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Days After Gab Announces Pay Model, Twitter Says They Are Thinking About TweetDeck Premium

Days after Gab (a Twitter alternative) announced a pay version of the site, Twitter has told the media that it is also exploring a new premium iteration of sorts. Basically, the plan involved a souped-up version of its TweetDeck tool. To be clear, 90% of...


Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early

When I first signed on to, I was skeptical. Some features were lacking, the reply system wasn’t very smooth, and there were several other quirks that kept me from using it very often. Things have improved a bit since then, enough that I think...

WILDGOOSE: Gab CEO Andrew Torba Doxing Critics of New Social Network

(Editor’s note: Personally speaking with owner of Gab, Andrew Torba, he has said that there was no dox attempt made on Wildgoose and he was demonstrating his ability to look up shit too. You guys can believe what you want, Andrew’s response to this article...