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Jeff Sessions is Obsessed with Marijuana, While Antifa Gangs Roam Free

Can this clown please get his priorities straight? Plus, watch Joe Biggs take two gunshots to the chest!

Dem Senator Claire McCaskill Caught LYING About Past Meetings with Russian Ambassdor During Sessions Smear Attempt

Last night, news broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, while he was still a senator. One of these meetings took place at the GOP convention, where Amb. Kislyak was among a group of several...

Trump Would Be Making a Big Mistake by Going After Legal Weed

I used to smoke marijuana…a lot. In fact, not only did I smoke it, many times I would enjoy edibles or vape the stuff. It helped me in many ways and also harmed me in a few as well. But, I can honestly say that...