Still Waiting For Snowden's 'New Leak' With That Mysterious 256-bit Hash? Don't. It Was The NSA Tools.

Still Waiting For Snowden’s ‘New Leak’ With That Mysterious 256-bit Hash? Don’t. It Was The NSA Tools.

On August 9th, 2016 — 20 days ago — Snowden tweeted out a strange encryption hash and soon deleted it. He subsequently disappeared from Internet presence for quite a few days, causing many cyber dwellers to wonder if he had been killed. Of course, he hadn’t, and soon he came out of hiding.

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Two days prior to the infamous hash tweet on August 3rd, Snowden had tweeted out the cryptic message, “It’s time”. Put together with the hash, it seemed to be a sure sign that a huge leak was on its way from Edward. But then nothing. Nothing came, and more nothing.

Maybe it was all just a big nothingburger? I don’t think so. After Snowden was offline for about a week, he came back to give this tirade:





So, let me get this straight. Snowden says cryptically, “It’s time”. Then a couple days later, he releases a 256-bit encryption hash which is obviously meant to unlock or “activate” something. Then all of a sudden, coincidentally, the government cracks down and shuts down all major torrent sites, almost as if they’re trying to stop some file from being disseminated.

A few days later, the NSA tools leak was revealed to the public, after being auctioned off in Russia. Then, also coincidentally, Snowden comes back from his hiatus to undoubtedly pin the caper on the Russians — the hosts who just happen to hold his life in his hands.

I mean, just think about it it — why the fuck would Snowden pin it on the Russians without a doubt, unless the Russians wanted him to pin it on them? Would you go throwing wild accusations around about hosts that can snuff you out in a heart beat, with no consequences whatsoever? No. You wouldn’t. You’d keep your pretty mouth shut, unless you wanted to die. And I don’t think Snowden wants to die, which is why he’s in fucking Russia in the first place.

Looking back on it all with this new paradigm, it seems that Snowden’s long tweet-tirade after he’d been missing for days seems more like a coded threat literally written by the Kremlin meant to warn off the US from escalation. And the chronologies all add up perfectly, with everything tied up with nice big bow.

For those waiting for Snowden’s next ‘big drop’, wait no more. He might have left us hanging, but he sure as hell delivered.


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  • Fatherless


    Not sarcastic. I simply don’t even know what questions to ask to sort this stuff out.

    • Peepsmgee

      I don’t get it either

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Splinter Cell was a great trilogy of games.

  • Yarlg

    INTERESTING… but he didn’t pin it on the Russians _without a doubt_… Just more hyperbole.

  • 感觉很不错的样子!

  • Andrew Arnott

    It wasn’t an “encryption hash”, or at least we have no evidence of that. It has been reported to match the id to a bitcoin transaction valued at 911 microcoins.