the party but lose control of the base option, I’m a bit disappointed personally because I wanted to see the lunatics start to run the asylum. That being said after this not at all new regime gets shellacked in the midterms while the Bernieites are told to bite the shit sandwhich once again the democratic party should begin to splinter apart pretty rapidly. As it stands we have a very good shot at a full eight years of Trump depositing us into a three-party America.

    Some people might not enjoy it but personally I’m happy to have been born on such a windy day. Even though I still expect to die in some massive armed conflict it just makes life more fun.

    • milk bone

      Although Bernie got rooked by the Clinton corruption machine, he was the only candidate with even less of a chance of winning than Hillary. His “free stuff” policies could only be paid for by increasing the corporate tax burden, which would result in fewer jobs, increasing the demand for more free stuff, and so on until the economy spiraled into depression. Which, not surprisingly, has happened in every Marxist state that has ever existed (with a side order of totalitarianism just to keep the lid on). Moreover, Bernie was a member of the Socialist Party until he recently and conveniently went over to the Dems, and thus had no significant base within his newly acquired party.

      The fragmentation of the Democrat party into dumb and dumber factions is a joy to behold, and the vote to continue receiving corporate funds just points to the hypocrisy of their critique of capitalism. The only way to salvage the party is to drop the more socialistic ideas and adopt a saner, more realistic economic and societal outlook, coupled with a more non-interventionist foreign policy. I can’t see much support for any of that among any of the factions.

      But the right is fragmented as well, and so should not become complacent. The establishment, neocon, #NeverTrump faction is seething at their rejection by the electorate, and will not pass up any opportunity which presents itself to sabotage the recent winners. Unless they’re completely outnumbered or out-maneuvered, it will probably be necessary to keep them on board in a sort of uneasy coalition. That may require throwing them an occasional bone (most probably regarding Israel) so that their choice becomes supporting Trump and getting a little or opposing him and getting nothing.

      • KBKXMC

        Well said.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Yeah the neocons are a cancer, the best strategy for beating them at this point is pretty much to just contain them and outlive them.

        • Typical

          No, the best strategy is to wait until trump turns his hate cannon inward when one of them crosses him, then primary them. But it’s a bold move, and repubs are pussies.

    • Typical

      They’re doing what the repubs did to us 10 years ago, no surprise.

  • guest

    Only the idiot DNC would trust Donna to count the votes.. the cheat was in. They never learn!

  • guest

    Taps should officially be played in honor of the DNC today! It is over!

  • Silence Dogood

    And the DNC just gets more and more anti-white. #golfclap