SJW Nutters Accuse GamerGate of Rigging the Hugo Awards

SJW Nutters Accuse GamerGate of Rigging the Hugo Awards

I’m about to sit down to delicious homemade ziti. But before I do, I had to recap a few things concerning the Hugo Awards. If you’re like me, you don’t know much about them. No disrespect at all to science fiction or the awards, but they’re just not my forte. I have talked to Vox Day on Twitter a few times and read some of his blog work. But I wasn’t all that familiar with the Sad Puppies slate or his own Rabid Puppies slate.

We mostly focus on GamerGate around here, with an occasional sojourn into anti-radical feminism in general. I’ve seen some people talking about this stuff, but there’s no evidence that anyone who claims to be apart of our cause did more than raise awareness. So imagine my surprise when I was informed by Brianna Wu earlier this evening that GamerGate had helped “rig” the Hugos.

How so? It costs $40 to vote according to what I’ve read. If you were moved enough to pay the money then you should be able to vote however you want. What’s so complicated about this principle? It was just fine for their clique, which has allegedly been promoting and blackballing behind the scenes for many years now. John Scalzi has had “pimpage” sections on his site in the past, for example. I don’t see a real difference.

Here’s more from the SJW meltdown on Twitter. It’s a beautiful fucking site, let me tell you. Also, check out these Breitbart pieces, as they go into much more detail about all this than I do:



(Hurley’s bio)


That’s only a small sample. I’ll likely be updating this post with more later tonight. Also, here’s a commentary from io9 lamenting the fact that the Hugos are now political…while also admitting that they always were. It sounds like someone is mad that they’re getting their ass whipped with their own tactics now.

Here’s more reaction:

Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden


Steve Davidson, Amazing Stories

Steve Davidson, Amazing Stories

Speaking of Scalzi:4l9B58hHere’s Vox Day, who’s quoted in Allum Bokhari‘s Breitbart piece:

I’m very pleased that science fiction readers so strongly supported the Sad Puppies recommendations. It’s fantastic to see John C. Wright, one of the true grandmasters of science fiction, finally receiving some long-overdue recognition. It’s a real privilege to publish him and we’re delighted to learn that his six Hugo nominations this year set a new record. The connection between Sad Puppies and #GamerGate is that both groups are striking back against the left-wing control freaks who have subjected science fiction to ideological control for two decades and are now attempting to do the same thing in the game industry. #GamerGate has shown people in science fiction, in fantasy, in comics, and even in journalism that you don’t have to hide what you truly think anymore because SJWs are going to attack you and try to drive you out of a job. You can read, write, develop, and play what you want without fear of their disapproval.

We’re fast becoming a model for others. Even though Sad Puppies existed before GamerGate, and we didn’t really have anything to do with it beyond a few members spreading the word, our actions help embolden all opponents of SJWs. We aren’t the first to organize against them but we are the most successful in recent memory. So keep pushing. Our influence is growing and the salt keeps flowing.


UPDATE: More salt…

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Botiemaster

    This is beautiful.

  • Botiemaster

    So beautiful.

  • Zanard Bell

    Hey Ralph, what’s the difference between ziti and lasagna, by the way?

  • Eric Kelly

    I see in the future Briana Wu in a straitjacket rocking back and forth muttering the words “GamerGate” over and over again. I feel that when we win, she will be reduced to this state. I’ll be here, doing what I love, with Brianna Wu but a distant memory forgot to time.

    • Thatguy6

      I post about 1 or 2 months ago I posted that she either was a brilliant con artist or needed some serious mental help. It’s starting to look more and more like the serious mental help case.

    • Zanard Bell

      Brianna is already a distant memory for me. Ever since the Rev 60 Steam bullshit she’s of no relevance to me.

      • Silence Dogood

        Oh that epic bitch slap the vox populi delivered. Especially that Steam Mod with his epic “nah, that’s not ethical, but thanks for the attempted buddying up and potential bribe/threat” response.

    • tz1

      As I noted in a comment to an earlier post, a padded cell is a safe space.
      Yet I had a similar reaction. The more they talk, the more stupid or insane or both they sound.

    • Kevin Solway

      > Wu in a straitjacket rocking back and

      > forth muttering the words “GamerGate”

      She’s already there.

  • Les Ismor

    These people are so full of shit it’s amazing. I read MOST of the Sad Puppies nominees before the push even started, because I read GOOD shit, and everyone of those people deserve it. The “ideologically impure” had to take such drastic measures to get them on the ballot specifically because the awards have been taken over by offense-peddling drama mongers.

  • Un-confused

    This is just beyond awesome. What a bunch of crybabies.

  • StallChaser

    The best thing about this isn’t just that it’s salt, but that it’s fresh salt. These are people who haven’t yet met any real resistance, and their tantrums over no longer fully owning the awards (in other words, losing their privilege) are glorious.

    • Eric Kelly

      love how their own tactics have been used against them and that they complain about it.


      I think the best part is seeing how itchy John Scalzi’s vagina had gotten. Dude is an overrated hack, and i’m betting he’s crying in his PBR while his butt-buddy Wil Wheaton gives him a conciliatory hand-job.

    • Silence Dogood

      er mah gurd, ther privlurge! These people are gradually going to learn the world has little tolerance for imbeciles of their caliber. GamerGate was just the beginning; the main stream world of people who normally can’t be bothered with their shit are starting to see them EVERYWHERE and, unable to look away, are find them to be truly repulsive and ignorant. Tis truly a glorious thing to behold.

  • Charmingman93

    I don’t see it as left vs right like Bokhari would have us believe, its basically those left leaning people with sanity kicking out the radicals who have poisoned the well for decades. Its like what happened to the radical right, they had their moment in the spotlight before they were defeated. The same is happening to the radical left.

    Back on topic, its good to see that we’re making head way and hopefully some normalcy will resume.

  • Toastrider

    I can’t wipe the grin off my face. Vox Day, Larry Correia, and Brad Torgersen just mooned the SJWs. Spectacularly. Bravo, sirs, bravo.

    • ravenshrike

      Nah, VD didn’t moon the SJWs, he went full goatse.

  • SonofaGlitch

    Hey Ralph, check out the #RespectForZayn tag too. One direction fans go nuts when Bill Maher makes joke about their idol, many calling for bannings, burning in hell et cetera.

    Just one more thing in the pile of SJW insanity I know, but every bit on the permanent record helps.

  • waka3333

    Wasn’t this thing already pretty much “rigged” on their “side”? Sounds like they should be pretty okay with rigging.

    • BasedLink

      You’re forgetting AntiGG is loaded with a bunch of hypocrites.


      I’ve been reading the reaction from SJWs about this, and it seems that they’re mostly mad that their tactics are being used against them. “How dare they promote voting for certain nominees! It’s only OK when WE do it!”. They almost make it clear that it’s all about voting for the “right” people, and not voting based on…you know…whether the writer’s work is ACTUALLY good or not, which is what I thought the whole point of the Hugos were.

  • masterninja

    What a beautiful fucking day!

    For all the SJW’s reading my comment be fucking triggered! May you forever be under the boot of people with commen sense from this day forward!

  • David Gray

    I do wish reactionaries wouldn’t emphasise “left wing”
    For one, in international terms the American “left” filled with SJW’s is far right. I don’t think even UKIP is as right wing as the Democrats, and they are our most right wing party with any political influence at all (think they’re pushing a more libertarian outlook nowadays)
    It’ll drive away many left wingers that are ignorant to the issue but sympathetic to their position.
    Fact is, the right has been censoring art to varying degrees of success for the ENTIRETY OF HUMAN HISTORY. It’s part of what small c conservatism is about, though I think many conservative minded people don’t hold that position.
    Man modern right leaning folks, especially libertarians, have become hardline supporters of creative freedom. They really shouldn’t claim sole ownership of it now 😛
    Any real lefty should be (and is) disgusted by censors and bigots. You can tell because so many political dissidents in communist regimes ARE left wing. Not many right wing dictatorships have right wing dissidents (because it is sort of impossible. small c conservatism again :P)

    I’ll add; this isn’t a condemnation of conservatism.
    It’s a necessary force in political discourse. The preservation of heritage, tradition… the preservation of what works! Laudable motives.
    They just don’t magically transform into things unrelated to this for political expedience.
    There’s a reason we call people “socially liberal” even when they are “fiscally conservative”
    Because at least some folks are honest enough to concede that not everything good and wonderful is on the right, and not everything horrible and evil is on the left.
    Life is more complicated than that 😀


    Even the cavity checks for contraband in prison haven’t produced as much puckered anuses as this years’ Hugo Awards have.

    I swear, these whiny losers are acting like spoiled little children in beauty pageants that keep getting told by their stage moms how pretty they are, then throw a tantrum when they lose.


  • Silence Dogood

    These fucking SJW slime and their constant attempts at poisoning the well with their unending bullshit. Just because an author is some manner or minority, or their work contains some manner of minority character or focus does NOT automatically make it sacrosanct and deserving of special attention. Sorry chaps, but awards are fucking MERITOCRACIES. And they’re democratic. ^_^ I know how much that just burns their asses and, quite frankly, I fucking LOVE it. You judge something based on it’s quality in relationship to industry standards. Just because something appeals to a narrow margin or “does something new or different” does not automatically make it special or even note worthy. In short SJWs, when it comes to scifi: Get the fuck out.


      It pisses me off that these whiny children scream that all people are allowed in sci-fi, then proceed to blacklist and bully writers that don’t drink the SJW kool-aid without question. I don’t like Orson Scott Card because he’s a rabid homophobe, but I’m not advocating going around and burning his books or shaming people into not reading his books. I may not agree with his views, but he still has a right to his beliefs and a right to author books.

      • Silence Dogood

        Orson Scott Card is a moron and a lunatic, but he’s entitled to be such as a free citizen of the Untied States. He can’t help it that he was brought up Moron and therefore damaged for life. It’s quaint his ridiculous religious beliefs make such entertaining reading as fantasy (well, the first part anyway). Scientology did the same thing, only in reverse.

        • Zarkon Zood

          Apart from his stand on SSM and foreign policy Orson Scott Card is a McGovernite democrat or at least he was.

          • Silence Dogood

            I was referring to democracy in the political model sense, not the party sense.

        • Toastrider

          “My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” — Adlai Stevenson

  • Silence Dogood

    “I’m a woman and these are the very same people who think I shouldn’t be allowed in gaming and being a fan or writer of science fiction or fantasy.”

    Evidence, please, you sniveling bitch. And yes, “bitch” is a touch misogynistic I suppose, but I feel it’s deserved for fucking lunatics who bandy about straw man arguments so flippantly. No one, emphasis, NO ONE, thinks women shouldn’t be allowed in gaming or writing, of any genre. No personality associated with GamerGate has EVER made that argument. No sane person I’ve met has made that argument either. It is completely and utterly ridiculous to assert such a thing.

    You see, what she’s doing is hiding behind the fact that she’s probably a mediocre, pathetic loser when it comes to gaming or writing (and by virtue of being pro-censorship she’s found a way to fuck up being a fan too, so, sorry buttercup). These special snowflakes are fucking disgusting, delusional children who need a spanking and a time out from the internet until they learn that they’re just as inconsequential as the people they are so deeply offended by.

  • Silence Dogood

    Awwww cute, Brianna Wu thinks it’s “her/their” culture. No, sweetheart, last I checked YOU were the minority, so, alas, tis not “your” culture. Really it isn’t anybodies but those the readers/members choose. Honestly the only thing I need a piece of literature to do is be entertaining and well written; a page turner that transports me to another place. I need not be drowned in foreign ideologies and ridiculous, unrealistic ideals. No one enjoys being preached at after all.

  • Typical

    Why is Chris Kwue even a thing? He’s a has been douche bag.

  • WTF Magazine

    Wu has lost her final marble
    No more left to lose lol

    • REAPER

      Since when did she/he have it to begin with?

  • Zarkon Zood

    About the $40, it gets you entry to the con if you have a mind to go, AND access to a lot of PDF’s of some (but not all, it’s up to the publishers to provide comps to voters or not) of the nominee candidates so it’s a way to get a lot of books at a discount.

    It’s a great deal for a sci-fi/fantasy fan who liked to read. The idea that people paid $40 just out of spite is ignorant.

    But these twerps upset with this don’t want a thriving growing diverse happy fandom. They want a run down but once great clubhouse captured from prior older fandom that they can haunt & play “special snowflake/deputy industry gatekeeper” in.

    That these dopes are in control of fandom indicates just how weak and irrelevant dedicated “serious” fandom has become (as sci-fi and fantasy have gone more and more mainstream) and how much it needs a good shake up.

    This sacred cow needs an enema.

    • Nohbody

      No, the $40 is for a supporting membership. It doesn’t get you into the con itself (which is somewhere just under $200 IIRC), it just means you can vote on the Hugo awards (and before the nomination stage closed last month, nominate works for a Hugo).


    Kluweless: “Because clearly there’s nothing try won’t try to turn into a pit of MRA slime. Bravo chaps, slow claps all around.”

    Hey Kluweless, did your lily-ass forget that clapping triggers PSTD in your little feminazi fan club? Silly troll. Good effort though… NOT! LMAO!!!


    Hey Wu, if I were to donate gobs of cold hard cash to your Patreon would you promise to get a lobotomy?

  • tz1

    Feel free to cause triggering. They forgot to chamber a round.

    Salt? “You are the salt of the earth”.

  • Godmars

    Sounds like anything bad or negative in the world is the fault of GG in Wu’s eyes.

  • Guest

    but muh inclusiveness!

    • Gregg Braddoch

      lol, the arrogance is astounding. They pretend GG is some tiny group of people and they are the majority, and then tell the majority to go fuck themselves… These people are pure comedy.

      • Aj Retro

        I noticed from a few radfems on twitter that this is the new thing. GG went from trying to drive women and minorities out of gaming to trying to take over “their” “inclusive” culture.

  • Erthwjim

    This guy has been at the center of the debate in Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels and is strongly anti-sjw. He actually has been attacked by them several times.

  • bgo

    i wish i knew what all this shit is that we’re supposedly responsible for.


  • Mr0303

    I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about the Hugo awards, or the author in question, but I love this. It seems that GamerGate has become this boogeyman for SJW that has influence every where (kind of like the patriarchy) and it is glorious. If anything the results of this vote show that people in general are tired of SJWs and the PC crowd.

  • Sevuz

    Wu is every hotline’s nightmare xD

  • DrainBamaged

    I dunno, I’m a big reader so I hope that no one who isn’t actually good got nominated. I’m not familiar with some names. Sci fi is vast. write something that’s worthy of recognition in such a crowded genre I hope you get credit. Also this John c. Wright seems like a goon after a quick Google. I don’t mind blocking enemies but I’l only promote what actually impresses me in things like this.

    • Kevin Solway

      Unfortunately awards these days have nothing to do with merit. Success has nothing to do with merit either.

      • DrainBamaged

        Right well that aside I like sci fi so I’m not going voting for potential shit I’ll vote for what I enjoy or impresses me.

  • Gone

    So people vote for the Hugo winner and they don’t like who people voted for therefor gamergate..? What…? And the winner is some Card style homophobe and they think GAMERGATE loves homophobes or something fucked up like that?

    Also, did that cunt seriously come into gaming, invade it with her ilk, and the. Tell US we are t fans and can not be part of gaming because that is THEIR culture?!

    What the actual fuck. They’re the ones who were whining about exclusion in gaming..l and now they’re the ones advocating it. Seems they’re finally showing their colors… And showing why we were not welcoming to these SJW opportunists in the first place.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Wu reasoning:
    Great Fire of London, 1666 – GamerGate Did It! They are always talking about the “rising fire”.
    Influenza Epidemic 1918/19 – Gamergate did It!
    Indira Ghandi assassinated 1984 – Obvious! Misogynistic GamerGaters did it!
    9/11 – GamerGate again.
    SE Asian Tsunami 2004 – GamerGate did it to prevent brave SE Asian womyn gamers getting a look in.
    Parking ticket on that shitty bike Wu owns – must be a GamerGate sympathizer stalking her.

  • ghostlife

    And once again, it’s retarded radfems flipping out over something they will never buy anyway. Women like that will never be satisfied until every possible hobby is made a shell of its former self.

  • hurin

    If anyone is wondering why Frank Wu is winning Hugo awards.

  • Sand Ripper

    Funny how SJWs are into inclusion, until someone wants to join *their* club.

  • Gordon Freeman

    John, John, John. You’re never going to learn are you, dude? The war inside your head isn’t a real thing, buddy.

  • chris perez

    I love the fact that Kluwe is still trying to remain relevant. If everyone actively supporting GG were to give up today these people would just move on to the next boogeyman to push their agenda. As long as we are here we will always be the convenient scapegoat to blame for all their problems and I am very willing to take credit for every setback these fuckers face.

  • Jaker_K17

    Wu has some audacity to tell the people who have been Gamers the longest and have faced an unending barrage of insults, lies and attacks since the start that we’re the invaders who have to get out.

  • bans

    #gamergate has so much to be proud of, probably the best consumer revolt ever, Where we tread, others follow. We are the gamechangers.

    • Toastrider

      In their defense, Sad Puppies has been around a little longer than GG.

      Still, the prospect of GG and Sad Puppies working together would be vastly entertaining. The salt would flow indeed.

  • ismael

    Complains about GamerGate being in “their culture”, conveniently forgets people like him are in our culture unwelcomed.

  • Wonderkarp

    Ok, for those who have been out of the loop for a while…exactly what is Sad Puppies? All google is giving me is a bunch of butthurt sjdubs.

  • Aj Retro

    Nothing pisses an SJW off more than to be on the receiving end of their own tactics.

  • Zach Puckett

    Funny how the crowd that rigs many independent game award shows and screws over people with actual talent for hacks that toe their line are accusing a group for rigging an award show and screwing over people with actual talent for hacks that toe their line. I can’t even think of a proper joke for that.

  • robojones

    chu got rekt in the comments

    Featured Comments

    Just for your folks’ edification, Heinlein wasn’t dependably right wing until his third marriage, to Virginia, and even that depends on your definition of right wing. In fact, though he’s considered a sexist swine by some, mainly because of how poorly he writes about sex, if you look at the copyright dates he was actually ahead of his time, slightly, in giving the opposite sex its due.

    There has been a strong politically conservative wing of the sf field for as long as I was involved in it. In the late sixties, one side of another, I think the anti-war bunch, wanted to print an ad in Galaxy denouncing the war. Their sf compatriots who disagreed put their names on an ad supporting it. The results were divided about 50-50, with the majority of the pro-Vietnam war faction (maybe I should say those who believed in the necessity of it) being of the older generation, while those who denounced the war were younger and had a greater tendency to write that New Wave stuff. The side a particular writer was on, however, was no indicator of how his or her career would progress in the next few decades.

    In the 80s, one of Hubbard’s Mission Earth books was nominated for a Hugo, and everyone understood that was because his followers had gamed the system.

    By the way, the Hugo’s were started as a way to get people to pay three bucks to attend a banquet. Noreen Shaw told me it was in her apartment that the convention runners came up with the idea, and that’s why the Hugo’s skipped a year, because no one would pay for a banquet the next. They needed a Hugo.

    It’s as Bester said: everything that has happened has happened before, and will again.

    Mr. Chu, you should talk to me before you write about science fiction again.

    Yeah, I love you too.

    By Arthur Byron Cover 5 hours agoLike6

    • Toastrider

      Heinlein’s politics and views can be entertaining to try and pigeonhole. He’s strongly libertarian in many aspects, oddly liberal when it comes to sex and relationships, but strangely traditional when it comes to the differences between men and women. He was definitely a unique bird.

      One thing to keep in mind, which may amuse you: Heinlein originally started writing novels as a way to pay off debts incurred after a failed run for public office back in 1937. Awards are nice, but getting paid is even better 🙂

      • robojones

        if you’ll pardon me, i’m honestly terrible at political online discussion
        i hail from the “actions speak louder than words” part of the internet

        without attempting to get into personal politics, something was greatly lost in the hugo awards that sad puppies even if it may be personal politics brought back. if sad puppies becomes what they pushed back against in the long run then justifiably another group should do the same.

        in that reasoning it isnt even about the award anymore nor a principle,or money. it just ends up an Ideologue war with labels being slung at people,butting head like bees in a hive.

        but the same cant be said for gamergate which is the strange thing about so many vocal people decrying foul on the hugo’s.

        i think for a lot of people within SF and the SJW’cliques to hear and read about such a thing in books is an entirely frightening thing to actually see happening real time. the hivemind boogeyman is real .
        when that really isnt the case and yet there is so much door slamming reaction that its hard for groups of people to not assume the guise of that terrible thing to be heard.

        lol i had a point but no coffee make think hard… word salad

      • Nohbody

        Even more amusingly, Heinlein was pretty openly socialist back even further than that, campaigning for Upton SInclair’s EPIC (End Poverty In California) movement and Sinclair’s 1934 run for CA governor.