Whacko SJW's Led By Hijab Wearing Muslim Introduce Authoritarian Diversity Campaign at FSU

Whacko SJW’s Led By Hijab Wearing Muslim Introduce Authoritarian Diversity Campaign at FSU

  • At Florida State University, an officially backed squad of diversity-obsessed ninnies is starting a new “campaign”. Lead by a hijab wearing Muslim woman, the group seeks to enforce strict authoritarianism on campus.
  • According to their website, the student government group wants to become as almost as powerful as the professors so that they can force everyone on campus to become just as obsessed with diversity as they are.

From ABC27 WTXL:

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) — A new program at FSU aims to encourage students to come together and make connections with other students, faculty, and staff. The Florida State University Student Diversity and Inclusion Council launched the campus wide campaign called #PowerOfWe. Its motto is “Our Differences Make the Difference.”

The council chairman, Inam Sakinah, said the message is to embrace, harness and celebrate diversity. “We can engage across these differences and build relationships, connect different ideas, connect different circles and really make this University a better place and make ourselves better students, better thinkers and better leaders,” Sakinah explained

The chair of the committee, Inam Sakinah, seems to be obsessed with governmental affairs.

Inam Sakinah is a junior Presidential Scholar double majoring in Biology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and aspiring to pursue an integrated medical and public policy career. Inam is the co-founder and director of CUSP, a student-led college readiness program targeting underserved high school students. Inam has also been deeply involved in both undergraduate social science and neuroscience research. Previously, Inam served on the Boards of the Student Council for Undergraduate Research and the Office of Governmental Affairs at FSU. Inam envisions a campus culture that recognizes the potential we have when we do more than accept or celebrate difference and instead, choose to harness our differences to make a difference.

I wonder if she is looking forward to a future in a position of authority within our government?

Kinda funny how Muslim leaders tend to be so intent on strictly enforcing the worship of globalism — which is essentially what this obsession with “diversity” is — on everyone else. If you ask me, it’s kind of like an underhanded sort of Sharia, to make everyone else accept other devout Muslims who might even be even more devout than Ms. Sakinah. The type who might want to do Muslim things like marry a 9 year old girl or use a coke bottle to mutilate some poor female’s genitals. Cultural relativism — but with only certain cultures getting passes — is the ultimate goal of the campus left.

Looking at the group’s actual website hosted by Florida State University, it gives us some more info.


Diversity and Inclusion are more than buzz words or statistics. Diversity and Inclusion embody who we are and will inspire who we can be. Florida State University fosters the aspirations of all its students. It embraces diverse identities. It celebrates every experience. Together, we can harness the power of this collective diversity. Together, we can reimagine diversity as a key to excellence. Together, we can pioneer a path for meaningful engagement.

WE can do more than accept differences.
WE can use our differences to make a difference.
In the “context” tab of the state-backed SJWs manifesto, it provides us…the context for why we need to accept this student government group as overlords of the school:
In an increasingly interconnected world, cultivating diversity and building inclusion is critical for campus communities. Engagement across differences lead to positive outcomes for everyone. It elevates understanding of inequality, promotes sense of belonging, improves one’s ability to lead diverse groups, and enhances intellectual aptitude.
For these outcomes to become reality a comprehensive framework for engagement is required. It demands piloting innovative avenues that build student capacity so that diversity is not a mere buzzword. It is a way of life that leads to excellence. But to use our differences to make a difference, we have to reimagine existing paradigms.
A visible investment must be made to convene an entire campus on a quest: to collectively define why diversity matters and to collectively create spaces for catalyzing our differences into action.
The Power of We Campaign is the first step on this journey ahead.

We have to totally change our paradigm, and only they can provide us the answers, accorded to the page written by students on the Florida State Universities website.

The “framework” tab of the site is even creepier. It lays out the plans that will enable these students to fix all of the problems on campus by engaging in — you guessed it — full collaboration with the professors on everything. The students want the same power over the schools as the professors — but without all the pesky downsides, like attaining a doctorate.

The Framework

The Student Diversity and Inclusion Council (SDIC), a newly minted student body composed of diverse student leaders serving under the Office of the President, will curate the campaign.

Integrating Awareness with Engagement

  • This multi-level approach will involve using compelling messaging and branding to reframe Diversity and Inclusion as a universally resonant philosophy of engaging across difference.
  • The renewed interest and energy will then be harnessed through original programming that engenders meaningful dialogue and action.

Starting with Questions, not Answers

  • The campaign prioritizes a willingness to explore, to innovate, and to inspire together. It does not begin with a roadmap to educate or celebrate, but a commitment to co-create a movement together.

Being Student-Driven and University-Wide

  • The campaign empowers students of all backgrounds to take the lead ensuring that its spirit is truly inclusive and its reach is expansive.
  • The campaign creates a centralized mission, which generates an environment of cooperation between existing efforts across the university and strengthens impact.

Building Bridges between Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • The campaign emanates from a unique partnership between institutional and grassroots student efforts and pioneers a new model of collaboration between students, faculty, and staff.

Check out more Marxist pablum on their website, such as their plan.

This whole idea of the students taking over control of the schools has also been tried before in history during the Maoist cultural revolution. It didn’t work out so well:





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  • tz1

    Can we get Trigglypuf, Typhoid Zoe, and Rander Harpi to wear Burkahs?

  • “diversity” and “inclusivity” = no white people and no straight white men

  • Maintenance Renegade

    I seriously doubt she actually gives a fuck about neuroscience, she’s going after that degree to create a pretense of legitimacy for her ideological proselytizing. She’s already pretty much openly stated she doesn’t intend to work in the field but rather to go directly into politics.

    This is why these people want to take over STEM so bad, they know the social “sciences” aren’t taken seriously anymore.

  • DisneyVillain

    Diversity is just racism/sexism with a nicer name.

  • “…commitment to co-create a movement together.”

    Movement towards what?

    Nowhere in the entirety of that word-salad manifesto was anything tangible or concrete articulated.

    That stagnant swamp of verbiage either conceals a malignant motive, or is meant to obfuscate the fact that this person wants praise and resources in exchange for keeping a seat warm.