WATCH: CNN Cuts Bernie Sanders OFF AIR After He Calls Them ‘Fake News’

CNN was interviewing Bernie Sanders this afternoon, when Sanders made a “joke” calling CNN “fake news”. But the producers at CNN evidently didn’t think it was very funny.

First, they embarrassed Bernie by cutting off his audio feed so he looked like a fool.

Then they used that ‘technical glitch’ as an excuse to cut him off the air completely.

Here’s the video:

They eventually had Bernie Sanders back after the commercial break, and started off the conversation with the host reminding the audience that Sanders was just joking when he called CNN “fake news”.

It seems like CNN meant to send a message: They don’t even want you joking about them not being credible, when you’re a guest on their network.

Here’s a compilation of other times that CNN has cut the feed on their guests:



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  • Klokworx

    HAHA, wow, haven’t seen that before

  • Mouth

    CNN is infamous for cutting feeds. They’re partisan hacks only interested in trashing the Right and pushing the Lefts talking points. I read somewhere Nickelodeon beat them in ratings recently…I didn’t even know Nickelodeon was still a thing. CNN is tanking fast and is only staying afloat from private donations.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    This practice seems to be really spiking, it used to be reserved for conservatives but now they’re just doing it to anyone on their own side who goes off script or gets the least bit critical of them. Was listening to an NPR broadcast a week or two back and they just cut to a promo right in the middle of one of their own handpicked analysts speaking because he was starting to contradict the narrative.

    Anyway CNN is cooked, Bernie may be a doddering old fool but he’s got a fanatical following among the progs. I wonder who the hell their key demographic even is at this point, off the top of my head I’d wager it’s mostly people Bernie’s age with sub-average IQs.