WATCH: Trump Responds to #CNNBlackmail Controversy, Says it 'Was Unfortunate — FOR THEM'

WATCH: Trump Responds to #CNNBlackmail Controversy, Says it ‘Was Unfortunate — FOR THEM’

A reporter asked President Trump about the #CNNBlackmail scandal while he was holding a dual press conference with Polish President, Andrzej Duda, in Warsaw, Poland. Trump responded that it was “unfortunate, for them”. He continued, “As you know now they have some pretty serious problems, they’ve been fake news for a long time”. Check it out:

After saying that CNN had been giving him unfair coverage, President Trump asked the Polish president if he had the same problem. Trump has faced criticism for choosing to visit Poland before other European countries, because Poland has ‘anti-immigrant’ policies, according to critics.


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  • Typical

    Trump is so gangsta.

  • Silence Dogood

    I greatly enjoy Poland’s anti-migrant policies. Keeping their Polish, Catholic identity instead of willingly letting themselves be replaced by North African/Middle Eastern Muslims.

    • Loopy Loon

      Not sure how Catholic Poland will be in the future with the current pope in charge, they may want to establish their own sect & bishop if the Vatican keeps acting as the EU’s lackeys.

      • ash

        Recently an aid to this Marxist Pope was busted with coke and having gay orgies. The more things change the more they same the same with the Catholic church

  • Maintenance Renegade

    The way Trump handled the question demonstrates once again that the man is brilliant and NOT stupid. Amusing how his detractors still try to espouse the narrative that a man who conquered American national politics in less than a year is somehow an “idiot” or “crazy”.

    Trump was very low key in his comment on the matter and the reason for that is that he doesn’t want to steal attention away from an enemy that’s laying in a pool of it’s own blood and surrounded by a million strong righteous hate mob. Trump is a master troll who knows when to make himself the focus of attention and when to let or help something else be the center of attention.

    • Mr0303

      Yeah, a billionaire who won the presidency is really stupid. Call him anything, but stupid is not an epithet anyone should be using for Trump.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        The progs will always call their opposition stupid regardless of how little sense it makes or how blatantly false it is. Academia itself has become nothing but a participation trophy they repeatedly bestow upon themselves and that’s precisely because they want to have something to point at when they claim to be cleverer and more qualified than everyone else.

        • JasonC5

          they definitely use it to insult those that voted for him regardless of educational background or success in life.

  • Mr0303

    Man what an answer. I really like the casual way he calls them fake news – it’s not something outrageous, just the truth.

  • inVred

    Still don’t know how people call him stupid.

    He won an rigged election against him after a total uphill battle and is still going strong