Sarah Silverman got "Less Ignorant" by Reading Pro-Jihad Rant but Doesn't Like Being Mocked

Sarah Silverman got “Less Ignorant” by Reading Pro-Jihad Rant but Doesn’t Like Being Mocked

Sarah Silverman is supposedly a comedian, and most definitely a political activist that works with the DNC. After Linda Sarsour called for Jihad against Trump, Sarah Silverman said she became “less ignorant” after reading a pro-jihad on Twitter.


It’s weird though because she had a completely different attitude about religion in 2011:

So in 2011, she didn’t want the President talking about God. But in 2017 she became “less ignorant” after reading about how jihad is great — at least she admits she’s changing. But maybe she’s not proud of who she’s becoming, because she got mad when I mocked her tweet:

Only problem is that I didn’t use any quotes in my tweet, which is why I included her entire tweet in it. I was simply mocking what she said, because it seemed to me like she was equating fear of the word jihad with ignorance.

Turn’s out, Sarah Silverman is guilty of saying “says” and then not actually quoting someone, too. But I guess it’s fine when she does it.

That’s not a direct quote from Palin. And the bible doesn’t say to spray diarrhea into mouths. But she didn’t use quotes, just like I didn’t use quotes when I mocked her tweet about jihad.

Notice how she was dumping on the idea of religion having anything to do with government back in 2010, but now she’s “less ignorant” about Jihad, so who knows how much that has changed.


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  • KC

    Typical liberal…. Lie about someone just so they can justify sh~tting on them and spew their hate.

  • Silence Dogood

    As people become more radical and anti-West of course things like Jihad will seem “less ignorant” to them.

  • temmy9 .

    I predict within 5 years the left will be openly supporting islamic terrorism.

    • Grust

      Then we won’t have to hold back anymore.

  • Mr0303

    The intricacies of the English language seem foreign to somebody like Silverman it seems.

  • Mr0303

    I just read what that thread was and I have one simple word to describe it – Taqiyya.

  • Typical

    I wish I was brown so when I say I think America’s government needs to fall, people wouldn’t look at me like a lunatic anarchist.