UPDATE: Hillary Shill Dan Grilo Gets Fired After TRR-Led Firestorm Over His Military Widow-Attacking Tweet

UPDATE: Hillary Shill Dan Grilo Gets Fired After TRR-Led Firestorm Over His Military Widow-Attacking Tweet

Good evening, TRR readers. Just a quick update on the last story posted. Yes, it’s been slow around here, but at least that story was a good one. Dan Grilo decided to pop-off last night and attack the military widow who appeared in the balcony during President Trump’s speech. It was by far the most powerful moment of the night. In fact, it was one of the more powerful moments you’ll ever see during events of that sort. But it wasn’t kosher with Mr. Grilo, who said the woman looked like “an idiot.”

Well, that cost him two things….his Twitter account…and his job.

Welp, them’s the breaks, kid! I guess I should feel a little bad, but I don’t. Good luck in your future endeavors, Dan! I’m happy that TRR was the first outlet on the scene with a post on this dirtbag, but to be fair, we were far from the only ones on his case. Twitter was already on fire, and even Donald Trump Jr. picked it up. Kudos to all.


Ethan Ralph

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  • GeneralRon .

    He should have been fired for being the dumbest shit bag in America.

  • evilED

    Typical Libtard. These Hill-bots are all the same. Disgusting husks.

  • Toastrider

    Hear that, Grilo?

    That’s the world’s smallest violin, playing just for you.

  • Grust

    Makes you wonder why schadenfreude has such a bad rep. I delight in the misery of assholes like these.

    • Methadras

      I’m been Schadenfreudeing since 11/9/2016.

    • It’s pretty much the only way you get back at them. You cannot ever reason with SJWs and feminists, so give them a taste of their own medicine.

      Sitting back on that moral high-horse and being the good guys achieves absolutely nothing.

      • Grust

        There is literally only one moment where I have been the bigger person. It’s not much of one, but when my Crappy Games Wiki SJW articles were vandalized by one of them. I blocked the asshole, but I never revealed its name. That’s pretty much it. But after that, all my SJW articles stay in protected mode.

  • Mary

    Note to Dan: Do NOT place your company’s name in your bio. You look like you’re representing them when you say something really ugly.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Take note, the corporatist/bankster/neo-lib wing of the DNC and it’s affiliates are now clamping down hard on those within their ranks who make statements that are anti-American or perceived as such because they know this is a part of their image problem whether they admit to themselves it is a problem with their platform or not. The prog/SJW wing is already alienated and furious as hell following the selection of the current DNC chair. Exploit what we’ve learned from this event to cause further division between the two. Highlight the anti-western rhetoric of prominent progs wherever possible then stand back and watch the DNC establishment drop the hammer on them. The more these two factions hate each other the faster the DNC will splinter apart.

  • Ricky Pye

    He deserved to be fired. He will probably get a job with the DNC now. The promote this type of behavior.

  • jimbo

    will he get employed by the hillary machine/clinton Fraudation, like cheat liar Debbie Frizzerhairman SchultZ?? probably. probs get a $1M job per yr doing nothing.

    • kepster

      He’ll probably get an office in the Obama DC mansion along side Valerie Jarrett in the anti-Trump central headquarters.

  • Kellen Joel

    Damn, nice work Ralph! Although on a side, sure, he was being an ass, but was it really worth his job? I dunno. But I do know that I’ve seen other people say far worse, and they’ve somehow kept their jobs.

    • Jonathan Wiskee

      Now a worthy American can fill his position. Good riddance.

  • Jonathan Wiskee

    Let him hang from a noose.