Teen Vogue is Brimming With Anti-White Male Hate Mongers

Teen Vogue is Brimming With Anti-White Male Hate Mongers

Teen Vogue

I wasn’t even going to write a post about Teen Vogue and their anti-white hate monger staff, but then this tweet took off…

Which made me remember that the future wifey and I did a video on Lauren Duca and her hatred of men, particularly white men, a few weeks ago…

But notice one Lara Witt in the tweet above. She’s been making the rounds today for her tweets about whites. As you can tell by the ongoing theme of this article, and her comment above, she doesn’t think very highly of them.

But guess what? We’re about to see an epic plot twist! It turns out Lara is married to a white man. Yes, he’s that much of a loser and she’s that much of a headcase. Oh, and her dad is white too!

Ah yes, that famous “deep understanding of white supremacy.” These people are legitimately insane.  Who the fuck thinks like this? How is her husband this much of a cuck? Is it some kind of performance are she’s carrying on for Twitter, or what? So many questions.

I think the insane bit explains most of it, though.

Ethan Ralph

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  • RuralScot

    As I type she is complaining on twitter about all the “KKK” people in her mentions etc.

    The thing I find almost the most maddening about people like these is that they really don’t expect much push-back. This woman thought her calling white people and whiteness “evil” was a normal tweet. She doesn’t understand why this has blown up like it has. These people have spent so much time in left wing echo chambers that they are astounded when people react against their obvious biases.
    To say an incredibly mean-spirited and prejudiced thing and expect to have nobody counter it is a prime example of liberal privilege.

    • Seventh Angel

      That was my thought exactly. She’s been doing this for years. And it still hasn’t cost her a job. She’s the ONLY one with privilege here.

  • Eric Pederson

    Maybe that cuck husband finally ditched her and that is why she is on the Hate whiteness Train.

  • Mr0303

    So there is another shrill hateful bigot over there other than Luca. I’m not that shocked.

  • godzillafeet

    So, I’m from southern coastal CA, and a hippy bred, but I live elsewhere now, for 22 years. I went to Northern CA circa ’97. I was in silicon valley mostly and sanfran, and most the people I was interacting with were very white collar, in physics and tech and so on. Every conversation with every person to whom I was introduced, they insulted conservatives, neocons, flyover territory, southern/midwest accents, etc. Every one. Often repeatedly. It was seldom more than a few sentences could be spoken without it somehow coming in, as a negative joke or something. We were not talking about anything related to such topics!

    It was like visiting some crazy religious camp and having glassy-eyed cultists repeat some phrase that is official every 90 seconds whether it’s needed or not. Sometimes I would say, “I live in the midwest.” And they’d go, “Oh! — oh, well not YOU of course. Right?” — which is what my current coworkers in sanfran, boston, etc. say when they make some remark in a meeting I’m in, if I bother responding. Now, I’m not much insulted since I feel like I’m from CA. But it is shocking, I mean surreal, to experience close up.

    I realized after awhile, it’s because of the media. Where they are, that is *all they ever hear.* Every outlet blares the same crap – magazines, newspapers, their favorite blogs, the TVs, billboards, radio, everything. Fox news being the one exception they avoid like the plague. But it’s such an insane echo chamber they don’t even realize they’re doing it. By the time I was leaving, I was thinking I have a hard time imagining that someone’s identity can be SO WRAPPED UP in who they hate, who is wrong, that they cannot even function without that constant “common enemy” to focus on.

    It was so bizarre I honestly didn’t even know what to say about it, so I said nothing usually. I can’t imagine having some prejudice so overwhelming it filters into every paragraph you utter. It’s been ten years since then, so apparently the media’s had that much longer to continue the psy-op. Now also men and white people suck, not just the things I mentioned.

    And I swear, I would be willing to sadly accept that half the people in the country have been cultified and radicalized into morons, except for the BS about sharia which is a genuine threat and they’re in bed with, weirdly. It’s like watching the world go to hell in a handbasket and there’s nothing you can do.

  • Isn’t it funny how they get to mouth off 24/7 about how white men are the evil in the mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, entertainment media, etc., and they have the sheer gall to claim that they’re the ones being silenced, discriminated against and oppressed?

    The only ones that are doing the silencing, discrimination and oppressing are SJWs and feminists.

    • Seventh Angel

      I think that’s where we see the difference between an intelligent critical thinker…and liberal media/academia pawns who aren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves.

      The good news is that even stupid people know when a more intelligent person is speaking. Their hypocrisy costs them more followers than the rate at which they’re gaining more fans. We win in the long run.

      The more they rant against white people and men…the more followers they lose. You cannot stand up to one injustice while advocating another.

  • John Hinman

    I would just say that there is some mental issues there and what these women need is some psychiatric help and don’t warrant even mentioning their madness

    • Seventh Angel

      But instead of psychiatric help they’ll just continue writing for national magazines with millions of subscribers earning more than $100K per year.

      Why? Because they have “female privilege” and “black privilege” and our liberal society embrace’s that form of hate.

  • Seventh Angel

    Teen Vogue = Black Supremacist racism + White Guilt

  • Woman of torches

    Betting he’s not white but jew