SWERVE: Suey Park Slams Outrage Culture. Has She Turned Like Ian Miles Cheong? (UPDATE)

SWERVE: Suey Park Slams Outrage Culture. Has She Turned Like Ian Miles Cheong? (UPDATE)

Some days, my Twitter addiction is rewarded. Not only do we have the worthless @_icze4r sperging out left and right, proving everything I’ve ever said about the loser was dead on the money. Something even more amazing has happened over the last couple days. Suey Park, the notoriously bitter and vicious SJW behind #CancelColbert, has come out and renounced her storied past as a key member of the outrage culture. She even retweeted a GamerGate member who had paid her a compliment on her admittedly good looks. She seems so peaceful now that I’m tempted to believe her ass. 

Take a look at the screens:

She sounds like she’s been giving this transformation a lot of thought. Apparently Suey’s been getting attacked recently herself. Here’s some of that from July:

It looks like Park is alleging that @ChiefElk (another notorious SJW) had hacked her ex’s phone in order to read the text. I have no idea what happened here. Hell, I didn’t even know it had occurred in the first place. I’m not able to keep up with every single one of these loons 24/7, 365. What about Ms. Park, though? What else went down on Twitter today? Well, as I mentioned at the top, a GG’er decided to pay homage to her looks now that she seems a bit more reasonable:



I could have scarcely imagined this just a few months ago. I do remember her blowing out Arthur Chu last fall, though, which was amazing. I hoped to prod her in that direction once again:

I still didn’t think we would see her change this much. I doubt she’s renounced all her views, or anything like that. But she seems to be a lot more sane and balanced if you look at her feed. Is it for real? Who the fuck knows? I  can’t say for sure, although it certainly looks like she’s following in the footsteps of Ian Miles Cheong. Suey probably won’t go as far as him, but we’ll see. The public rebukes she issued to her old compatriots still count for a lot. If someone who was in as deep as Ms. Park was decides to leave the SJW Cult, then you know they’ve seriously went right off a fucking cliff.

Hopefully her transformation ends up sticking. Lemme know what you think down below, in the #BasedCommentSection.


UPDATE: More from Suey Park…





Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Duce Ralli

    Yes! Sanity is returning to the world! Allieuah!

  • ☆ Cyborgwolf ☆

    On a physical view only she’s really cute yeah.
    About her sudden change of thought, like for Ian i’ll be skeptic for a little while & see how it goes. Because for now Ian made really progress and we can’t deny that.

    • She hasn’t suddenly changed, that’s for sure. It started ever since #CancelColbert, and went on well into this year. She has been heavily criticized and ridiculed, which is enough for almost anyone to start questioning their ideals. Lastly, she’s pretty young: She invested her (I’m guessing.) whole life into this SWJ persona. Finding new friends outside that circle can’t be easy, since they try to pull you back and bully you into submission.

      If she’s willing to change I say we give her a chance. She just bit way more than she can chew, and now she’s regretting it.

      • Aj Retro

        It’s also worth noting that around last September she tweeted about taking a break from Twitter to begin attending therapy sessions, like it took a “deprogramming” protocol to break her from the cult. Creepy to know that’s what it takes for some of these people, but ultimately, a great thing.

        • Being deprogrammed is a must for some SJWs.

  • Hawk Hopper
  • Wolfe

    Glad to see a more level headed way of thought is beginning to prevail.

  • shinningprodigy


  • Zach Puckett

    Man it must be getting rough for them. I can’t imagine being in a group where you have to walk on egg shells the entire time. Apart of me really wants to see the inside of the hive.

    • greyknightcmd

      but do you wana lose your humanity

      • Zach Puckett

        Like I said, a part of me. I have this image of the hive being like in aliens when they find the queen but Anita’s face is on it.

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    ‘Some days, my Twitter addiction is rewarded’ lol

  • shinningprodigy

    I’ve said it before there must be others in the SJW hivemind that are too afraid to speak out and want to escape from it. Its good to know they are out there and are willing to change their erroneous ways.
    As for Ms. Park, if she’s willing to change I’m willing to give her a chance.

    • shinningprodigy

      A part of me feels sorry for them. I do still like to cling onto the notion everyone has some good in them and needs the right company to motivate them, not enable them.
      Me, I’ve been there before where I let others control me to the point I became a different person. Granted I wasn’t an SJW, more like a white Knight (god that was awful) who believed things without verifying. I learned just how people can turn on you if you don’t follow the crowd and I’ve lost on opportunities to better myself. Granted my life isn’t bad, it’s pretty good but it could’ve been better. But it also changed the way I would behave in future relationships or friendships and I developed trust issues. It’s not a pretty story to tell but I’m not ashamed to admit it.
      I’m still young and I’m working on being a better man so I’m thankful to be breathing. And I can still sympathize with those willing to change and lend a hand if I can. It’s why I hope other people in the sjw hive speak out. IMC and Park seem like they are willing to change and I can only wish them well if they choose to. If it’s one thing I’ve learned about GG is that we are willing to forgive and I hope that encourages others seeking to distance themselves from the narrative to speak out.

      Sorry I rambled on but your comment hit home and made me reflect on things. Thanks. Its one of the reasons I come to this site.

      • shinningprodigy

        Like Park said she did some growing up and that’s good. She is demonstrating she is someone capable of learning from her mistakes and, hopefully, find solutions. I think that is what anyone should take from all this: it can happen to anyone.
        Many point out she is a attractive, and I’ll admit she is. Typically you see one in the hive and when you do you ask yourself the question “how’d a girl like her get mixed up with people like them?”. In her case she bought into something that she thought empowered her but instead hindered her, (pretty much drank the kool-aid to use the famous cliche). She is capable of doing better things but the hive dictated her life for her.

        But overall, she admitted her faults and it takes (in her case) a great level of ovarian fortitude to take the first step. She is capable of gaining followers and maybe, who knows, she’ll influence others to do the same.

    • Bobcat665

      I actually grew up in a real religious cult – among the largest in the world, in fact – and I always felt like an outsider, even when I was still *IN*. There’s no way in hell I was ever gonna fall into another cult of any kind after that. What few friends I DO have are REAL friends. I am SICK of fake friends and SJWs are almost exactly like the people I grew up around!

      • My experience with a cult revealed that you can never be IN. A cult serves only the figureheads and those figureheads always ensure that they keep people paying them money. There’s always some new class to purchase or a new text to read.

        Glad to hear you escaped though. It’s not easy getting out.

    • SiliconNooB

      If she can do it then anyone can do it [except maybe Arthur Chu].

      • shinningprodigy

        I always had this weird feeling McIntosh would betray Anita, or vice-versa. Who’s to say really? It’s funny how certain people on the anti side suddenly opened their eyes and saw the light (like a beautiful epiphany) so anything is possible.

        And for Arthur Shrew (couldn’t help it) the only way I see him changing is by denouncing a Ms. Zoe Quinn. Unfortunately it seems that man is hungry for her (the Pakman interview comes to mind) so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        • Aj Retro

          I only see Chu changing if he gets committed to a mental hospital and receives copious amounts of meds and electroshock therapy.

  • CC

    Right okay well, my true SJW colors showing here: I’m still butthurt about her drawing attention away from Native Americans and the attempts to change the name of the Redskins. It was a money grab on her part then, and realizing that most of the entire country is fed up with walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting finicky brats who only get brattier the more people do this isn’t quiiiiite a wakeup call as much as just not being pathological liar. As with IMC, if she apologizes, then we’ll start fresh.

  • DukeMagus

    What’s wrong with icze4r?

  • Chip Hitler

    Welcome to the real world, Suey. Glad to have you.

  • GuitarAnthony

    See? Why do I need wrestling when the Gamergate turns are more believable & shocking?

  • Agustina

    With age comes wisdom… sometimes this wisdom is achieved earlier, sometimes come too late, looks like for her it was achieve pretty fast, Kudos for that.

  • Jaker_K17

    I’m very happy to see this, it’s a good sign and hopefully more will follow. Some people are blinded by thinking what they’re doing is right, they’ve been convinced and in turn convince themselves that these overblown, offended reactions are the right reactions, that something like #CancelColbert is rational. But they’ll have their eyes opened and realize that’s not how things work…Others will be blindly devoted until the day they die. Some of these people we’re fighting now will still be bitter and hateful of #GamerGate supporters thirty years from now.

    First Ian, now Suey. This does set a precedence, I fully believe there are those who are disillusioned with the Social Justice movement, but are too afraid to say anything. They’ve invested themselves in it, they know each other by name…And when the default attack of the SJW is to dox and do everything they can to destroy your life, it kinda forces people to continue following when they maybe don’t want to. I think the best course of action in situations like this is to just be accepting and show support, but still be cautious.

    There are likely more that want out of SocJus and they’ve got their eyes on this.

    • A Real Libertarian

      And when the default attack of the SJW is to dox and do everything they can to destroy your life, it kinda forces people to continue following when they maybe don’t want to.

      Just like how Scientology uses what they learn in “auditing” sessions to blackmail anyone who tries to leave.

  • kzrtg

    She is hot.

  • mbits

    What . . . the . . . actual fuck . . . ?

    When I first heard this, I thought “clearly misleading, misreading, or otherwise bullshit… that chick *IS* outrage culture”.

    Then Ii saw her direct statement about regretting that she had contributed to outrage culture.

    Wow. That’s fucking nuts.

    Also, as to the word “gypped”… while I can understand how it could be perceived as offensive… ever actually had, say, a garage sale when a car load of gypsies drop by, swarm you, try to simultaneously haggle you on things, try to confuse you, and try to get you to either just give them your stuff for free or for a penny on the asking-dollar?

  • trudatness

    We had a thread going for about an hour where some people were a little edgy about “muh PR” after some GGers made some comments with some cheeky sexual innuendo about Suey – so I decided to just say fuck it and ask her directly (with some light hearted sarcasm) if she really was offended. Suey being a good sport about it resulted in some good lulz.

    She probably hasn’t swallowed major red pills or anything like that, but the fact that slowly but surely people here and there are willing to see the destructiveness of socjus & call out mob culture and take some pause before dialing up the invective is a good thing.

    If this is something that has resulted from the #GamerGate phenomenon, then IMO, that alone is a major victory and has made supporting the HT something very worthwhile.

  • Charmingman93

    Lauren Chief Elk, she is worthy of an article all on her own. Her interview with Vice was very worrying, she came across as a complete psychopath and crazy rad fem. Also a bit of a gold digga too, but her ex seemed to wisen up and leave that gal!

  • Wisdomcube2000

    It’s been proven time and time again, that the best + fastest way to snap someone out of the SJW disease is to simply put them on the receiving end of it for once. Suddenly then it’s taking things too far/etc.

    Still, hope she does go like Ian did before her, and fully regains her sanity. So I’ll be a well-wisher for the time being 🙂

  • Freeman

    Nobody ever realizes their Frankenstein monster is a bad thing until after it starts choking them.

  • Fail Burton

    Mentally ill racist sociopathic gender feminists mainstream their insanity to naive do-gooders. It’s no fun being just ordinary. Kane and Chief-Elk are plain nuts.

  • Mephisto

    While I may never totally trust someone that had that mentality in the 1st place, I can make room for respectful dialogue.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      To be fair, this is what happens when you grow up. And it seems that’s exactly what’s she’s done.

  • disgruntlegamer

    Fuck the bitch we don’t need to take in every last SJW strangler that got left standing in the SJW game of musical chairs. We don’t need or want their sloppy leftovers

    • A Real Libertarian

      Don’t upvote yourself, it’s tacky.

  • Ross

    Seriously good on her. She should have realised the moment Anita went on that show that she was simply a “useful idiot” in the moment and not a proper spokesperson or mouthpiece.
    Her views were shit and her bigotry palpable.
    I respect the way she is distancing herself away from this. I think she is growing up and becoming self-aware. It takes genuine guts from her and I think that has to be commended for what it looks like even if that is not what it is.

  • Italy GG

    Loving every second of it.

    • SiliconNooB

      You need to shop a matching smile onto Ian’s face! ^_^

  • TooManyLives

    I’ll have my arms wide open and a welcoming hug but, I’m still prepared to defend against a knife near my back.

  • TooManyLives

    I bet you being an extremist feminist must be a whole lot of fun for a while until you realize what you’ve become and are broken by it.

    • I’d rather compare it with abusive relationship rather than blissful ignorance.

  • TooManyLives

    Sorry for the many comments but, I realized how similar deconverting from the borg and deconverting from SJWism, are very similar.

  • RothbardianAnCap

    Holy SHIT. Is this The Twilight Zone? Jesus. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I mean..eating their own has got to bite SJWs in the ass but one of the most notorious in their numbers doing an about-face? I guess I’ll just wait and see, as with Ian Miles Cheong. Damn.


    That’s my main problem with SJW culture. If someone so much as says something “problematic” (regardless if they didn’t meant it on purpose or maliciously), a mob instantly forms to to call out that person as racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. It’s an “all or nothing, with us or against us” mindset that is prevalent in cults. It’s nice to see that Park, like Cheong, has broken free of the slacktivist hivemind.

    PS – It’s hilarious that Shanley popped in with her crazy eyes to contribute nothing to the situation. Got to do something other than screaming “sexist” at random people on Twitter to remain relevant, I guess.

    • GamergateDunGood

      Social justice warrior-ism (ing?) is such an unreasonable and unnatural position to take, each and every one of them is terrified that how they really feel about something might accidentally spill out of themselves and make them the next witch to be burned. This is why they police each other so vigilantly, it’s a distraction. Kind of like if two friends made a “quit smoking” pact with each other, one could distract themselves from their own cravings by constantly niggling and keeping watch on the other, projecting their fears of failure onto someone else

  • GamergateDunGood

    “I’m defining identity politics under neoliberal multiculturalism, which depoliticizes identity via flattening construction of diversity”
    Excuse me while I go put my head in the oven…

    • Fail Burton

      I have a simpler version: gender intersectional feminism is anti-male, anti-heterosexuality and anti-white.


    2 points for sanity.

  • angry foodie

    I saw this happen. There are sane people who get caught up in the buzz of outrage.

    Of course, because I am not a retard, I save my outrage for shit like ISIS sex slavery.

    Nothing in western culture outrages me anymore, except those outraged over petty shit.

  • Syltique

    It’s always funny to see someone JUST NOW realize this. We’ve been telling them for years now that most of us are actually liberals.

    What does that mean? That means we were in that exact same situation and got burned, hard, by these overzealous nutjobs.

    I guess they just literally didn’t believe us at all until it happened to them. It’s just ironic considering how long they burned people without any self-awareness. I guess the smartest people figured this out a few years ago. I’ve been critiquing this stuff since 2011. The ultimate is Christina Hoff Sommers who has been critiquing this stuff since like …. 1992.

    • Charles Lam

      i dont even know you can say that all liberals here got burned by these guys. they may just simply think the tactics are of bad taste and moral value.

      • Syltique

        All you have to do is articulate that opinion you just said publicly around any of these people, and you will get burned. That’s the point.

    • Dave Rubin, formerly of TYT fame, has recently came out and said this on Sargon’s stream. He said that he even left the network because they were going insane with the progressiveness, and was all around a pretty cool dude.

  • nrrork

    Well, it’s not that surprising, I think she’s just outgrowing it. That’s the thing with a lot of these SJWs, I expect them to outgrow it. Of course they’re insufferably overzealous and idealistic, they’re college kids. If you don’t look back at your 19-year-old self and cringe with embarrassment, you did your youth wrong.

    It’s a phase. I think when most of these SJWs graduate college and spend a couple years in the real world and become adults, they’ll back off with that shit.

    Some won’t, and you also have your Sarkeesians and Harpers and shit, but they’re in this for the money and notoriety, not youthful idealism.

  • Kheapathic

    Now if I can just convince her to date white men.

  • Mr0303

    I didn’t see that one coming. I’ll be honest – she was one of the most unlikable people I’ve ever seen when she appeared on that interview and slammed the journalist for being a white male. I can still hear the annoying pitch of “You just called my opinion stupiiiid!”.

    It is really hard to put yourself in her brainwashed shoes. She had social justice classes ffs. I’m still very skeptical if she is genuine or just an opportunist seeking new audience, but ether way it shows that SJWs are unreasonable twats and you can’t really profit from them.

  • Mr0303

    Funny how things work out. Now Colbert is the SJW enabler and she is the one seemingly coming to her senses.

    • shinningprodigy

      Indeed. *drinks cup of coffee*

  • Michael P

    I’m not surprised she got bit and that she’s backing away. SJW’s have been openly eating each other for a while now and like most unreasonable extremists, when they disagree they’re almost as bad with their own than they are with “enemy”. Can’t imagine it’d be a pleasant experience to be attacked by your own tribe so it’s no wonder it shocked her back into reality.

    Doubtful she’ll cross the floor to our side (not sure it’d be wise to have her) but they’ve lost one more semi-significant soldier. They’ll keep eating their own too, she won’t be the last to taste the wrath for disagreeing.

  • Andy Jakcsy

    I kinda wish the “attractiveness” angle wasn’t played up. I mean, her attractiveness or not has nothing to do with her conversion. Using the U word and the third F word are ad hominems at this point, used equally to smear Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore. If you want to praise or denounce someone, do it on their merits, not their looks.

    Meantime, looking at it, it seems like this is actually a few months in the making, as she’s been apologizing since May, in a piece for The New Republic…right around the time of Ian Cheong’s change of heart. Seems quite a few Asians are learning that the largely white radfem movement doesn’t care about them at all.

    • ThatGuy

      I’m glad someone else noticed that.

  • And one by one people regain their senses after having lost their minds with the rest of the herd.

    Good on her for recognising the cult and start questioning, which is (I feel) the most important step.

  • Lost Question

    anyone think that this is a case of another SJW hitting the brick wall called reality at full speed and noticing that they have cut off their family, and friends only to realize that the SJW’s don’t care about her?

    • David Lee Perry

      SJWs only care about the outrage. If you rage with them, they see you as a useful tool. The second you try to form an opinion of your own, they turn on you like a pack of rabid wolves. They don’t care about you as a person, they only care that another tool validates their own hatred… it’s confirmation bias on parade.

      • Lost Question

        true but I would like to think that some of them break away from the pack once it dawns on them that they cut off everyone who cared about them, all for and over what amounts to nothing with no accomplishments to show for it other then their own name being mud/tarnished.

  • Mitchell Pollock

    I just want to say now, if Ben Kuchera ever pulls this, i’ll still try to ruin his career and sink any company he works for. But i think thaty’s a common feeling. As for Suey, she was irrelevant to me before, and still is.

  • Fail Burton

    We’re only asking one thing from these mental cases: group defamation is always wrong, not just for some groups. You never critique Jews, whites, Arabs, Asians, Latinos, men, women, gay or straights as an entire group. We’ve seen these crazy feminists go after men, straights and whites in a way that is negative 100% of the time while conspicuously leaving everyone else alone, even ISIS. Fems claim that’s because of oppression. Wrong, that’s a cover for hate speech.

  • Dave The Sandman

    The difference between IMC and Sueeeeee is that IMC dropped the ‘SJW groupspeak’ psychobabble, while old Park is still twaddling on like a Gender Studies student.
    She is just eating humble pie because the rat pack have turned on her.
    Dont trust her… ITS A TRANNY….sorry….TRAP!

    • Give it some time. She can probably prove a decent human being even with the gender studies speak, provided she doesn’t go back to the hivemind.

  • Callan Elliott

    Thank you Suey!

  • David Lee Perry

    This is interesting, but I would advise caution to anyone willing to welcome her with open arms to the sane world. She may have grown up a bit, but in the real world, one must prove themselves under fire. Only time will tell if she can actually do this. I’ll give her a chance but I’m not dropping my guard just yet.

  • Silence Dogood

    So Suey Park matured and now that she’s getting older and isn’t quite so ruled by irrational, post-adolescent hormones she’s able to make better, more critical thinking oriented decisions and analysis? Yay, that’s about right. A lot of these SJWs and RadFems will basically “age out” of the cult and fade away through embarrassment OR they’ll be viciously ostracized by the cult when they begin to function as a reasoned individual. It’s good to see she’s also come to the realization that maybe her (extremely) biased “social justice classes” were selling her an ideological bill of goods. How refreshing.

  • Point Less

    Proof that college teaches kids to be SJW nutters.

  • ThatGuy

    Arthur Chu, and yeah, it’s going to be another asian or perhaps even a black woman. What the major defectors from SJWism all have in common is that they come to the realization that radical feminism is for white women and heshes with nothing but First World Problems to complain about, and that nothing resembling a “sisterhood” or meaningful support for actual race issues is forthcoming.

    • ThatGuy

      Oh I have no faith that he will change tune at all. Some of these guys have been socjus psychopaths since way before GG, and Chu was a shifty fuck even during the height of his relevancy.

      However, that doesn’t change a not quite established theme of non-whites leaving the ranks of aGGros when they find out that the radical feminists and progressives they are backing don’t actually give a flying fuck about them.

  • Erthwjim

    I think the basic gist here is that as you grow older you move out of more extreme views. You learn and realize that as a young person you really don’t know everything and might not actually know more than adults.

  • inachu

    Suey knows I am offing my house to her free of charge to live in and no I do not live there.
    My offer still stands even though she pissed and crapped on my online last year and I was her #1 fan. I still think she is wearing her diapers though. I think she can take them off within 10 years or so. Then she will know how she hurt me.

  • Tehy