UPDATE: #BlackLivesMatter Responds To Hacked DCCC/Pelosi Memos

UPDATE: #BlackLivesMatter Responds To Hacked DCCC/Pelosi Memos

Earlier, I reported on today’s breaking scandal; hacked memo’s from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which came from Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer. The “BlackLivesMatter” Facebook page — which is probably as official as you’re going to get from a decentralized movement — recently put out a response to the leak.


It’s interesting that the semi-official Facebook page for BLM is specifically demanding answers from the presidential candidates on their stance on the Movement For Black Lives’ platform.

For those who don’t know, those openly Marxist psychopaths made demands such as reparations in the form of life-long “living wages” to blacks, the abolition of police, the legalization of all drugs and prostitution, and “community owned” communal properties, among others.

As for the actual meat of their criticisms against the DCCC, I think BLM is totally justified in their anger.


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  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Send them back to Africa where there’s no body to oppress them.

    • Andrew_M_Swallow

      Unfortunately the one thing African Governments can do is organise bands of bandits to rob and kill people. Kicking blacks back to Africa will not work.

  • masterninja

    I just find it hilarious that they apparently believed they were anything other then a political tool…

    • One Voice

      Opportunists making a buck; Ford foundation just gave BLM $100 million, another one gave $30 million. An elite few of those BLM tools are rolling in the big bucks and living in Soros townhouses and flying first class from one riot/protest to the next. The other tools are getting $5-10 cash and what ever they can carry off.
      The agenda doesn’t care about party or person.

  • Trump TRex

    I hate to say it but, they sounded incredibly nonpartisan and reasonable this time.

    Not saying it’ll last or that it’s genuine, it probably won’t and isn’t, but still.

    • One Voice

      🙂 I suspect you didn’t follow the link they provided. https://policy.m4bl.org

      • Trump TRex

        Yeah, I thought it was too good to be true.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Hey the useful idiots are starting to realize how badly they’re being played. I wonder what they’ll actually do about it though. Media is really starting to wring it’s hands, starting to dawn on them that it wont matter that Hillary is leading in the polls by 5-10% if her would-be base is too demoralized and disgruntled to actually vote.

  • TheGoodJohn

    should have bought mcdonald or fried chicken and eat it in from of them. Would have last couple of sec

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    To improve Black lives:

    a. Equip all police officers with tazers and bullet proof jackets. Train policemen in their use. This should reduce the death rate.
    b. Train the police to say please when stopping and searching. They can get ruder after the arrest. This will make life better for people in black area.
    c. Legalise Plaçage. This will result in men with honest jobs going into the ghettoes. Hopefully they will train black boys to behave,

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