TRUMP'S PRESSER PUNISHER: Don't Call it a Grave, Media. Call it the Future You Chose.

TRUMP’S PRESSER PUNISHER: Don’t Call it a Grave, Media. Call it the Future You Chose.

If some people in the media didn’t realize the new state of affairs before today, they certainly do now. Donald J. Trump is not going to be like our past presidents. Political norms and niceties simply do not matter to this man. He taunts reporters who ask him frivolous questions. He shouted down CNN lackey Jim Acosta and literally told him to be quiet, like you would a misbehaving child…after labeling the whole CNN operation as fake news.

I bet the idiots who pushed that term are really regretting it right about now, as it’s been one of the most effective bludgeons gifted to the right in years. In fact, I know they’re regretting it, since the Washington Post just said as much.

Trump cannot be shamed by them. He cannot be bullied by them. Actually, he’s going to be the one doing the bullying. It would almost be enough to make people like me feel sorry for them, if only they hadn’t spent the last 8 years acting as court stenographers for President Obama. And I don’t even hate Obama. Many of my friends, readers, and associates might, however I see some decency in the man. But the mainstream media has been anything but adversarial towards him and his administration. Now, they want to show their teeth at Trump.

And they expect it to work?

Maybe with a normal politician, it might have. But Trump is anything but normal.

Media types expected today to be a bloodbath for The Donald. They were talking about it all night on Twitter. You could tell how hyped they were for it. I knew that there would indeed be a bloodbath, but it wasn’t going to be the one the talking heads expected. Trump punked his adversaries out from pillar to post. He even felt so cocky that he wrapped up the presser with a quote from his reality show, The Apprentice.

“You’re fired.”

Indeed. We could just as easily say that about the media’s role in our domestic politics. They still have their huge megaphones and people do consume their material. The MSM is not going to go completely obsolete, despite the titling of my article here. The problem they face, though, is that many of us no longer just take them by their word…on anything. A site like mine, a small one in the grand scheme of things, now has a disproportionate impact. I can get on here and spin the news just like they do, give opinion just like they do. And that’s just little ol’ me. Think about the Breitbart’s and InfoWars’ of the world. There has been a paradigm shift. The media is on the wrong side of history, as they like to say. Audiences have fragmented and people don’t have to accept things like they used to.

It’s a whole new ballgame and some progressives, along with their partners in the press, don’t seem ready to accept it. This causes me to paraphrase an old quote from The Rock:  “It doesn’t matter what they think.” This is the new state of affairs.

They better adapt somehow, and fast.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • GuitarAnthony
  • Typical

    Trump might turn out not to be a good president, but he’s going to be a great one for smashing the hold the media elites have had on policy.

    • fnd

      I think Trump is already one of the best politicians in history, even before he begins work.

      • Typical

        Yeah, but I’ll wait for results of policy before judging his performance.

  • tz1

    Haiku in memoriam.
    It is not a grave.
    Self Immolation remains
    They well Urn-ed their fate

  • tz1

    In a bit of irony due to some anti-autoplay stuff

    “The media could not be played”.

    The best thing is still that they are clueless, and worse, not even trying something which might be effective.
    They aren’t crying wolf, they are crying dinosaur! sabertooth tiger! …So if there is ever a wolf…

    Greenwald, a lefty but honest one, nails it

    • I have a lot of respect for Greenwald.

      • AnonMuser

        And you should. After all, he’s the man who gave Sam Biddle employment and succour when he parachuted out of #Gawker. Every friend of Biddle’s is a friend of ours.

  • Mr0303

    That was an absolute slaughter. The media didn’t learn their lesson and the Donald had to administer another spanking. It was truly amazing. 2017 is starting with a bang.

  • Quise

    It WAS a bloodbath, Ralph. He embarrassed himself. Again. He embarrassed our great nation. Again.
    I know all you Trump sucking homos were masturbting into old socks watching Trump act like a fucking clown for all the world to see, but everyone outside the retarded alt-right fuck box was horrified.
    But, you know, cucks and narratives and blah blah blah…..

    • BanPC

      Come on will the real Ben Smith please quit being chicken shiitt.

      Come on fuq boy. Why do you have to hide behind a closed profile?

      I don’t think you’re a cuck. I think you’re a useless c u n t!

    • DisneyVillain
      • Quise

        Awesome input. You guys are really showing the deep intellect and well thought out stances of the alt-right. I applaud you. Trump is weakening the USA every single day, but you are all so excited to see him act like a clown that you don’t care about that. Why don’t you all follow your overlord Milo and call him “daddy” so we can clearly see where you stand?

  • Quise

    I gotta say, it’s also pretty funny when people act like the Obama administration and the media had a “great relationship”. The Obama administration pursued more journalists for leaks and prosecuted more journalists than any other administration in American history.
    The media HATED Obama’s approach to the press and his dedication to secrecy. But shit, why would any of the retards in the alt-right want to hear anything that goes against their made up perceptions?

    • fnd

      Right wing papers don’t count.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Yeah his administration went after the outliers who were critical, but they were in many cases flat out FAMILY with the main thrust and consensus of the MSM. Even an outlet like NPR would occasionally bitch about the opacity of Obama’s administration but only momentarily and before sucking his dick some more.

      Furthermore we all saw the damning material in the various email dumps wikileaks put out last year, we’ve seen absolute proof that most of the MSM are a DNC propaganda operation so you’re asking us to either believe you or our lying eyes.

  • Jak Constantine

    Trump did a golden shower on CNN and Buzzfeed. He pissed on them hard.

  • Silence Dogood

    Jessica Valenti needs to drink a nice, tall glass of bleach.

    • One-Eye

      Laced with AIDS just for good measure.

      • DisneyVillain

        And some sulfuric acid.

        • Flowey

          maybe have munch on some asbestos and paint chips for good measure.

    • Danlantic

      No. No. No. We need her as a LOLcow. She will discover more nanoaggressions.

  • One-Eye

    Fucking glorious.

  • I don’t really hate Obama either. Hell, I’m one of the many people who voted for him twice. I do, however, feel that our country is in a worse state after 8 years with him and racial relations are the worst they’ve ever been in all the years I’ve been alive, and for that, I blame his over-confident “we got a black guy in the white house!” fanbase that he sat idly by and did absolutely nothing about, even in spite of them causing riots and acts of straight up terrorism. Of course, the way he tried pushing for Hillary this past election didn’t do any favors for how I view the guy, especially after he pulled the damn sexism card to try and guilt people into voting for her….. worked out really well for them, now didn’t it? It’s a shame he has to end his presidency as such a fucking disgrace after that.