William Shatner Confirmed 4chan User, Legend Says He Browses /tv/, /b/, and /x/

William Shatner Confirmed 4chan User, Legend Says He Browses /tv/, /b/, and /x/

I wrote about William Shatner the other day and the topic was him roasting some grotesque, hippo-looking SJW lunatic. To follow-up on that post, let’s check in with the Star Trek legend again, shall we?

Earlier this evening, he confirmed that he frequents the notorious internet message board, 4chan.

It’s all starting to come together.

He’s also not big on Baneposting


Apparently, he’s talked about his penchant for perusing 4chan in the past, but I will admit to being ignorant of it (a quick search shows some examples). I was aware that he’s a Canadian, though. This progtard couldn’t even get that bit right while he was trying to attack him…

And maybe the Baneposting hate was a misdirection…


Ethan Ralph

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  • Celerity

    Fulll shitposting ahead Scotty!

  • Toastrider

    Dear God, for a second there I got /x/ confused with /d/ and was about to say ‘Why would you admit that, Bill?’. I’m getting old.

  • Confirmed, William Shatner browses trap threads. >.>b

  • David Gray

    Is it just me, or was he classy even when roasting a guy?
    It really was a nice save 😛

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Even if he’s just posing that he even knows those board names in order to so much as make the claim would still be hilarious in itself.

  • Dave The Sandman
  • Doomed

    His Twitter is fun to watch. He is always sh!tposting. 😀

  • temmy9 .

    I’ll bet he browses /pol/ too..and just doesnt admit it.