UPDATE: Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Self-Professed Violent Rioter to the FBI

UPDATE: Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Self-Professed Violent Rioter to the FBI

A few days ago we covered the story of Ian Miller, the UC Berkeley staff member, who on the night of the UC Berkeley riots was busy posting on Twitter about how he was allegedly beating up political opposition. Turns out that the school is now aware of the situation and it is being handled by Berkeley PD, in conjunction with the FBI.

It’s great to hear that the school seems to be taking the matter seriously. But as for the medium that allowed this cretin to live-tweet his alleged attacks — Twitter? They just got around to suspending the man who brought the whole story to light, just for reporting Miller to the FBI:

How crazy is it that Twitter allows a guy to live-tweet low-level domestic terrorism, but doesn’t allow someone to report the criminal to the authorities? Just goes to show you where their priorities are.


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    While alot of their degeneracy is top down from twatter’s CEO if not also their boardroom I think most of these bizarre incidents with their ToS enforcement simply come down to the sort of people they have enforcing it on a case by case basis. As I understand it Twatter enforcement is almost all done by an army of disposable interns, so not only are these interns going to be campus crazies themselves but the campus crazies are going to be wired in with them through their extended social networks.

    • The inmates are running the asylum.

    • KrakenFartz

      Similar to Twitter, Youtube has recruited an army of volunteers they call ‘Youtube Heroes’. They are extra vigilant in causing the deletion of anything that mocks their views, but tend to neglect genuinely offensive material. “SJW Meltdowns” vanishes pretty quickly, but “Six Million Lies” doesn’t appear to merit their attention.

  • Ahnahnay

    My twitter account got banned for calling liberals out in regards to the Berkeley riots.

    • Alex Hernandez

      My account got locked for 3 days for holding the Berkeley mayor and CA LtGov accountable for what they said in their tweets. How stupid is that :/

    • John Geard

      Twitter is actively censoring information regarding the UCBerkeley riot.

      • james beapukin

        Y’all need to get on gab dot ai. Freedom of speech is there.

        • JK

          I will stay and fight for freedom here and every where

  • holygoat

    If the dude gets fired and jailed, it’s was worth it. You can always make a new Twitter account.

  • D. Lyrium

    He got banned for inciting people to harass the guy, presumably. If he’d just reported this to the FBI rather than linking the guy’s Twitter profile on Twitter it would have been fine. I’m not saying it wasn’t politically motivated or anything, but a case can certainly be made that doing so falls outside Twitter’s rules.

    It’s fucked up, but it’s a technically maybe a violation and it only makes sense that a biased little shit would take the opportunity to ban him.

  • Niel Chapman

    Dorsey is a pathetic shabbos goy. Is he being PAID to drive down his own stock price?! As soon as Gab.ai becomes easier to use, Twitter is FINISHED.

  • GodBowser

    After reading this I had to wonder if the FBI might decide to turn their attention towards Twatter just in case there might be any more like him on the platform and if there’s any risk of the hugbox being forced to shut down would that cuck Dorsey have to start doing the unthinkable by actually enforcing the rules and maybe ban any regressives if necessary just to keep it from going under

  • Mr0303

    What is this recent fad of people live reporting their crime?s It has to be an ego thing.

    Hopefully the violent thug gets the book thrown at him. I somewhat suspect that the university was protecting him, but can no longer do so with all the evidence.

  • Mykeru

    Apparently Ian Miller likes violent mobs, so he should be okay with all that follows!

  • TrueConservative
    • james beapukin

      gab.ai is where it’s at.

  • Silence Dogood

    To be fair Twitter is vehemently anti-doxing, but the the guy in question was a criminal who needed reporting and social pressure placed on the university to deal with him appropriately. Twitter is a “progressive” company in the most cult-ish sense of the word and routinely let fascists and terrorists go uncensored on their platform so long as they’re perceived as the “underdog” trying to “speak truth to power” and bullshit like that.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Nah even with doxing they’re openly for it so long as it’s the correct person doxing the other correct person. Remember when that ape in a dress Tur threatened to kick manlet Ben Shapiro’s ass? Their policy is basically that some doxing is ok because “the information is already online” but other doxing is not because it “incites harassment”.

    • Amaryllis

      They are not anti-doxing, they are anti-Leftists-being-doxed. The Minneapolis city council woman who posted the names, addresses and messages of everyone who e-mailed her office that disagreed with Black Lives Matter got in zero trouble, and none of these constituents were guilty of anything (other than perhaps ‘being on the wrong side of history’). Although she did eventually delete her tweets, she claimed it was because of harassment SHE received, and not because of anything Twitter did. Twitter never touched her, and her account is still there despite enough violations to get the entire Right-side media banned for life. https://twitter.com/People4Alondra?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

      There is to ‘to be fair’ in regards to Twitter, or most of these social media companies, because they exclusively see the left as ‘speaking truth to power’ and exclusively see the right (or merely ‘insufficiently left’) as harassers and monsters unworthy of consideration as humans. Even when it’s a wealthy city councilwoman in a hyper-liberal bastion doxing random working class yuks.

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    This is what happens when you let Jews have power — they will use it to destroy.


  • exposethebad

    People just need to stop using Twitter while someone who is tech savvy creates an alternative which will bury them. I am fairly sure that the moment someone gives the people an alternative it will be the end of Twitter given how awful they have become. Similar to Facebook as well.

    Facebook took Myspace out of the picture because the delivered a better product. If someone can create a similar product without the despicable censorship they would likely make a ton of money.

  • Ian Dean Miller

    In the previous story you wrote:

    “UPDATE II: He allegedly gave an interview to the New York Daily News, which is about the dumbest thing in the world. This places him directly at the scene. It also says he is a current staffer (directory link), which there was some confusion over since we only have pay stubs going back to 2013 in our search.”

    I think I can clear up the “confusion” here. This link is to MY University account. I’m a student at UC Berkeley, and a completely different Ian Miller. After I received about a hundred death threats to my email account (thanks to you), I contacted the UCPD. They told me they have no record of anybody by the name of Ian Dabney Miller being affiliated with the UC. This whole story appears to be fabricated.

    I’m still waiting for you to publish a correction along with an apology for being a lazy, unscrupulous, pseudo-journalist.

    • poopface

      Kek. Keeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Ian Dean Miller

        Kek indeed.

    • exposethebad

      Hi “Ian”. Would you mind linking even one “death threat” that you have received to prove your story as accurate? Just one should suffice.

  • JK

    I am sure Doxing is against the TOS at any online medium he/she @pavedarker could always have called / emailed the FBI and not made the busted scum bag rioter info public, what if it was a mistake? The reason I am on the right side now is because the left is in a resistance which does NOT observe facts and laws. If they were an opposition and observed facts I might lean more left. SO follow the rules and you will not get banned. And complain like hell if you think the rules are unfair and dont forget to vote with your wallet .

    • g2reason

      Ummm… Doxing is a violation but calling for violence, bragging about actual violence, suggesting the assassination of a president is not a violation?

  • Mit

    I already accidently have 2 twitter accounts

  • LuJohnson

    I never get locked out. I’m under Homeland Security, Secret Service surveillance for an incident where I recounted the actual Constitutional remedies for Treason in a FB post, at a time when our buddy Barry Hussein Obama was pulling shenanigans back in 2015.
    I also humorously posted that Barry should stay away from me, or I might have to backhand him across the room. I know, a funny mental visual, right?

    Well, SAG/AFTRA minion were notified that one of ‘theirs’ was posting anti Obama stuff… and THEY got involved with contacting the SS. Unbelievable, but it’s true!

    So now, suddenly, Anything I post, anywhere, even the most audacios vernacular (as a test) Never gets me banned or blocked.

    It’s like magic!

    Furthermore, during the Secret Service meeting, the guys were FANTASTIC, and made it very clear that I did absolutely nothing wrong and was well within my 1st amendment protections.

    True story!

  • Daniel Jensen

    *squints* I don’t see any evidence that this Jeremiah guy was banned, much less any evidence of what it was for.

    By all means prove me wrong, but I’m pretty sure only the man himself could provide a screenshot saying what he was banned for.

  • Enal Kreeny

    I got banned for sending dick pics to Lauren Southern.

    • Enal Kreeny

      Should I have not done that?