BUSTED: TV Channel Pushing FAKE Amelia Earhart Story Blaming Japan has TIES TO CHINA

BUSTED: TV Channel Pushing FAKE Amelia Earhart Story Blaming Japan has TIES TO CHINA

We live in an era of fake news that’s financed in part by foreign interests. But fake news isn’t enough for them — now they’re trying to rewrite history. History (formerly known as The History Channel) recently aired a special that attempted to blame Japan for the death of Amelia Earhart. At first, majority of viewers seemed to buy the story — the only notable media critic that said it all seemed way too fishy was Mike Cernovich. None-the-less, the entire narrative quickly unraveled. Days after the special first aired, evidence emerged which proved that the image had actually been published two years before Earhart’s death, meaning that History‘s revisionist documentary was 100% false.

So the question is, why did History attempt to rewrite history? Was it for ratings? Possibly. But maybe it was for a more sinister reason. Perhaps, it was to please a foreign power to get access to their domestic market. It turns out that History is 50% owned by Disney. And guess who Disney channel is trying to curry favor with so that they can get access to a new domestic market worth billions, annually? You probably guessed it: China.

Back in 2016, the New York Times published an article titled, “How China Won the Keys to Disney’s Magic Kingdom“, that said:

Disney had pushed China too hard, putting the company’s plans for a new theme park here in limbo. Now, Robert A. Iger wanted to kick the yearslong negotiations into high gear.

Mr. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, took a corporate jet to Shanghai in February 2008 to meet with the city’s new Communist Party boss, Yu Zhengsheng. Over dinner at a state guesthouse, Mr. Iger offered a more conciliatory approach, setting the tone for the next phase of talks.

After that, Disney substantially dialed back its demands. In addition to handing over a large piece of the profit, the control-obsessed company would give the government a role in running the park. Disney was also prepared to drop its longstanding insistence on a television channel.

For Disney, such moves were once unthinkable. Giving up on the Disney Channel meant abandoning the company’s proven brand-building strategy. “We’re kidding ourselves if we think we’re going to get everything we want,” Mr. Iger recalled saying at the time.

Rewriting history was once thought of as unthinkable, too. Could it be that perhaps Disney was willing to give up some of it’s integrity for a shot to get access to the massive Chinese market? Maybe Disney knows demonizing the enemies of China — such as Japan — could curry favor with China? Further down in the NYT article, it states:

But Disney is sharing the keys to the Magic Kingdom with the Communist Party. While that partnership has made it easier to get things done in China, it has also given the government influence over everything from the price of admission to the types of rides at the park.

From the outset, Disney has catered to Chinese officials, who had to approve the park’s roster of rides and who were especially keen to have a large-scale park that would appeal to more than children. The Shanghai resort, which will ultimately be four times as big as Disneyland, has a supersize castle, a longer parade than any of the other five Disney resorts around the world, and a vast central garden aimed at older visitors.

Boom. There you go. The Times article says that Disney is already letting the Chinese Communist Party literally run parts of their company! Is it that insane to think that the Chinese Communist Party might start making demands on what goes on with the parts of the business that affect American perception? The Chinese Communist Party has all the leverage in that relationship, and everyone knows it, including the New York Times. I think it’s safe to say you can expect more propaganda from Disney-owned network that either favor China, or damage China’s adversaries.


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  • Ganbara Knight

    Sad, really sad this is what America had become. Liberals…

  • kv11

    the real sad thing is we have no idea how much history they’ve re-written up to this point

  • Medi Salam

    Wake up idiots, China is using everything from phony “we’re going Green/pro-environment” propaganda in our news channels, to taking advantage all eyes on North Korea as distraction to complete their military/territorial aims in the South China Sea. Remember, it’s all going to be about to see to completion unchecked the South China Sea. Don’t forget, the South China Sea. It’s about too late to do anything–It’s flown under the radar, it was allowed to fester due to Obama’s ignorance on China’s true intentions. By the time everyone wakes up to what’s going on there, it will be too late, but I still must stress everything is about the South China Sea and the vast resources/territory/ military might it will provide.


    • Typical

      So? Who are we to worry about other countries’ conquests? AM I the only person tired of playing world police?

      • ThatGuy

        Not at all. Let Asia deal with China. They’re not our concern, outside of how their BS causes problems for our trade.

        • Typical

          Thanks for having my back. I’m starting to think everyone just wants to rush to war.

          • ThatGuy

            Of course man. Been watching stupid people wage stupid wars before I could vote. There’s no reason for the US to get involved in other people’s shit. We haven’t the money, our war fatigue is off the charts, and China’s interests in regional waters off of its coasts have little baring on our dealings with either China or the islands in that region.

  • Typical

    Whatever bumps my stock up is fine with me. Let the Chinese believe what they want, as long as they’re buying.

  • DrTorch

    (((Disney))) allied with China is not something I want to happen.

  • Mike Townsend

    They’ve been saying the Japanese had something to do with Earhart’s disappearance for decades, it’s nothing new.

  • StephaneDumas

    Now, let’s see if China is a paper tiger as vlogger Styxhexenhammer666 once mentionned in that vlog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4A_BDlyEE0

  • Grust

    My love for Disney’s past won’t ever change. The Disney Renaissance is a defining moment of my childhood. But to rewrite history for monetary or political goals is unforgivable. Not to mention abusing the H1-B program to hire cheap labor (illegal immigrants) and firing perfectly hard working employees, and forcing SJWism down our throats. Their future is dead to me.