TACIT ENCOURAGEMENT: Obama Refuses to Tell Anti-Trump Democrats to Stop the Insanity

TACIT ENCOURAGEMENT: Obama Refuses to Tell Anti-Trump Democrats to Stop the Insanity

Why am I not surprised that the Divider-in-Chief, Barrack Obama, refuses to tell his revolutionary, anti-democratic goonsquad to back down and accept the results of the free-and-fair election? From Bloomberg:

President Barack Obama said he won’t try to stop protests against Donald Trump’s election that have raged in several cities, rejecting calls from the president-elect’s advisers to use his influence to rein in demonstrations that have erupted over the past week.

Obama has disappointed many liberals since the election on Nov. 8 by ducking opportunities to criticize Trump. Instead, he’s insisted the president-elect be given a chance to succeed. But he drew the line on Thursday at using his political prestige to try to mute dissent against the incoming president.

“I wouldn’t advise them to be silent,” Obama said at a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. All presidents face protests, Obama added.

These are far more than protests though, as many shut down entire city centers, which according to Obama’s own logic is an act of terrorism. Not to mention, many of these ‘protests’ have reached the stage of physical violence and destruction of property.

Obama’s failure to tell his violent vanguard — who apparently want to overthrow our republic — to stand down is nothing short of a tacit approval of their tactics and goals.

It almost seems as if Obama is hoping his boys riot hard enough to give him an excuse to declare emergency powers, so that his regime can retain the throne.

Oh, I just remembered why I’m not surprised Obama is letting these abhorrent tactics slide — he’s from Chicago.





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  • Maintenance Renegade

    Stay out of the affected areas, if you live in the affected areas draw your blinds and stay indoors and above ground level as much as possible. For the moment do not engage with these people irl because it’s trap to do so, the MSM is desperately looking for “right wing death squads” and giant rumbles in the streets so that Obama can invoke FEMA emergency powers.

    The progtard world order is on it’s heels and the center continues to move away from it all over the West. They will probably now seek their goals primarily through violent means in the territories they’ve lost or are losing but it will take them more time than they have right now to escalate from rioting to armed insurrection.

    The weather and the holidays should give us a hand for now so allow Winter-Chan to win this final battle of 2016 for us.

    • Good time to consider ol’ Sunny boy:

      “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

  • Quise

    He’s not telling people to stop protesting because protest is a major part of the Amercian tradition and one of the most important Constitutional protections. The freedom to assemble and take part in civil disobedience is as Amercian as a trust fund baby bullshitting his way into office. Quit being such a fucking pussy, S4T. Also, please, for the Love of God, never, EVER rap again. It’s absolutely tragic….

    • LR67

      Yes because if the situation were reversed (Hillary won), he wouldn’t be looking to have every single one of them locked up with a felony on their record for hate crimes…

      Any other good stories you got?

      • Quise

        Nothing is more tragic than Trump marks having no ability to defend the merits of their blessed lord. It’s always jumping to “but….but….. HILLARY!!!”.
        No, Obama wouldn’t order protests to stop in the event of that cunt becoming President because unlike all the little fascists in Trumpland, Obama knows his history and is, you know, EDUCATED. He knows that protests are a constitutionally protected act. And as is my current closing to all posts on Ralph’s friendship blog- Seattle4Truth should never, ever rap again. Never ever. Ever.

        • LR67

          Glad we have someone that has no idea of the hypocrisy of most of the people in power.

          Because Reid isn’t spending the last 24 hours calling Bannon an openly anti-semitic white nationalist.

          But the good news is that both Trump won, and the odds his supporters would actually have marched on a loss and riot is low because they for the most part are not emotionally stunted children.

          So assert your reality, and I’ll live with mine. Most people know the truth is probably between the two, but I’ll give my version quite a bit higher odds of happening due to past performance.

        • teapartydoc

          Calling an affirmative action baby educated. Beautiful sarcasm.

  • Lost Question

    in spite of what the news attempts to spin when obama and trump met as president and president elect they looked like they hit it off.