The Method to the SJW's Madness

The Method to the SJW’s Madness

GUEST EDITORIAL By Richard C. Wolfman

I’m going to start by stating that this is an article by someone who was generally unaware of the nature of the Social Justice Warrior or of the extent of the problem and thus had to take a crash course from Hell during the early months of GamerGate. This is article is intended to provoke discussion and not to be an definitive authority.

People throw the term Social Justice Warrior around a little too casually on Twitter. Let be honest though typing SJW saves a lot of characters and conveys a lot of information. Also it’s fun to simply tweet “Fuck You! Eat Ethics!” at random aGGros and see if they have you blocked. However SJW a term that we really should do our best to define and explain as people have started using the term simply as a way to yell at people on the internet who disagree with them.

So what is Social Justice Warrior? Let’s get a clear definition.

I originally thought it was simply an evolution of the term `Keyboard Warrior` used to mock online activists who talked a good game but never actually got off their asses and DID anything to help the poor unfortunate victims of capitalist oppression. Yes, there is quite a bit of that to go around but a SJW is first and foremost a group of people that share a very particular mindset. What kind of mindset? Well, it’s been noted that they operate as a cult. However this doesn’t seem to be a conscious decision of any sort even if certain SOCJUS leaders take advantage of their brainwashed followers in much the same manner.

Let’s stop and explore that mindset so we can narrow down what we mean when we say Social Justice Warrior. I’ll start by presenting a video on the subject. This video was the final catalyst for this article and I hope you’ll at least watch the first half. I especially found his explanation of the left-right spectrum very useful. Key section is from (3:00 to 7:10)

This video is problematic by J. T. Sexkik (29:10)

An Social Justice Warrior is a person who is

1: Far Left Politically
2: Heavily invested or focused in identity politics.
3: Has thought patterns that show low levels of Integrative Complexity

Now let’s examine each of these in turn.

SJW Trait 1: Far Left Politically

As J. T. Sexkik explains to be on the political left is to think primarily in terms of oppressor versus oppressed and to consider hierarchies that exist in the world to be unfair. To be on the far left indicated that this line of thought dominates your day to day thinking. This may explain the appeal of radical third wave feminism and the magical mysteries of Patriarchy Theory; since the existence of the all powerful Patriarchy explains to the far-leftist mind just who is unjustly oppressing the horribly oppressed victims of the world. I don’t think anybody denies that Social Justice Warrior are far-leftist thinkers (when they even think at all) so let’s move on to the next trait.

SJW Trait 2: Heavily Invested or Focused in Identity Politics.

This is the calling card of the Social Justice Warrior and ultimately what brings them to most people’s attention. Everything is about sexism or racism and must therefore be rigorously examined from that perspective until a flaw can be detected and exploited. Never mind that identity politics are absolute poison when it comes to gaming or completely irrelevant as a typical core games will only ask two questions upon meeting a new person who expresses an interest in games.

-Do you play the same games as me?
-Are you skilled enough that playing with or against you will be fun?

But no of course identity politics will have to brought into gaming conversations by the SJW blogger desperate to spread the White Man’s Burden in order to alleviate his white guilt. This quickly creates a massive gulf between the worldview and interests of the gaming journalist and that of the hardcore gamer. Which leads to alienation of the audience and eventually led to the `Gamers are Dead` articles.

SJW Trait 3: Low Levels of Integrative Complexity

This is the big one and J. T. Sexkik`s main contribution to the study of SOCJUS. Obviously I agree with him or I wouldn’t made his video the centerpiece of this article. Integrative Complexity might just be the secret mystery ingredient to our special snowflake souffle. It’s also an entirely new concept to me so you’ll have to bear with me as I fumble around trying to explain it.

In essence integrative complexity is the ability to examine a situation from multiple points of view and to consider alternate possibilities. Also involved is taking into account hoe the real world might differ from a persons ideals and core values. A person with low IC will tend to stick to their guns and not change their mind even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.

To quote Mr. Sexkik. “I think what defines a Social Justice Warrior is a profound lack of integrative complexity.”

So in summary we have a person who thinks in terms of oppressor versus oppressed; who is obsessed with the politics of race and gender and finds it difficult if not impossible to examine ideas and concepts from a point of view that is not exactly identical to the one they already hold.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you see how people how operate in this mindset might be somewhat problematic to the rest of society?

So how does a true Social Justice Warrior act? Well happily it turn that we already have some rules to explain that.

The Three Rules of SJW Behaviour (Vox’s Laws)

1: SJW’s ALWAYS lie
2: SJW’s always double down
3: SJW’s always project

These laws were discovered by cartoon super-villain Vox Day by way of years of illegal experimentation on captured CHORFs in his secret evil moonbase of misogyny. Over the course of GamerGate these behaviours have been repeatedly spotted in the wild and can now be considered to have been proven by hard won experience.

Again let’s examine each of these in detail.

The First Law of the Social Justice Warrior
Social Justice Warriors always lie.

Social Justice Warrior are if not pathological liars at least well practised and habitual lairs. The sheer audacity of some of these lies can be quite impressive to observe but that doesn’t change to fact they are lies. They start of course by lying to themselves… but that’s a chain of thought I’d best left to more experienced internet psychologists. The key thing is a Social Justice Warrior can be counted on to constantly lie, even when that lie can be easily debunked. Even in situations where it is clearly to the SJWs advantage and best interests to tell the truth they will instead lie out of sheer habit.

The Second Law of the Social Justice Warrior
Social Justice Warriors always double down.

So what happens when a SJW is caught in lie or makes a mistake due to their usual incompetence? Or maybe someone has actually called them out on their bullshit? Or one of their bullying targets doesn’t go down like the strawman they mistook them for? Why of course they “double down.” They increase the stakes and escalate the conflict.

This is actually what we saw with GamerGate. It was in the CLEAR best interests of GameJournoPros and friends to DESCALATE the conflict and let things calm down but instead they caved to the social justice crowd (or the feminist academics pushing them from behind) and fed the fires at every chance and made blunder after blunder. Why? Because a Social Justice Warrior CAN NEVER BE WRONG! Their worldview will not allow it and even when they know they will lose a confrontation the fear of the other SOCJUS cult members turning on them will drive them into martyrdom.

Here’s things get interesting because in the Social Justice Warrior’s desperation to NEVER BE WRONG they’ll misallocate resources, choose outrageous arguments and pick ridiculous mismatches. This leads to absolutely ludicrous spectacles such as a senior editor at Tor attacking and slandering Daddy Warpig at a critical point during Sad Puppies 3 and drawing GamerGate into a fight 98% of us were completely unaware of.

That’s right! Patrick Nielsen Hayden, (a man at the HEIGHT OF HIS PROFESSION) got so butthurt that he went out of his way to slander, scapegoat and launch a Twitter mob at ”some guy with a podcast.” That’s my friends is mismatch and one the greatest mistakes in the history of The War for the Heart of Geekdom.

And last I checked Daddy Warpig was still here (even if his beard did fall in battle.)

The Third Law of the Social Justice Warrior
Social Justice Warriors always project.

Psychological projection? On the internet? Yes you’re going to see a lot of it and with Social Justice Warriors you’re going get enough projection to run a chain of movie theatres. Why? It likely has a lot to do with their profound lack of integrative complexity. Since a SJW can only see any issue from a single point of view they naturally have no choice but to assume that you have the same deceitful and selfish agenda that they do. Absolutely this has to be the case. No only motives will be projected onto a SJW’s opponent but even tactics and strategy.

A harassment campaign to drive women out the gaming industry?

Why is that what a group of Helldump veterans and corrupt indie devs would do in #GamerGate position?

Just asking a question.

Note on Sargon’s Law:tumblr_nnheqm6Pd11u8n2y4o1_1280

A first glance Sargon’s Law appears simply to be a variation and a restatement of the Third Law. However it is both an expansion of subject and a contraction of effect. Additional study will be required on this topic as my headmates were unable to come to a decisive conclusion. However it should be noted that Sargon’s Law was discovered independently from Vox’s Third Law and has proven valid on a number of occasions.

End Notes: (Because footnotes are a bitch for Ralph to edit.)

Other optional ingredients in a special snowflake souffle: Nutmeg, cinnamon, hair dye. problem glasses, unwarranted self-importance, fair trade chocolate, and histrionic personality disorder. Best served in an upside down fedora.

Hearts of Iron fans will understand: Low IC = Bad. High IC = Good.

CHORF: Cliquish Holier than thou Obnoxious Reactionary Fanatic. A subspecies of SJW found in science fiction publishing and certain conventions. Named for the sound an overweight white knight makes while choking on a piece of fried chicken.

Article on the SJW explosion during the Hugo nomination announcements:

In an intriguing development Vox Day has announced that he will be writing a non-fiction book titled SJW’s Always Lie: How to defend yourself from the Thought Police. The title alone guarantees salt and this book has the potential to be the most triggering thing to hit Greater Nerddom since Jar Jar Binks:

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Mad Vandal

    The only big flaw I see in this is that the laws don’t cover the numerous SJW’s who display a cognitive dissonance so severe that they consider feelz and experiences to be far more important and real than facts and logic, the latter of they consider “oppressive”. This is way beyond lying and doubling down.

    Tumblr In Action has a phrase for this…”feelz before realz”

  • FirstLine

    King Ralph, the video has been removed.

    • Mad Vandal

      It appears to have been re-posted here:

  • tz1

    From a different direction:

    SJWs are about feeling, emotion. Not reason. Facts only are evaluated on how the fact makes them feel.

    SJWs are not leftist, or even hold to actual “social justice” (e.g. Catholic teaching starting with rerum novarum). They divide the world into victims and oppressors, are always the victim, and demand destruction of the “oppressors”.

    In a world of relatavism, or feelings, there is neither truth or good, lies or evil. Feelings can’t be wrong. Nor can their be lies.

    Toddlers throwing tantrums aren’t wrong or lying, merely obnoxious. SJWs rarely rise to this level.

    • Fail Burton

      I agree SJWs are not leftists. That is a place they hide. At the end of the day all their core ideology cares about is if you’re straight, white and male.

      • Thomas Fairfield

        “SJWs are not leftists” is hard to argue because right and left are imperfect generalizations grandfathered in from a coincidence of seating during the meeting of the French Estates General. However, the assessment that “leftists” are concerned with helping the oppressed peoples against their oppressors is generally accurate. However, doing so by instituting one’s own oppressive policies has been another running trope.

    • A Real Libertarian

      SJWs are only “leftist” in the sense that the Nazis were “rightist”.

      They are so similar in everything besides which group is the “Untermensch” and which group is the “Übermensch”.

      • tz1

        Correction Untermench and Uberfrau.

  • Silence Dogood

    So SJWs are the scum of the Earth, a disease of the first world, a cancerous block to ACTUAL, HEALTHY progress and should be wiped from the planet? I’m sold.

  • Silence Dogood

    As an aside – just saw “Pixels” and I get why the SJWs were butthurt about it being “pro-Gamergate” – it makes gamers and gaming look AWESOME. And that doesn’t fit their narrative. Also, that ending theme song by Waka Flocka Flame and Good Charlotte (who’d have imagined that pairing?), “Game On,” should be GamerGate’s fucking BATTLE HYMN.

    Have a listen:

    • ArmoredBoar

      Wait a sec. A Waka x Good Charlotte collab-
      WAAAAIIIIT A SEC. Good Charlotte are still around?!

      • Silence Dogood

        lol inorite?

    • Jason Brandenburg

      That was awesome

    • Toastrider

      Yeah, but it’s still an Adam Sandler movie, and I’d rather punch myself in the nuts repeatedly than watch Sandler. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a movie is just -bad-.

      • Happy Gilmore is the shit, idc what any1 says.

      • mbits

        I dunno. I’ll take Punch Drunk Love and Happy Gilmore any day of the week. You can keep the rest of his “library”, though.

      • Silence Dogood

        I like Jim Carey more than I like Sandler (as Sandler’s films are typically about an adult acting retarded), buuuuut Carey is on that whole anti-vax crazy train so he’s fallen out of my favor (principles).

        • Maintenance Renegade

          Carey is all over the fucking place, remember when he told people not to watch Kickass 2 right when it was coming out (a movie he was in) because he suddenly decided it was too violent and violence is bad m’kay?

          He’s one of those celebrities like Tom Cruise where he’s just a giant tool but I don’t really care because he’s harmless and he’s good at his job.

    • mbits

      Meh. No clue who Waka or Charlotte are. I don’t know anything about Pixel (I had thought it was supposed to be a dramatization of the early years of video games?!). The clips from the film make it look worth at least the couple hours to watch, but I could do without the music or whatever that was from either of those dudes.

      • Silence Dogood

        Basic premise is that in 1984 we sent a time capsule into space and it contained footage of a video game championship the main characters participated in. Aliens found it and took it the wrong way and now they want to wage a “winner take all” battle for the planet. It’s goofy, but the dialogue has some pretty witty moments.

    • Lost Question

      How about warriors for a battle hymn, since we are the warriors that built this town from dust. (or even Battle hynm from Manowar) but then im more a rock/metal person

      • Silence Dogood

        I do love that song. ^_^

  • Linda M

    Sargon’s law is easily explained. Many hardcore SJW figureheads have a very nebulous past and were born-again into social justice, sincerely or for profit. In this way they are intimately familiar with the kinds of justifications and behaviors that troubled people indulge in. Ian Miles Cheong is the arch-example, going from neo-nazi to social justice warrior before finally settling into being an apologetic GG sympathizer.

    A less sinister version of Sargon’s law is that whenever someone is giving advice, they are really talking to a past version of themselves about a mistake they made or saw and didn’t fix at the time.

    I’ve noticed this effect myself though. Sometimes I find myself typing out an aspersion before realizing that it can be flipped and applied to question my own motivations. If not caught and corrected, it leads to SJW-style hypocrisy where their own past actions necessarily have to be ignored in order for their point to stand. I think it’s a fundamental limitation of how human brains work, we derive cause and effect after the fact more than we like to admit, and unless you give yourself time to think about it, you will fall into the same traps.

    • Problem with that theory is that several SJWs are known to engage in shoddy behavior even now. They were never “born again”, they’re the same scumbags they’ve always been, if not worse than before they took up the social justice crusade.

      • Fatherless

        Some of those are the first financially motivated ones.

  • Fail Burton

    I think you’ve got it slightly backwards. As of 2015 the ideology most associated with SJW rhetoric is intersectional (racial) gender (lesbian) feminism. Patriarchy is a concept invented by gay feminists. They further stipulate heterosexuality is a fake social construct men have used to oppress women into restricted subservient roles for thousands of years. They define heterosexuality itself as an ideology. The “third wave” or “intersectional” racial add-on that really got going around 1990 completes this ideology as one which defines oppression as male, heterosexual and white. None of that has anything to do with classic equal rights feminism or liberalism. Just because radical feminism has gone mainstream doesn’t dilute it. Classic feminism targeted laws, radical feminism targets demographics in their millions, exactly the way any racist supremacist cult operates. Ideas like “compulsory heterosexuality,” “toxic masculinity,” “rape culture” and “white privilege” are the exclusive domain of third wave gender feminism, a thing created by lesbians for lesbians. Take the above issues away and there is no Gamergate or Sad Puppies.

    • LegendofKafei

      Heterosexuality…the thing that allows humanity to EXIST by creating babies…is an ideology? Kay.

      • Toastrider

        Well, that IS the belief some of these whackjobs are pushing. RS McCain has better documentation on that one.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Note that a lot of them are political lesbians i.e. straight women who hate men to the point that decide to call themselves lesbian.

      • Fail Burton

        Many people subscribe to this ideology because they are unaware of its true origins or goals. They just see justice and love coming out the other side. It seems to never occur to them to ask themselves what the hell the plain existence of heterosexuality has to do with anything.

    • wlinden

      I had “intersectional” explained to me quite simply as meaning that we are all “privileged” in some ways and “oppressed” in others. E.g., black men are not automatically “privileged” because they are men and white women are not automatically “oppressed” in all contexts because they are women.

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Fail Burton

        Wrong. Intersectionality means for example a white heterosexual feminist has a single vector of oppression, a white gay feminist has two oppressions which intersect, a black gay feminist three, etc.

  • LongLiveGamerGate

    There is also a lot to be told about the SJW’s mental immaturity and how they often come from a background of privilege.

    • I think that falls under the “projecting” part that was mentioned.

  • Lost Question

    SJW cultists are like… plague rats its never just one they bring the whole rat pack along destroying and blighting all they touch in their zealotry.

    • Fatherless

      And each one gets bigger depending on how many others are in play…

  • Pintheshadows

    ‘was generally unaware of the nature of the Social Justice Warrior or of the extent of the problem and thus had to take a crash course from Hell during the early months of GamerGate’

    This describes my knowledge of all this craziness before GG as well.

  • utera

    Good to see this again when now being drowned in the GG firehose anymore, I can finally remember what you are saying.

  • Toastrider

    Mr. Wolfman’s reinventing the wheel a little bit here. SJW behavior can be directly traced back to tactics drawn from Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’.

    Not that I disagree with anything said in the column. Wolfman’s absolutely right. But you can pretty much draw perfect parallels between the two.

  • Cory Brandstetter

    Hey Ralph This is probably unrelated to the article above but I think I found some corruption on the CBC:

  • mbits

    My grandfather lost his father at the age of four to pneumonia, was cared for by other family, grew up so poor that he recalled a Coke being such a special treat that they’d keep watering the one bottle down and sipping from it over a few days so it would last, grew up in a time before telephones or washers and driers or televisions or painfree dentistry or even refrigerators were common place, put himself through college, fought in WWII (despite being a pacifist) where he saw countless friends die horrifically and feared he may never see the shores of his country again, nearly died of yellow fever while serving in Africa, built the family home by hand while living with his pregnant wife in a tent on the property, built his own business, raised four children, nearly lost both of his sons in Vietnam, broke his sternum, had a heart valve replaced, spent years of his life volunteering his skills to help build hospitals and nursing teaching schools in Kenya and Zambia, continued to work for two decades after that doing physical labor (general contractor/builder) until he was in his late eighties, was electrocuted in an accident with an electrical contractor on a job site, practically raised three of his grandchildren, and then battled leukemia before dying.

    SJWs come from an age where the worst hurdles they have to overcome might be slow(ish) internet speeds, a school chum making an unflattering social networking post, being accosted by a man sitting like a man on a bus, and *possibly* having to choose between “social networking expert” or “gender/media studies” degrees.

    They literally suffer from living in a time where — short of freak accidents and disease — almost nobody has any serious issues to confront. So, therefore, *everything* is a serious issue to confront.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Oh, a lot of people in the first-world have serious issues to confront.

      It’s just those people are general speaking the poor, and how SJWs are poor again?

  • Deb

    Dammit, Ralph.. This is gold!

  • wlinden
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