UPDATE: Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Self-Professed Violent Rioter to the FBI

A few days ago we covered the story of Ian Miller, the UC Berkeley staff member, who on the night of the UC Berkeley riots was busy posting on Twitter about how he was allegedly beating up political opposition. Turns out that the school is now aware of the situation and it is being handled by Berkeley PD, in conjunction with the FBI.

It’s great to hear that the school seems to be taking the matter seriously. But as for the medium that allowed this cretin to live-tweet his alleged attacks — Twitter? They just got around to suspending the man who brought the whole story to light, just for reporting Miller to the FBI:

How crazy is it that Twitter allows a guy to live-tweet low-level domestic terrorism, but doesn’t allow someone to report the criminal to the authorities? Just goes to show you where their priorities are.


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