TRUMP LETS LOOSE: Tweets Out Animation Showing Him 'Body Slam' CNN

TRUMP LETS LOOSE: Tweets Out Animation Showing Him ‘Body Slam’ CNN

Some say Trump has completely lost it. Others say that President Trump is finally getting in touch with his inner meme. Today, Trump surprised Twitter users by tweeting out a GIF that shows Trump beating up CNN outside of a wrestling ring. The image is of course edited footage from 2007 when Trump made a guest appearance on WWE, with a CNN logo pasted on top of one of the heads.

if you didn’t noticed, it seems like Trump has officially — at least for now — changed his name for CNN from the Fake News Network to the Fraud News Network, like he hinted at yesterday.

But even some of Trump’s supporters are wondering if this is real life:

Is Trump a master of meme-magick, and just executing a plan to bring down the globalist media? Or has Trump finally gone too far?

My personal guess is that Trump is just trolling Democrats, as usual. I mean, the Dems just made themselves look like idiots by having 25 house Democrats backing a coup attempt because they think they’ve found a loophole that allows them to remove a sitting president because they don’t like what he says on Twitter. Trump knows this will just wind the Democrats up even more, calling for him to resign because he made a joke.

Trump knows that the Democrats look like total seditious psychos right now. He’s just winding them up, in my opinion, forcing everyone to take a long hard look out how nuts the Democrats are. Trump knows memes and laughter have real power in politics,  and Democrats are hurried in erecting a no fun zone. Americans are fun people, and Trump knows that he can win millions over through laughter.


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  • Celerity

    Gawker style legdrop when?

  • Silence Dogood

    Trump is the modern Voltaire.

    • Geraldinefperez

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  • Mr0303

    Wait until you see his finishing move – The Pussy Grab. It’s kind of like a Choke Slam but with some obvious differences.