Sarkeesian Admits Game Vids Were Always About Social Justice as She Moves on to Trump-Bashing Fundraising Scheme

Sarkeesian Admits Game Vids Were Always About Social Justice as She Moves on to Trump-Bashing Fundraising Scheme

Noted charlatan Anita Sarkeesian wrapped up her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series late last week. I actually watched one full episode of this shit show a couple years back. It was as just as tendentious and mendacious as you would expect. And no, I didn’t have to get the thesaurus out for that last sentence. I can write on at least a 9th grade level.

Let’s flashback, shall we

I know this may be a controversial statement, but the games aren’t actually real, Anita. Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of people playing Metroid at this time were men or boys. In fact, hardcore gamers are still made up of mostly males, even though the gap has shrunk a bit. But it’s not 50/50…not even close. The polls they use to show that are distorted, since they count anyone who ever played a game as a gamer. You and I know that’s preposterous. Kinda like Anita’s video…

The whole video was a farce, to be honest with you. It consisted of Anita Sarkeesian sitting there regurgitating radical feminist agitprop like an alien from outer-space. I can’t believe any regular person would be influenced by such tripe, but who knows. 

Anita has been moving away from video games for at least a year. Her last big moneymaking scheme project was Ordinary Women. It didn’t go anywhere because no one with a brain cares to hear Anita regurgitate scripts filled with lies that someone else wrote about “feminist history.” The only reason anyone ever watched her video game bullshit was to make fun of her and laugh at the cringe. It looks like she did 5 episodes of Ordinary Women, running at about 5 minutes each, on a $207,138 budget. That breaks down to around $41,500 per episode.

Money well-spent!

Now that she flopped out on that trash series, she’s moving on to a new one: The FREQ Show. Of course, it’s going to be accompanied by another massive round of fundraising, because that’s what its’s always all about…lining Anita Sarkeesian’s pockets.

A new show on current events and pop culture, launching in May, that will regularly deconstruct troubling stereotypes and narratives about race and gender. Don’t be surprised if the episodes routinely circle back to the ideas that underpin Donald Trump’s worst rhetoric and policies, like the Muslim ban…

The FREQ Show will tackle “forms of oppression” from an unapologetic intersectional feminist perspective. One episode will look at how transphobia in the media is linked to the “conservative crusade” against transgender rights, including bathroom access. Another episode will focus on the representation of Arabs and Muslims in pop culture history and how that relates to today’s policies. Basically, she’s not shying away from the titanic cultural shift amplified by Trump and his supporters.

But here’s the money quote from Mashable’s puff piece. Anita admits it was never about video games, it was always about social justice. Wow, it’s almost like the people who spent years saying that, and who were vilified as misogynist scum, were right.

“It’s never been about video games,” she says. “It’s always about social justice. It’s always been using feminism to talk about these things.” 

Well, here’s wishing Anita luck, because given her track record when she tries to talk about anything other than video games, she’s going to need it. Expect to see her crawling back to that area once she falls flat on her face again. Of course, she’ll make a shitload of money either way, so it’s all good for her. Feminists always fail upward because the media and cultural overlords stack the deck in their favor.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Emil Åslund

    Will she write them herself, or will she copy/paste CNN articles and claim them as her own?

    • Lost Question

      cnn is to well known, but i’m guessing the breakdown will be around 5% at most original material 85% stolen with minor changes, and 10% outright ripped off

  • Maintenance Renegade

    501(c) is probably the single most broken and OP thing in the US tax code but even it still has a few limitations, like for instance you’re not supposed to engage in “excessive” political campaigning. So if she does actually sit there using her org as a platform to bitch and moan about Donald Trump all day long that’s potentially illegal.

    That’s what I do expect her to do though because Donald Trump is the internet’s most valuable man. Material and news covering Donald Trump pulls in more attention than pretty much any other subject matter which is part of why all the cable news networks still talk about him around the clock with the sort of obsessive fervor with which they covered 9/11.

    • Lost Question

      considering how well she has skirted the rules for a 501(c) she has got to be on the radar, if don’t tip her off just alert the IRS and maybe they will have had enough of her bull and just toss her into a prison were she can learn of rape culture, and pecking orders

    • Grampy_Bone

      Those rules are made to be broken and rarely enforced, usually just with a small fine.

      • Willie Christianson

        Unless Jeff Sessions goes after her.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          Exactly, I hope the current administration understands it’s time to start dismantling the prog machine by simply enforcing the laws Obummer’s DoJ didn’t in regards to them.

  • Lucas Prilliman

    I’m guessing her latest scam of a show The Freq Show will have comments and ratings disabled.

    • Lost Question

      don’t you know it 🙂 might not even have credits just so no one can even start figuring out how to contact them when they get something abysmally wrong

  • Whaler31

    Bonus for using the word “tendentious”

    expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.”a tendentious reading of history”

  • Wanderer

    Bad idea for a future business given that SJWism peaked in 2014. The future of feminism is for women to pretend to be anti-feminist (while doing nothing to actually combat decades of anti-family cancer, and instead just laugh at Big Red types on YouTube).

    • StephaneDumas

      Big Red types along with some Trigglypuffs, Smugglypuffs and Moldylucks along with guys like Aids Skrillex and Carl the Cuck.

    • Phasmatis75

      Don’t forget the 8 centuries of New Love Movement.

    • Willie Christianson

      Plus it made Donald Trump popular along with Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad, and Alex Jones.

  • Grust

    Damn and I was really hoping she was just done. But at least she’s leaving video games alone now.

  • Celerity

    41.5k for a basic video? Fuck, I got a few thousand of the things sitting around. AFK buying out Notch.

    On a slightly more serious note, An(t)ifa. Hm…

    • StolenEyes

      It’s worth noting that with the Ordinary Women series, all of the sections with Sarkeesian talking to the camera had already been shot, for free, in a YouTube Space. So that $40K went on a few minutes of animations per video, editing and post production. Yeah, right.

      • Celerity

        Shit. I’ve made a video with 40-50 hours of editing, getting everything precise within a fraction of a second. It was just a shitposting troll video making fun of a thief and a scammer. I got boundless lulz but no money for it.

        Then again I see people charging 10k-400k for a fucking speaking fee. What words could anyone possibly say that are that valuable?

  • Anita Sarkeesian has been a complete cancer on the video games industry.

    Her work, along with the mainstream media, has most certainly helped propagate the concept of Social Justice into Western video games, because virtually all Western developers and publishers have cucked themselves out for feminism now.

    That’s why we’re now seeing all these obnoxious, unattractive, I-don’t-need-no-man Mary Sue female protagonist characters in Western developed/designed video games that are clearly forced in because of the authoritarian political agenda which the SJWs have created through fear-mongering and lynch mobs.

    It’s going to take some time to clean up the diarrhoea she’s defecated.

    • Wanderer

      Only support Jap and Slavic game developers. The west is fucked for the next while. It took Marvel 10+ years of collapsing comic book sales due to forced cultural marxist agitprop before they got the hint and reformed.

      • AverageJoe1987

        Marvel hasn’t reformed.

        The series they were supposed to start going back to just good old comic book storytelling had hidden Anti-Jewish, Anti-Christian propaganda in it. Not to mention Jean Grey getting triggered because she had to be rescued when she almost got herself killed because she wasn’t paying attention shouting, “you wouldn’t have done that if I were a man!!”

        And they’re still pushing SJW nonsense in the other books. Still depicting Conservatives as Hydra, etc.

        • Wanderer

          They recently announced in like the last month or so that they will be abandoning ‘social justice’ and politics in their comics and returning to their heroes’ roots. Their sales are down by half of what they used to be and they specifically cited politics as the reason behind the slump. I wouldn’t expect an overnight change though either. The point is they finally realized what the problem was.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Mass Effect Andromeda is proof of what happens when you let SJWs dictate your game.

      Ugly female character models and insane facial animations and characters suddenly spazzing out.

    • Toastrider

      “Anita Sarkeesian is cancer.”

      You could’ve just stopped there and gone to wank, y’know 🙂

    • Grampy_Bone

      The problem should be self-correcting. If videogames are going to fully embrace social justice retardation then they deserve to die. If the market implodes something else will take it’s place, something better.

  • Yuno Gasai

    This is probably gonna meet the funding goal because the left loves to throw money at anything that will criticize the stuff they don’t like.

    • Grust

      Yeah I won’t be shocked myself.

  • Phasmatis75

    I doubt she’s coming back to video games. Her old defense buddies now pretend they’ve always hated her and that she is a liar to save face. After the political SJWs (whom I’m guessing rank higher than the gaming SJWs) declared it were her and the whos fault that Trump won the election.

    • AverageJoe1987

      I think once even game developers started calling her out she realized the jig was up and it was time to move on.

      • Grust

        List every developer that called her out so they can have my money.

        P.S. already know about CD Project Red and Rockstar.

        • StolenEyes

          Ken Levine, John Carmack and American McGee are not in her fan club, either.

      • Emil Åslund

        Troy Leavitt already have

      • Phasmatis75

        I missed devs calling her out. When did that happen?

  • Behold, the next evolution of the televangelist.

  • Botiemaster

    Well well well well well well well well well well well well well. The con artist finally admits to one of her cons. Never thought I’d see the day.

    • Lost Question

      so going about on twitter to all the sarkesian defender that were told that they are being taken advantage of and telling them:

    • Danlantic

      I’m going to rebuild my computer center this year including rebuilding the desktop computer. AMD only. No Intel.

  • Hawk Hopper

    here’s wishing Anita luck, because given her track record when she tries to talk about anything other than video games, she’s going to need it. Expect to see her crawling back to that area once she falls flat on her face again.

    I’m actually kind of surprised that she keeps doubling down on the SJW stuff. At one point, I thought she’d jump ship and start trying to scam shitlords with tales of “SJWs are horrible” and then she’d drink the flood of slobber from idiots who believed her.

    Nah. I guess that crowdfunded dosh is just too good.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    Looks like Ralph has an occasion tendency to lapse into sesquipedalian loquaciousness. Impressive, sir.

  • Dave The Sandman

    I swear to god Rollins wrote this track with her and all the rest of the SJW chattering class in mind

  • Mr0303

    That’s nothing new. Anita admitted that long ago, but even video evidence wasn’t enough to convince the braindead SJWs. Here’s a refresher of what I’m talking about:

  • Toastrider

    “Girl, don’t go away mad. Girl, just go away.”

  • Typical

    I have to admit, I’m actually impressed by her ability to make a comfortable living doing essentially nothing, while not garnering the hate undeserved money or even money idiots imagine is undeserved usually garners from the public at large.

  • Grampy_Bone

    Well it’s clearly working for her, can’t say I blame her for wanted to make money, even if she does it by bashing my favorite hobby.

    There are so many foundations which are primed to give money to scams like this, all she’s doing is hitting the right buzzwords to trigger the cash flow. The sad part of the story is how she cut poor John Macintosh out of the scam, after it was his idea to go after videogames as a target and led to her biggest successes.

    Really breaks your heart.

  • ash

    Her Trump bashing fundraising is just another scheme to get her retarded SJW cohorts riled up to give her more money.