IT'S A TRAP: Why We MUST Stop Clinton From Giving Foundation Control To Bill Gates!

IT’S A TRAP: Why We MUST Stop Clinton From Giving Foundation Control To Bill Gates!


You’ve probably noticed the shift in rhetoric over the last couple weeks from liberal outlets. Those who used to always defend Clinton on her foundation woes have suddenly turned against her, with the Huffington Post, who astonishingly led the charge, going so far as to use for the top headline on their site, “JUST SHUT IT DOWN”, in big, bold, letters, and linking to another story about a new Clinton Foundation scandal.

The New York Times soon followed, and demanded that the Clinton’s sever their relationship with the organization. Now, Newsweek, Politico, and countless others have joined in what seems to be what could be described as a ‘media coup’. What I mean by that term is that the the same media companies who have colluded with Clinton in the past are now trying to pressure her to sever her relationship from the foundation by dogpiling her with criticism and new scandals.

You might ask, why would allies of Clinton dog pile her on this foundation issue? That’s because the media understands exactly how bad the situation is, in terms of optics for not only Clinton, but for the media networks themselves. That’s because the media seem to be sick of having to defend Clinton on the indefensible, and as a consequence, having their ratings and trustworthiness drop like a stone. They’re scared to death that the foundation woes could cost Clinton the election, and they know she’s not going to get rid of it unless they all team up against her and force her hand.

Here is why it is extremely dangerous to the future of the United States if the media is successful in pressuring the Clinton’s to sever foundation ties:

First of all, the foundation would not be “shut down” if Clinton’s ceded control. It would be spun-off; control given to a third party. And who’s the organization that almost everyone in the media is calling for to take control of the foundation when the Clinton’s cede it? None other than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here’s a quote from USA Today:

But the only way to eliminate the odor surrounding the foundation is to wind it down and put it in mothballs, starting today, and transfer its important charitable work to another large American charity such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t support these steps, she boosts Trump’s farcical presidential campaign and, if she’s elected, opens herself up to the same kind of pay-to-play charges that she was subject to as secretary of State.

The next question you might have is, “Well, what’s so dangerous about the Gates Foundation? I’ve heard they’ve done a lot of good work around the world”. That is likely true; the Gates Foundation has done a lot of good work around the world. But they also have a very dubious political agenda of their own, and it has to do with educational-technology. It’s not mutually exclusive to both do some good work and to have an evil agenda in other areas.

But for those who doubt that they have an agenda, it’s best to just hear the plans of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation from their own head of education investments, Carina Wong. In an interview given to the Connected Learning Alliance, which is a MacArthur Foundation project, she lays out the plans. The clip below is cued up from a video I did documenting the left’s plan’s to take over education, and what exactly they plan to do with it. It was part of the preliminary research which ended up getting used in a report I wrote for Capital Research Center. I suggest watching the whole 16 minute video, but I’ll break the most important parts. Here is the interview with Carina Wong, all cued up:

In the interview, Mrs. Wong makes it very clear that the intention of the Gates Foundation is to eliminate and take over all standardized testing by replacing them with “video games” that can data-mine while the student is learning, and can grade them on how well they’ve actually learned the concept. No actual testing is ever required for the students — it ‘tests them’ whenever they’re using the game, but it never actually seems like a test to the students. It just spits out a score at the end of the quarter/semester/year based on the data-mining from the entire term.

The data-mining can also determine subject areas where a particular student is having problems, and either automatically adjust the learning software to spend more time teaching the troubling subject to the student, or even automatically notify a teacher that the kid needs extra help.

Now, you might be saying “So what? This educational technology sounds pretty damn cool if you ask me. I hated taking standardized tests as a kid”. Well, here’s the thing. The technology does sound pretty damn cool and I have no doubt that it could be viable if done right, by non-partisan individuals. The problem is that they plan to use these educational video games for Marxist political subversion.

Cue the screams of “tin-foil!” — this is not a theory or a guess, on my part. Below, I will present proof that both a) politically subversive video games are a massive threat to national security and b) the Gates Foundation, in a partnership-project with MacArthur Foundation, plan to use their educational technology plans for political indoctrination of children.

To prove that politically subversive video games are indeed a threat to national security, we don’t need to look much farther than a report funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency and published by the National Academies of Sciences, in 2010. In a section titled, “Political Manipulation Through Games on the Internet“, it states:

Games, modeling, and simulation present a new dynamic in the use of the Internet as a source of propaganda.

There are three main components that need to exist in order for a game to have an effect on its user base. First, the computer game should be well designed to distribute a political message, either covertly or overtly. In the former case, the game may be more likely to convert new people to an ideology. In the latter, it is more likely to target a population in order to reinforce a message or derive an action from a willing user base. The Serbian resistance and pro-democracy game A Force More Powerful, for example, teaches the strategy of nonviolent conflict (Kohler, 2005). The second requirement to make a game more effective is to adequately model the behaviors of the game’s actors in order to optimize the messages being sent. Effects of this could be significant if properly orchestrated by a foreign power or commercial entity. A third challenge for game designers is to create a game that is compelling and fun to play in order to keep audiences attracted to it for a substantial enough period of time to successfully convey desired messages.

The National Academies report was written by the world’s top games academics who have spent many millions on research to determine the validity of the conclusions stated above — they are not opinions, but facts based on science. Games really can be dangerous tools for indoctrination.

Now I just have to show you evidence that the Gates foundation plans to use their plans Common Core standardized testing for political subversion. No problem.

To bring their plans to fruition, the Gates Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation have teamed up in a massive project in conjunction with Electronic Arts, Unity, and Pearson Publishing — the school book company that has gouged prices after forming a near-monopoly. Now, to get a full rundown on exactly what MacArthur and Pearson have been up to, read my extensive report about them at Capital Research Center — most of that stuff is beyond the scope of this article, but MacArthur has a board member on Twitter and had been planning to censor Twitter against conservative opinions and news stories, all the way back in 2010, years before she even snaked her way onto the board with a fabricated ‘diversity scandal’ which was pushed by the New York Times. Once she got onto the Twitter board, she actually rolled out her plans. I’ll cover that in more detail a little further down, but first let’s look at the relationship between the Gates Foundation and MacArthur.

At 2014’s yearly education-technology convention held by MacArthur, where the Deputy Director of Education — the one in charge of giving all the educational grants for Gates, Carina Wong — was a plenary panelist and key note speaker. At the conference, they held a ‘featured session’ titled, “Playing For Keeps: Gameful Design for Real-World Action and Social Change“. The host of the track was interviewed before hand, by another member of MacArthur’s Connected Learning Alliance, where he laid out his vision for the future. Time stamp cued up:

In the interview, Mr. Gordon says he has worked on political subversion games for the UN and World Bank, and even he notes exactly how dangerous these powers could be if they fell into the wrong hands. Now check out the highlights from the actual panel:

Carina Wong, head-of-education at the Gates Foundation, spoke at a panel and at DML2014 which featured Connie Yowell, who is a big wig in MacArthur education where they both talked about “approaches to scaling” — meaning growing the project to the national level. This was the same exact conference that Eric Gordon laid out his Orwellian agenda, where he says his end-goal is to create an educational indoctrination video game system that is directly linked to a Twitter-like service at the end of the day’s indoctrination, so that the brainwashed students can immediately harass and whine about the target that the teacher chooses for the day. Gordon is MacArthur’s superstar at the convention, and he literally wants to turn our K-12 system into an army of Twitter trolls,. The head-of-education at the Gates foundation seems to have no problem whatsoever with this plan, as their only concern in the panel about scaling was how to grow their project. Carina Wong is even listed on MacArthur’s “DMLhub” as a member.

Now, lets look at the multi-million dollar joint project between MacArthur and the Gates Foundation called Glasslab.


An unprecedented research and development effort aims to transform learning and assessment practices through digital games

GlassLab is exploring the potential for existing, commercially successful digital games to serve both as potent learning environments and real-time assessments of student learning. By integrating learning and assessment in a single engaging, data-rich experience, the Lab aims to deliver students and teachers powerful, pioneering tools to improve the process of learning and accelerate progress on the path toward college and career.The Lab’s work is focused initially on assessments that track learning gains in middle school students against the Common Core State Standards and key twenty-first century skills, like systems thinking, perseverance and creative problem solving.

Currently situated on the Redwood Shores campus of Electronic Arts near Redwood City, California, the Lab will draw on top Silicon Valley talent to produce innovative digital games, both modifications of existing commercially successful titles as well as original mini-games developed at the Lab. The Lab will also draw on top learning and assessment experts from academia, industry and the non-profit sector to produce new approaches to assessment design. In addition, the Lab will generate new processes for commercial game designers and game development studios and assessment and learning experts to come together to do great work.

Specifically, the Lab seeks to explore and build a body of credible evidence around the following three hypotheses: (1) digital games with a strong simulation component may be effective learning environments; (2) game-based formative assessments may be well suited to detecting learning gains and offer ethical assessment environments, insofar as they capture learning in the environment where it occurs; and (3) game-based assessments may yield valid, reliable assessment measures.

The Lab represents a ground-breaking collaboration between the Institute, the Entertainment Software Association, Electronic Arts, Educational Testing Service, Pearson’s Center for Digital Data, Analytics & Adaptive Learning and others.

For more information, visit the GlassLab website.

And here’s proof of the data-mining plans by Glasslab — I found a job description when they were trying to find new data-miners to hire.

So we know that Gates and MacArthur are working together, and both have spent millions of dollars on the project.

Recently, the joint project became so massive, that MacArthur had to spin it off into its own separate foundation, with a $25 million dollar investment seed.

By contributing far more than Gates Foundation in the project, the MacArthur foundation has clearly taken the lead. And MacArthur are the ones with the proven intent on using games for political indoctrination. Hell, the now-Chairman of MacArthur made a speech to a media think-tank back in 2010 saying she wants to censor all social media in order to push her agenda of achieving a “fundamental change in governance” — read Marxism.

And for those wanting more proof that MacArthur’s agenda is truly Marxist, just look at the “key-note panel” held at last year’s MacArthur education technology conference, which featured Van Jones, who got chased out of the Obama administration, where he served as the ‘Green Czar’, after his radical Marxist past became public knowledge. The key-note panel was titled, “Equity By Design”. It’s literally nothing but neo-Marxist rhetoric and critical theory mumbo-jumbo for the entire proceedings.

But let’s get back to the subject of the Clinton Foundation. Giving all the leverage in the world for Gates to get his agenda passed would be extremely dangerous, for reasons already noted. It was bad enough that Gates has given this much money to Clinton’s foundation over the years, but giving Gates total power over Clinton would be a total disaster. Look how much money Gates has bribed her with, already:


Why would Gates spend so much money on the Clinton Foundation for AIDS work, when he has his own foundation that does the same exact stuff, but with better success and lower overhead? Maybe because he wanted to grease her wheels to push his agenda. But maybe Gates became nervous to give more money as Clinton neared her election cycle. Unlike other retards, Gates was smart enough to give massive multi-million dollar donations way before the time-frame that most would be looking at when researching Clinton graft. Maybe Gates is starting to worry that his wheel greasing was so many years ago, that maybe Clinton would have forgotten about him. Giving Gates control of the Clinton’s piggy bank would give Gates virtually unlimited leverage over her, and he would be assured success in bringing his plans to fruition.

The Gates Foundation is a political monster with regards to pushing its Common Core agenda — national video-game assessment as the endgame — and they’ve taken pre-emptive measures to squash conservative backlash. Here is proof that they have already tried to kill off criticism of their educational-technology programs by greasing the wheels of key conservative think-tanks, such as the American Enterprise Institute:


The grants to the American Enterprise Institute from the Gates Foundation even specifically state that they are meant to provide “original research and analysis to influence national education debates and create a supportive policy environment for dynamic reform”. And by dynamic reform at the national level, they mean Common Core. These globalist scumbags aren’t even trying to hide their collusion.

AEI is just a fifth-column, all around. They also get a lot of money from progressive foundations such as the Knight Foundation, who paid them money to work with Gate’s favorite progressive tech think-tank, the Brookings Institution — who was previously caught red handed whipping up a fake crisis in the media so that they could push their H1-B reform agenda which would import millions of cheap ass foreign IT workers in what amounts to indentured servitude.


Hell, AEI even took money from MacArthur. For shame.


Notice that they colluded with MacArthur on ‘continuity of government’ projects, meaning a martial take-over of the United States by unelected leaders. Sick.

Oh, and that Newsweek article that I mentioned at the beginning of the piece, where it shows them jumping on what I described as the Clinton ‘media-coup’, was actually written by AEI. Could it be that Gates Foundation is using their influence at AEI to get them to jump on the bandwagon, in an attempt to seize her foundation assets and gain leverage? Whatever is going on, we can’t let the transfer happen, or the future children of America will all get brainwashed in immersive worlds served up by radical Marxists.

The only conservative think-tank that I can be sure has not been compromised by the Gates Foundation is Capital Research Center, because they were very eager to publish my report on the matter. Oh wait, can’t forget the think-tank here at The Ralph Retort, too. We got your back, fam.

UPDATE: Just found a Medium post from only a few days ago by Corina Wong, where she demonstrates just how subversive she is in pushing her agenda. She plays up the importance of pushing a “narrative”, including on social media. I wonder if they might rent out Hillary’s ‘army of trolls’?

The first article was about “disciplined design” and the role that design plays in the adoption of new policies and tools (in my case it was the Common Core). The second article talked about the role of narratives play in our work — as much as we want to just use data, we can’t forget the role values, beliefs and assumptions play in making large scale shifts in schools. The third article focused on the role that bottom-up strategies play in social change. For foundations, it’s not an easy or efficient way to scale change yet it’s our best shot at sustainability and scale over time and top-down/bottom-up shouldn’t be an either/or choice. This last article is about social media of all things and how we have made a “little bet” on its role in supporting teachers and spreading innovative ideas and practices among a group of professionals who are largely isolated and whose ideas are often undervalued over that of “experts.” The series is really a look at a set of unconventional ideas if you are looking for an alternative to traditional systems change strategies. Truth be told, there is a fifth article in my head right now about the role social movement theory plays in our work. Stay tuned.

It seems that she’s been writing a series of articles in order so others can replicate her agenda. She’s giving instructions to her minions.




Political Editor of Previously published by Capital Research Center.Twitter: @spaghetti4poop

  • Maintenance Renegade

    She’s not going to give up control of that foundation, it’s the Clinton dynasty’s greatest holding and Chelsea’s birthright. It doesn’t matter how bad it rightfully looks or how much the media pushes her, the Clinton camp’s arrogance and hubris knows no bounds.

    • S4T

      I hope you are right!

      • Maintenance Renegade

        The other thing is I don’t believe their education aspirations are going to work even if they get put into place. If games can’t make you sexist or violent then it stands to reason they can’t make you a Marxist either. Obviously we can’t afford it to come to pass anyway though because the money they’ll rake it will only give them more power, and at the same time they’ll totally wreck an already failing education system and produce a generation of ignorant dumbfucks the likes of which we’ve never seen.

        I smell desperation coming from Silly-Con Valley and Bellend-view, the digital/communications age peaked awhile back and has nowhere to go. This shit isn’t about conquering the world so much as it’s about trying to get a lucrative government contract in perpetuity so as to prop up corporate infrastructure which will otherwise have to be downsized as the now mostly matured tech industry is forced to lean itself out by the investor class.

        Yeah they’re all a bunch of rotten hyper-leftists over there but I think the real; reason Trump scares the bejeesus out of them is because they know he wont subsidize them and they probably need all the white house connections they’ve got just to keep going in their current state let alone continue growing.

        I’d bet cash money we’ll see another tech bubble burst within the first two years assuming a Trump administration.

  • Silence Dogood

    Personally I think the Clinton’s will hold onto their precious slush fund, I mean “foundation” and that this entire media shit storm is just a faux attempt by the media at retaining some ounce of credibility.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Yeah more than anything this is probably their way of telling the bitch that she’s made their job as her propganda wing absolutely impossible. They’ll have their bitch fest and then they’ll go back to shilling for her because it’s what they’re being paid to do and fuck it they might as well, they’ve destroyed all their credibility in this election it’s not like suddenly growing some fucking ethics or integrity is going to make anybody forgive them.

      • Brittenytcesar4

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    Autistic, yet chewy. 9/10, would autist again. Highest praise.

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    S4T, what’s the secret to your autism?

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      Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Ayyybelline.

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  • The real reason for the mainstream’s hatred of gamers:

    They don’t want competition.

    • The_Positivist

      Besides the fact most gamers can detect social engineering propaganda from miles ahead, it’s just that such propaganda games are never commercially succesful ( Mass Effect Andromeda, i am looking at you , you propaganda piece ) so they have to resort to cohercion to impose their indoctrination.