Ruthless Sneak Attack In Richmond Leaves State Trooper Dead

Ruthless Sneak Attack In Richmond Leaves State Trooper Dead

I’m not from Richmond, Virginia, but I’ve lived here for almost 2 years now. So when I see something like this, it makes me very sad for the city that I live in. Apparently, there was some sort of state trooper training exercise happening at the local Greyhound bus station, when some guy walked up and shot one of them in the chest. Both the officer and the suspect were killed. All the local news stations are broadcasting live from the scene of the crime, as well as the VCU Medical Center, where some victims were taken after the shooting.

Early reports say that 6 people were shot. I don’t have word yet on if the 2 who were originally listed as critical are the ones who died. It seems likely that they might be. As of yet, there is no motive for this attack. It looks like it might just have been a random attack on the police. The local NBC affiliate is saying that it is not terrorism related. Whatever the motive, this is one of the most brutal attacks you will hear about.

I live on the Southside of Richmond, so I’m not gonna drive over there and try to get any live reaction myself. Plus, I’m sure they have enough media on the scene already. In fact, the news is telling people that police are saying not to head to the area.

I’ll update this post as more info rolls in.

According to NBC’s Mike Valerio, there was a drug training exercise going on in the Greyhound station. The procedure was that after completion, the officers would go up and shake hands with the civilians present. When the deceased trooper went up to shake hands with the shooter, he pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest. He’s also reporting that the shooter was mentally disturbed. Well, I think that’s a safe bet. Non-mentally disturbed people don’t shoot cops in the chest for no reason.


UPDATE: Early media reports seem to have been inaccurate. It’s now being reported that the trooper who was shot in the chest is fighting for his life, but he is not dead.

A Virginia State Police trooper suffered life-threatening injuries when he was shot at Richmond’s Greyhound bus station Thursday afternoon by a man who was then fatally wounded as two troopers returned fire. Two civilians were injured in the gunfire that erupted about 2:45 p.m., a state police spokeswoman said.


UPDATE II: Unfortunately, it turns out the state trooper in question ended up succumbing to his injuries.

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  • Sockpuppet Nora

    Jesus, that’s terrifying.

  • Johnny Fox Show

    What in the fuck is wrong with people up there? That’s not even a rough area of richmond. Richmond is worst in the north east up in that shit hole church hill. It’s insane and I wonder why the hell the guy did it, glad he’s dead though.

  • Mephisto

    I am just going to take a wild guess and say #BlackLivesMatter terrorist
    most likely a Bernie supporter

  • tz1

    This is evil, but I would note that I wonder why the police in some places insist on carrying on things like traffic ticket taxation and things like the drug war.
    Some people do things which I might disagree with, but if they don’t pick my pocket or break my bones – as they generally don’t if using marijuana, or have a low level habit for something else, why ought the police bother?
    There is a line, but here, where we worry about SJWs trying to escalate enforcement to involve police, and consider the false rape accusations at Duke U, Rolling Stone’s Jackie, and “Mattress Girl”, ought we laud and honor enforcement of whatever nonsense law they are enforcing, even when it violates the rule of law – police and hillary will never go to prison for any crimes.
    Drugs involve cha-ching! civil forfeiture and minimum sentences, not any actual property crimes – thefts, frauds, robberies – they are all given probation.

    The police mostly promote this crazy system that makes it even more dangerous for them, causes their honor and respect to be lost, and makes them another violent faction – Blue or Black who insist only their “#LivesMatter”.

    Postscript: If you look back at the “war on cops” deputy shooting, you can see he was an adulterer killed by a psychopath: In Indiana (?), it was a suicide of an embezzler made to look like the war on cops.

    Many police start out with ideals, but end up instead of protecting and serving, end up like the red-coats we overthrew in the Revolutionary war. Hated agents who collected taxes using harassment. At some point they say they need them to write more chickenshit tickets. They can either quit or submit. If they submit, they can drive 100MPH in school zones, beat people to a pulp, and the taxpayers will pickup any tab. You can even murder in cold blood and just say “I thought he had a gun” and/or “I was in fear of my life” and avoid any punishment. Look up “puppycide”. Not everywhere but many places. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but eventually someone will shoot you because of your corruption.

    Where I live, we have peace officers, not red-coats in blue. It may have been the main reason I moved to where I am. There is no war on drugs if you except nusiances or “in your face” flaunting. But this is rare.

    Those at Nuremburg who were only doing their jobs, who were “only following orders” were held to a higher standard. Would the FOP hold their members and insist on their bosses allow them to follow the CSPOA(.org) constitutional Sheriffs path.

    Drugs are bad? So are STDs – HIV costs six figures yearly to treat. Ought we control private behavior? Using the police?

    We need to return the police to the peace and order keeping constable and insure he is never the tax-collecting jack-booted thug.

    Then he can stay safe out there.