SHARIA LAW: Court Gives Probation to Chicago Woman Who Murdered Infant For Fear of Being 'Honor-Killed' by Family

SHARIA LAW: Court Gives Probation to Chicago Woman Who Murdered Infant For Fear of Being ‘Honor-Killed’ by Family

Are you from a family of religious extremists? If so, apparently in Chicago, that gives you the right to murder your own baby by throwing it out of an 8th story window without even going to prison. A 19 year old Chicago woman was sentenced to 4 years probation after she was found guilty of ‘involuntary manslaughter’, despite the fact that she purposely chucked her newborn baby head first out of the 8th story of an apartment building.

You pray to the right God? Then you have the right to murder whoever you want, apparently. From ABC13:

A woman who dropped her infant daughter to her death from an eighth-floor window in Uptown so her parents would not know she was pregnant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years’ probation.

Mubashra Uddin, who was 19 when she was charged with first-degree murder in 2015, pleaded guilty Thursday to involuntary manslaughter, according to Cook County state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.

Judge Carol Howard sentenced Uddin to 48 months’ probation and ordered her to pay a $579 fine.

Here’s the grizzly details of the murder, and the motive for why she did it — “pressure of raising a baby as an unwed mother in a pious immigrant family”:

The naked, bloody, but still-breathing girl was found in a grassy area by a neighbor, who wrapped her in his shirt and blankets, then called paramedics. She was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital, where she died about 90 minutes later, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Turnock said the infant had suffered skull fractures, a spinal fracture, broken left shoulder, fractured left and right ribs, and a lacerated aorta, as well as damage to other internal organs, prosecutors have said.

An autopsy found she died of multiple blunt force injuries and ruled her death a homicide, the medical examiner’s office said.

At subsequent court hearings, Uddin’s lawyers and friends said she was overwhelmed by the pressure of raising a baby as an unwed mother in a pious immigrant family.

Here is my reaction:

Is this the country America was meant to be — where if your parents pray to the right God, it gives your children special rights? We’re headed towards lawlessness and increasingly under the threat of having a defacto Sharia law in the US, which one set of laws for certain people, and a different set of laws for the rest of us. Cases like this just prove it.


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  • Uncle_Meat

    For all you libtard morons out there that deny Sharia law is enforced in the US, here is your proof!

  • Typical

    So the $579, is that like what she’d have had to pay for an abortion, or…..?

  • redeemedconservative Cook County Judge Carol Howard should be tossed from that 8th story window. For “context” and perspective.

  • redeemedconservative

    Tyreesean “South Side” Bojangles: “But, ya honah. Baby, if I hatn’ta kilt dat inn’cent cracka, my gangsta homeboiz wooda kilt ME!”

    The same rationale could be applied in such a case by Baby….. I mean the judge.

  • Danlantic

    She’s on probation for 4 years. She better not commit another honor killing for 4 years — or else!

    After that…

  • Oh god, the poor thing didn’t just die instantly, it had to suffer being mutilated by an 8-story drop for somewhere over 90 minutes. But you know, if the courts are gonna turn the other way when shit like this happens, maybe they should do the same thing when this bitch does suffer an honor killing, so long as it all falls under “muh Muslim culture!”

  • Silence Dogood

    She gets a pass, for what? Because holding her accountable to sensible, SECULAR laws would be “islamophobic”? Oh, sure, Sharia Law totally isn’t a thing in the US. -_-

    • JasonC5

      Even though dropping off the baby at a nearby firestation or EMT outpost is actually much easier… yeah she shouldn’t have been given the pussy pass or mudslime pass for this shit.

  • Grust

    I can almost hear the liberal headlines about this especially Mary Sue:
    Heroic Teenager Removes the Shackles of Patriachy by Rejecting Motherhood.

    Oh crap I need to hurl after that one. No baby should ever be forced to suffer like that.