SICK: Thoughts on Kathy Griffin's Pathetic Performance Today & Her Threats to go After Barron Trump

SICK: Thoughts on Kathy Griffin’s Pathetic Performance Today & Her Threats to go After Barron Trump

WOODLAND HILLS, CA - JUNE 02: Kathy Griffin speaks during a press conference at The Bloom Firm on June 2, 2017 in Woodland Hills, California. Griffin is holding the press conference after a controversial photoshoot where she was holding a bloodied mask depicting President Donald Trump and to address alleged bullying by the Trump family. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

I sat through the Kathy Griffin presser a little while ago. I have some thoughts on it, so I figured it would be prudent to come post them on this very site. I am currently imagining your shock right now at the preceding statement. On to the thoughts…

First off, Lisa Bloom, the spawn of notorious fraudster and feminist harpie Gloria Allred, was the one behind this hilarious spectacle. I don’t think I’ve told this story all that often, so let me clue you into one of the ways I became an anti-feminist. A huge motivating factor on this front was seeing Gloria and her braindead daughter on TV every night saying every accused rapist was guilty. It was listen and believe before that phrase was made popular. Wendy Murphy is another example. These women and anti-male, they’re anti the presumption of innocence, and they use feminism as a way to make a quick buck. They rarely practice actual law, instead serving up media stunts like the one we saw earlier today.

Speaking of today, it was a total disaster. Ms. Bloom spent time trying to spin for Kathy Griffin’s ludicrous lie about doing this to mock Donald Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly. Apparently, this was some highbrow comedy reference to that infamous episode. The only problem is, it clearly was not. If it had been a seated Donald Trump mannequin, perhaps I might buy it. But Griffin was holding the bloody head aloft in the same way ISIS agents of terror do after the behead someone. There is zero chance Griffin and the photographer didn’t know how the public would view this pic. It was clearly imagery that was designed to bring to mind the killing of Donald Trump (a person who she sucked up to in the past, by the way).

The other problem from today is that there were no laughs. Kathy Griffin is an alleged professional comedian. Shouldn’t, ya know, she be trying to amuse people? Not only that, she tried to go the crying route. It was the wrong way to go, and besides that, she couldn’t even squeeze out any decent waterworks. Sad!

Griffin is not a sympathetic figure, period. She ruined her career in the dumbest way possible and as far as I can tell, she wasn’t even paid for this craven act. It was all for attention. Well, she got what she was going for…and then some. How can anyone feel sorry for a person like that. I don’t think she should be jailed, but the fact that it’s even being mentioned shows how far off-base she was here.

There’s another reason it’s hard for any reasonable person to feel sorry for Kathy. She explicitly said she wanted to target Donald Trump’s 11-year-old child, Barron.

“Now more than ever we must absolutely go for all the absurdities,” Kathy Griffin told Vulture at the Equality Now Gala Tuesday night. “For me, that’s Trump and all things Trump. It’s not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It’s his turn. So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron. You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.

So, of course, Griffin supported Rosie O’Donnell when she tweeted a video asking if Barron Trump, 10-year-old son of Donald and Melania, was on the autism spectrum. “After the beat down he gave her, she can say whatever she wants to say to that piece of shit,” Griffin said before correcting herself. “Oh, that’s President Piece of Shit.”

This piece of shit, to use her own phrasing, is getting everything she so richly deserves.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Celerity

    Why is this terrorist not warming Killary’s cell already?

  • tz1

    But all the pics and posts about her getting burned, raped, tortured, killed, etc. are also just “comic art protected under the 1st amendment”.
    So Twitter and Facebook shouldn’t ban such “art” or suspend users for producing it.
    Strike while the irony is hot.

    • Danlantic

      I just plugged “kathy griffin raped” into DuckDuckGo.
      Results: Links that used the standard “burn” metaphor to mean “severely criticize”. I didn’t check beyond the first page to see if there were any literal threats.

      I just plugged “kathy griffin raped” into DuckDuckGo.
      Results: nothing.

      I just plugged “kathy griffin tortured” into DuckDuckGo.
      Results: Nothing about her being tortured. Here’s a couple where she “tortures” someone:

      Anderson Cooper.
      Barbara Walters.

      I just plugged “kathy griffin killed” into DuckDuckGo.
      Results: A fake news site called America’s Last Line of Defense published an article that she had been killed trying to escape. Some people thought it was real and Snopes had to make a debunking page. Snopes called it a satirical site. I think the site is a lame attempt to parody conservative news sites.

      So as regarding your claim of all the pics and posts about her getting burned, raped, tortured, killed” you are 1 for 4 and it was a liberal trying to satirize conservatives who did it.

      Unless you have some other sources to present consider yourself BURNED. (Yes, yes, that’s the contemporary metaphor meaning severely criticized.)

  • Lost Question

    if i was baron i would be legitimately scared can you imagine having the crypt keeper saying that they are going to go after you.

  • DV

    Best part is they got trolled and walked out of the Q&A.

  • One-Eye

    This hiedous fag-hag just committed career suicide. So, of course, it’s someone else’s fault.

  • JasonC5

    Hard Bastard has commentary on this around the 1h 35min mark and holy shit that female lawyer and Griffin are just blaming white men and keep playing the oppressed female card as if it never happens to men. If women refuse to take any responsibility and people don’t hold them responsible for anything then maybe there is a case to limit women’s rights. Grow the fuck up.

    Also, I posted something about the mayor that was considered LEGAL yet found to be problematic and he sent his NYPD task force to perform an illegal search despite what I posted was legal but they added that bullshit about yelling fire in a theater which was debunked countless times. I’m low level and yet they have done more to me than what she’s receiving by the Secret Service who are just LOOKING INTO IT and nothing more.

    Men have been fired for a lot less and by people of her ilk no less. So don’t give me any of that woman bullshit.

  • Danlantic

    I watched excerpts. CBS This Morning called it an apology and clipped her saying “He broke me.” ???? That was not an apology. All Trump did was the voice of an indignant father telling someone to be ashamed of herself. It was the most measured response I’ve seen him give. She made a counter accusation. She begged for pity.

    Let’s think back to a parallel incident. Roseanne was invited to sing the National Anthem. She shrieked, she fooled around. She got a lot of negativity for that.

    But she persisted. She made a TV movie about a feminist mother insisting on joining a father-son football league. “I want to play in the mud.” it was called Backfield in Motion. I’m not a fan of hers but I watched and it was mildly enjoyable. In one pointed scene someone suggests she sing the National Anthem at a game. The camera squared on her face and she broke the Fourth Wall and said, “I don’t think so. That would be a very bad idea.”

    A year later she was on Saturday Night Live playing a character in a sketch about a panel of comics discussed comedy killers. That’s a term when a comedian says something that so offends the audience that nothing they say after is funny. When the discussion came around to Roseanne’s character she told the panel she had once tried to do a sort of wiseguy version of the National Anthem.

    “And the audience didn’t like it?” said one of the characters.

    “No,” said Roseanne, speaking thru her character, “They hated it. They hated me, too.”

  • Danlantic

    I think I get the content of ner non-pology. Huffpo already has a piece out about

    why you should defend her but not how.

    Griffin has set herself up as an intersectional victim. White men are against her. She is broken. I expect her to solicit a Patreon for a video or some such.

    Anita, Zoe and Brianna have shown the way to make a living while not doing anything entertaining. Kathy can, too.

  • Dave The Sandman

    must be tough knowing that your career gets fucked more than you do…..

    • JasonC5

      And this is where I start to believe women should have their rights curtailed if they are not expected to own up to anything and be responsible adults. Children don’t have all the rights afforded to adult males and since women demand to be treated with kid gloves then they should get what they asked for in full. I’m tired of this gynocentric bullshit.

      • Joannefdavis

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  • Mr0303

    The most vile part for me was when she did the fake crying. That was a cynical attempt to garner sympathy and utterly disgusting.