SJWs Ruin Everything: Yooka-Laylee Proves to be the Next Mighty No. 9

SJWs Ruin Everything: Yooka-Laylee Proves to be the Next Mighty No. 9


If you grew up with the Nintendo 64, like I did, you probably have fond memories of its classic 3D platformers. While some of the later ones did go a bit overboard with the collect-a-thon aspect of the genre, 3D platformers nonetheless enjoyed a golden age on the N64. After the legendary Super Mario 64, the most beloved N64 3D platformer was probably Banjo-Kazooie, made by Rare back when the company was one of the best in the business. Moreover, Rare made plenty of other great 3D platformers for the N64 as well, games like Donkey Kong 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and the BK sequel Banjo-Tooie.

Given how beloved many of Rare’s N64 platformers were, coupled with the sad decline of Rare after they were acquired by Microsoft (the Xbox 360 Banjo sequel was not very well received by fans), the Crowdfunding project Yooka-Laylee understandably generated lots of excitement. Developed by Playtonic Games, which boasts several Rare veterans within its ranks, the game was hyped up as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie and other classic Rare platformers. Unsurprisingly, the Kickstarter for the game was funded to the tune of 2 million pounds.

Already this might remind you of another eagerly anticipated crowdfunded game, namely Mighty No. 9. That game generated tons of excitement early on by promising to be a spiritual successor to the classic Mega Man sidescrollers, guided by Keiji Inafune himself, who was often erroneously referred to as “The Father Of Mega Man.” However, MN9 ended up being a complete Flop, both critically and commercially.

While there are many reasons Mighty No. 9 failed so miserably, becoming tainted by the stench of Social Justice certainly did it no favors. And make no mistake, while the influence of Comcept’s SJW community manager Dina Karam was disputed at the time of the original controversy, it has later been proven that she DID work behind the scenes to inject SJW garbage into the game. Suffice to say that this never bodes well for the finished product.

Sadly, Yooka-Laylee also proved to be compromised by SJWs, and in this case it even took the form of content being removed, not added. Popular YouTuber JonTron had been voicing a minor character in the game, but after he spoke out against the anti-white, misandrist SJWs, his contribution to the game was purged. However, it was Playtonic’s statement on the controversy that really showed their true colors:

We would like to make absolutely clear that we do not endorse or support JonTron’s personal viewpoints and that, as an external fan contributor, he does not represent Playtonic in any capacity. Playtonic is a studio that celebrates diversity in all forms and strives to make games that everyone can enjoy. As such, we deeply regret any implied association that could make players feel anything but 100% comfortable in our game worlds, or distract from the incredible goodwill and love shown by our fans and Kickstarter backers.

So in the name of “diversity”, JonTron got axed for having different political opinions than the Playtonic SJWs. See, they’re focused on making a game that EVERYONE can enjoy – except of course people that oppose Muslim mass immigration, support men’s rights or in any other way lean to the right. It was as perfect a summary of the SJW definition of Diversity as I’ve ever heard.

The hypocrisy and intolerance of this decision, not to mention the revelation that Playtonic was infested by SJWs, generated a huge controversy, very similar to the scandal that gave Mighty No. 9 such a black eye early on during its development. You even had Mister Metokur (aka Internet Aristocrat, the guy who blew up the Dina Disaster in the first place) make a video about the Yooka-Laylee scandal, and just how poorly Playtonic was handling it:

Now the reviews for the game are finally out, and surprise surprise, another game made by SJWs/SJW Allies proves to be a big, fat disappointment. While the game may or may not be quite as terrible as MN9 (we’ll have to wait for the User Reviews to get a better picture of that), it clearly falls pitifully short of the N64 classics that it will inevitably be compared to. As for me, I was already going to Boycott this game after the whole JonTronGate thing, despite having previously looked forward to it .

Fortunately, it turns out I’m not missing out on much!

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • Celerity

    The easiest means of detecting SJW bullshit is actually Twitch. Think about it. What does a streamer do? They sit around, talk with chat and scream like an idiot. What sort of “games” is this better suited for – games, or walking simulators? Now consider Twitch’s geographic location and implied politics along with the sorts of games that are shilled there – literally, with their new Twitch store so that paid streamer shills can get a cut right off.

    While this might not be directly political, every single one of these cucks have identical political beliefs and once they trip the warning signal it’s guaranteed you’ll find them.

    If it were not for Twitch people would focus more on games with actual gameplay that require some amount of actual attention, so SJW garbage wouldn’t get off the ground. As it is, you have a bunch of sheltered racist white people virtue signalling about superficial diversity (as long as it doesn’t disagree with them of course) and hivemind crowdfunding utter garbage, all under the guise of being retro or whatthefuck ever.

    How much does anyone wanna bet there’s some sort of connection between this dev team and the Derpest Dungeon cucklords?

    • Pesty

      Twitch is the perfect trap for poser devs as well. Go on, guys, design and market a game for streamers. It’s the surest way to simultaneous critical acclaim and commercial failure.

      Because, as you said, the audience is only there to watch an idiot cam whoring themselves for the amusement of others. The game they’re playing is often just an utterly forgettable backdrop.

      • Celerity

        It is a trap if it doesn’t work out for them. You’re depending on fickleness as a business model, which is far from ideal if you want an actual income from your job as a designer. Especially the ones specifically built around Twitch like the ones that lets chat fuck with the caster.

        For that matter, even if a streamer isn’t an SJW they almost always have a lot in common with them. Particularly the part where they beg for money. I’ve seen some making around 5k USD a month and they beg for money for a house. In a place where a house costs something like 20k USD…

        Anyways, if the hackjob “dev” planned for the Twitch mentality they can actually scam a lot of people. For example, the aforementioned Derpest Dungeon seeming difficult and deep until it gets in the hands of people with an IQ higher than Zoe Quinn’s worn out tits. Cue the usual shilling and censoring when people catch on, but no refunds for you because they didn’t exist yet.

  • Grust

    Anyone ever watch Jontron’s videos. He’s funny and enjoyable. I never heard of this game but count me in on the boycott.

  • Mr0303

    I’m actually glad that they excluded JonTron when they did – they revealed their true colours and saved me 40$. Unfortunately they already got the Kickstarter money and I suspect that the game will be financially successful. If nothing else at least Playtonic’s reputation will be in the shitter and this will teach people another lesson that crowdfunding is a terrible system.

  • Chicago Joe

    The Left is going to destroy the Western gaming industry and glorious Nippon will regain their former glory. We’re already seeing this happening with games like Nier: Automata and Persona 5.

    It’s almost like we’re in the late 80’s/early 90’s again.

    • TheOnceAndFutureKing

      I’d seriously give an arm or a leg for another late 90’s JRPG boom

      • Chicago Joe

        Make it a leg or otherwise you won’t be able to hold a controller

        • Actually, given their turn-based nature, it shouldn’t be too hard to play a lot of JRPGs with one hand. Thankfully, some such games still stick to their roots rather than focusing on action-based battle systems.

    • BoredbyMSM

      Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an even more obvious example – one of the best reviewed games ever, and free of SJW bullshit.

      • Grust

        Gonna get it for Wii U tomorrow.

    • Flowey

      I’m getting the PS3 version of Persona 5. Is there any difference between that and the PS4 version?

    • Sadly, western-developed military shooters and the like still take center stage of fucking everything, and I doubt there wouldn’t be near as much of a shitstorm over Mass Effect Andromeda if that series wasn’t so ridiculously popular in the first place. But given recent hype for games like the new Nier, Final Fantasy, Persona, Pokemon, Zelda…. hell, the Switch in general…. it does seem like the Japanese games are gaining ground once more. That, or the mainstream’s just putting focus on the popular stuff that’s been there all along, but either way, I like it. Even the new Sonic game’s generating hype (western-developed, granted, but it is a Japanese franchise at its core; think like Rare or Retro with Donkey Kong), and I don’t think I’ve heard anything noteworthy on Xbone’s front in a good while.

    • Phasmatis75

      Was laughing with a friend how Atlus is making bank right now off of a simple well budgeted turned based game, while Square is losing money hand over fist because they proclaimed turn base dead.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Damn, I still thought the game would do well despite the JonTron controversy. I guess they banked on SJW pandering to help their game, when in reality its going to tank an already mediocre game.

    There is definitely a pattern of these retro spiritual successor kickstarter projects getting infested with SJW cancer, now I wonder if Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night will be affected the same way.

    • Mr0303

      Bloodstained got promoted by Kind of Funny Games when it was announced (Greg Miller and co), who are San Fran twats, so I’m extremely suspicious.

      • TheOnceAndFutureKing

        Damn, its got no chance, I honestly didn’t predict the Yooka Laylee controversy would happen just a month before release.

        Oh well, the game looked too floaty and sluggish for a metroidvania anyway.

        • Mr0303

          I didn’t expect it from Yooka-Laylee either, but this is just a testament to how horrible the Kickstarter system is.

          • Celerity

            It fits the hipster business model perfectly. Talk some vague shit, give them money, get utter fail in exchange.

            If you want utter fail just shitpost at em.

          • TheOnceAndFutureKing

            I wouldn’t blame kickstarter entirely, this is just what happens when out of touch developers don’t have the foresight to realize that even having one SJW(like Dina) is enough to sink your ship.

          • Mr0303

            My issue with Kickstarter is that it’s easy to exploit. Developers get all the benefits of money and free publicity with none of the responsibilities. Backers have no control over the project, so when shit like this happens they are powerless.

          • TheOnceAndFutureKing

            Thats true, Mighty No. 9 was a good example of that, how the heck does a game that made more than double its asking price need another kickstarter for shitty voice acting?

            My biggest gripe with kickstarter projects is how badly they ruined the image of indie developers who are more legitimate.

          • Celerity

            “Nothing is more expensive than what is free.”
            “Nothing is less valued than what is free.”

            Hipsters get a bunch of free money, waste it on overpriced garbage and 3 week vacations, then beg for more. If they followed the conventional model where ya know, they gotta produce an actual product before getting any money and put in the work involved with that they’d be much more disciplined.

          • Toastrider

            That’s kinda true of crowdfunding in general, not just Kickstarter.

          • Mr0303

            Agreed. Everything I said about Kickstarter can be applied to crowdfunding in general.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    On a side not even as a former tweenaged aficionado of this particular genre I’m not sold on the idea that it’s one that needs to be revived. I’m glad crowdfunds resurrected the isometric turn based tactical/roleplaying genre but frankly the collectithon platformer of the N64/PS1 era was mostly a product of technical limitations and experimentation and we all moved on for a reason. Rare seemed totally aware of this themselves as evidenced by the different direction they took with Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

    Everything I saw from this game made it seem like they were trying way too hard to affect a complete anachronism like for instance the dialog system carried over from Banjo Kazooie. Banjo Kazooie had the dialog system it did because the N64’s audio capabilities sucked (compared to it’s direct competitors) and it’s cartridges had between 4 to 64mb of space on them. There’s no reason to reproduce what was essentially nothing but the result of a hardware limitation except in a pretty cyincal attempt to score memberberries.

    • Celerity

      What hipsters think retro means:

      What retro actually looked like:,_The_-_Link_no_Bouken_(Japan)_(v1.1)-4.jpg

      Note the difference in quality. Same idea, they’re using “retro” as a shield for shitty work.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Thus why they don’t even attempt to emulate the SNES/Genesis era whenever they decide to go “retro” because games like Final Fantasy 6 had gorgeous pixel art that made Final Fantasy 7’s early 3D models look like dog turds by comparison. They know they’re struggling to even pass off their trash as NES caliber and generally rely on the ignorance of people who never touched a NES to buy their crap.

        • Celerity

          By SJW logic, there were no games before about 2008 or so. Also why you see bullshit narratives like no women in gaming because they never heard of Mario Bros 2 or Metroid, both of which are about 30 years old.

          Since you mention it, it’s really unfortunate they’ve went the low effort art route because now whenever I see sprite based artwork I immediately think of hipster trash first. Much like any number of different things, there was nothing wrong with it until it was coopted and used as a calling card for sucking a barrel of cocks.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Maybe we’ve been looking at it wrong and hipsters serve a practical purpose, perhaps they’re merely carrion eaters who devour other people’s used up culture and they provide us with an impetus to then go out and find/build some more rather than wallow in our own filth eternally.

            How sad must it be to live so perpetually second hand?

          • Celerity

            Now that’s an interesting theory. They certainly cannot create anything of their own. They definitely act like vultures as well. Of course not everything they eat has outlived its usefulness. Consider for example the stereotypical male look a while back was beard, lumberjack flannel… and now this image of masculinity is associated with hipsters who are the exact opposite.

            The other problem is they’re that fat for a reason. They devour everything in their path. The bastardization of Roguelikes is a good example of this.

        • Seriously, I fucking loved the 16-bit era, and it was really hard for me to adjust to N64 graphics because EVERY series was forcing itself to go to 3D. Needless to say, the transition is pretty jarring when 3D was at a very primitive stage where everything looked blocky as hell, whereas 2D already had time to progress to a point where beautiful and vividly colorful works of art were quite possible (also, it saddens me to know that 2D JRPGs did continue for a while on the PS1, but most such games completely flew under the radar at the time of their release, like Rhapsody).

          Oddly, while I do have a longing for 16-bit sprites, I wasn’t too big on the games released on GameBoy Advance. I don’t know, there was something about the thing’s color palette that bugged me, and somehow, even ports of SNES games looked really washed out compared to their originals (ex. the Donkey Kong Country series). Not to say it was all bad, though. I thought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (walking sprites for all 386 monsters of the time, holy shit) and maybe a couple others looked fantastic.

          • Grust

            Have you ever tried Golden Sun of GBA? Great RPG.

          • Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to try that one. It’s been released on the WiiU’s Virtual Console, so I should take this opportunity to get it.

          • Grust

            The game was so massive that’s its sequel wasn’t actually a sequel, but a continuation due to limitations. If you had the original and played the sequel, you’d have all your stats from the previous carry over.

        • Grust

          As a lover of the NES (favorite game would be Contra), the only reason I ever bought Shovel Knight was its reputation as a good game not for its retro look.

      • TheOnceAndFutureKing

        Good pixel art is hard to do, and talented pixel artists are ass expensive for some hipster welfare case to afford, so they just hire a shitty artist or do the art themselves and call it “retro” as a lame excuse. Its like when people call Sharknado a B-movie, despite the fact that real B-movies like The Thing or They Live actually do the best they can with what little budget they have, as opposed to being a shitty effortless movies that calls itself a B-movie to avoid criticism.

        • Celerity

          Talent in general is anathema for them. After all if you were a skilled professional, would you associate yourself with those who are literally only concerned with what is skin deep? No, you can work whereever the fuck you want or make your own jobs, so you’ll focus on those who value your skillset.

          I’ve seen great games made on a 10k budget, mostly because European RPGs escape most of the SJW bullshit affecting Western and some Eastern titles as well as affecting their country. They also have a more reasonable definition of success. They go low budget, use that budget very efficiently, then even modest sales are a financial success (which is a good thing because being anti casual means they won’t sell much no matter how good they are).

          • Blake Donohoo

            What are some European rpgs?

          • Celerity

            Lords of Xulima is probably my favorite. Witcher’s a lot more casual but the devs still don’t take shit from SJWs. Gothic is another one I remember offhand.

          • Blake Donohoo

            Didn’t witcher 3 have some sjw controversy?

          • Celerity

            SJWs attacked them over some character or another, the devs just BTFO them instead of giving them what they wanted.

          • Toastrider

            There was a stink over a lack of ‘people of color’ in the series, until CDProjektRed pointed out the game was set in fucking fantasy POLAND for crying out loud. Not a whole lotta ‘people of color’ there.

          • The sad thing is, if it was about one character or a line of dialog offending them, then maybe, just maybe, they could’ve actually had some ground to stand on. Instead, the whole thing was just SJW journalists proving how fucking ignorant they actually are.

          • Celerity

            Right, that’s the BTFO. It’s even funnier since they are actually pretty progressive. Plenty of female employees and strong female characters. They’re just not virtue signalling faggots, so they don’t make a big deal of it. That’s pretty typical of European RPGs.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen quite a few videos on the subject, but for the gist of it: what really makes 8-bit 8-bit is the limitations. People of the era weren’t intentionally designing their games to look like outdated crap just for the sake of style (though, even during the NES era, I’d say this hipster stuff would look like crap). They were using whatever tools they had, pushed them to their limits, did whatever they could just to reach the bare minimum requirement of making it so you can tell what actions are being performed on screen, and still managing to polish it up so it’s as pleasing to the eye as possible. And this where a lot of “retro” games fail. They make everything seem composed of giant pixels, but fail to realize that they’re using a color palette and other stuff that just wouldn’t have been possible on an NES, or a Master System for that matter. So it tries being old-fashioned, but its lack of genuine qualities stick out like a sore thumb. Shovel Knight is one of the only exceptions to a modern “retro” game pulling it off right (amusingly enough, even it would’ve been impossible to function on an old system when you get deep into its technical aspects, but it still does a great job of looking convincing enough).

        • Celerity

          Exactly. They do that so a lack of skill seems like a feature. They can’t create after all, so everything has either low quality pixel graphics, no eyes, or no graphics at all (see: visual novels, walking simulators… ever notice those are always first person with no other people in game?)

    • See, this is a very subjective point. While the collectathon proved to be at its most ridiculous with Donkey Kong 64, people nevertheless mourned the loss of Rare and all of its IPs. Whether it was out of a blind nostalgia, or a genuine want to reproduce the old games they love, people knew what they wanted going into Yooka-Laylee. Incidentally, I heard similar complaints about how Mighty No. 9 reproduced the Nintendo hard aspects of the old Mega Man games, but isn’t that the same thing they were all clamoring for? Hell, as a seasoned fan of the series, I can say MegaMan 9 was probably the most fucking difficult entry I’ve ever played, yet that game received tons of praise (granted, some of it may have praise for the return to 8-bit graphics, which really was revolutionary in a time where such a thing was thought impossible to sell as a modern retail title and the true potential of download titles was only starting to be realized). Such complaints also seem rather odd since quite a few of these fans likely play the classics (which are now available on several platforms) on a regular basis and acknowledge whatever flaws they had and how badly some aspects have aged.

      So really, I gotta ask: putting the SJW bullshit behind their productions aside, are Mighty No. 9 and Yooka-Laylee genuinely bad games? Are they buggy, untested, barely-playable messes with difficulty that is pure horseshit even by the standards of their predecessors’ time periods? Or is it really just a lot of people whining that they got exactly what they wanted?

  • MKFenris

    They just never learn.

  • RetroGamer

    I made the mistake of backing this game and plan to sell my copy upon receiving it. I’ve also backed Bloodstained and Shenmue III, but do not see myself using Kickstarter in the future. Committing to buy a game before it even begins development is a completely unnecessary risk.

    • TheOnceAndFutureKing

      You can still get a refund through paypal or your bank

  • orbo

    I was interested in this, but not now.
    All they had to do on this issue was to not make it an issue in the first place, because nobody gave a shit until they made a stink about it.
    But no, sjw types cannot and will not tolerate someone with so much as a different opinion as them.
    The statement they put out doesn’t even try to respect him, they’re acting like he ate a baby on live tv with a german flag of the swastika in the background.

    More and more I’m glad I have never put any money to a kickstarter.

  • SJW/feminist “diversity” and “inclusiveness” = everyone except straight white men and people who differentiate from our views

  • Monkeyking

    Ya how dare they have a different view point than me!!!! Don’t they know my opinion is the only one possible? Who do this she morons think they are? People with the right to have their own opinion? What garbage