WIN: Cernovich Puts Mainstream Media on Defense in 60 Minutes Appearance

WIN: Cernovich Puts Mainstream Media on Defense in 60 Minutes Appearance

I just got through watching the 60 Minutes segment on “fake news,” which featured friend of the site Mike Cernovich. Many people expected him to get decimated in this piece since it was obviously designed to be a hit job from the get-go. The thing is, despite the biased framing by CBS and Scott Pelley, Mike came out looking very well. I’d have to say it was an overall victory, in fact.

Idiots like failed political operative Rick Wilson had predicted this would be the “death of kek,” which is as insane as it sounds. Over here on the reality-based plane, Cerno did an admirable job of turning the tables on Pelley, particularly when he got him to admit the mainstream media routinely took Hillary’s campaign at their word…

This was a stunning admission, as even Matt Pearce, national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, noted..

His last bit was particularly strong as well (full video here)…

Cernovich, for his part, claimed to be the victim of selective editing. Prior to the broadcast, Cernovich posted an excerpt of the interview to Danger & Play — some of which was aired, some of which was not. (The italicized portions below were not heard on the CBS broadcast.)

Cernovich: Do I really think that you guys are gonna tell the story that I would like to have told? No. Your story’s going to be here’s a guy, spreads fake news, uses social media, these social media people better … I know the story you guys are doing before you do it.

Pelley: What’s wrong with that story?

Cernovich: Because it is an agenda. The agenda is … The truth is you’ve talked to a person who sincerely believes true, you must also admit that there have been many stories reported by major outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, and Rolling Stone, that were false…

People get it wrong, so why then come guns blazing at me, and not guns blazing at everybody?Why isn’t this segment going to say, how did the New York Times get conned? How did the Washington Post believe that Russia had hacked the power grid? We all together, collectively need to discover what the truth is, and converse with one another what the truth is, that’s a different story.

Another story is, here is a person that is able to bypass traditional media outlets, reach people directly to tell a story. Maybe he’s a good guy, maybe he’s not. People decide.

This is another story, ’cause I know the story you guys are going to tell. Hillary Clinton’s perfectly healthy. This guy Cernovich that said she’s not, he has no reason to say that. Facebook and Twitter need to crackdown on this kind of stuff.

Pelley: What’s wrong with that story?

Cernovich: I just told you, because that is an agenda. You could tell a more whole picture. You could tell a full story, but that’s one narrow thing. ’Cause I know by the questions you’re asking, the story you’re going to tell.

I don’t see how this could be described as anything other than a win. Even though some of the above was left on the cutting room floor (for obvious reasons), much of it was intact and shown at the conclusion of the segment. That leaves the audience with Cernovich yet again getting the better of Pelley and 60 Minutes.

Overall, Cernovich landed far more blows than he took. The risk of going on the program in the first place seems to have paid off in spades. Now he’s able to rightly point out that he went into the lion’s den and landed some key blows. You’re never going to come off perfectly when going into hostile territory like this, and he had to know that going in. But I do think his performance ended up being a real victory for Mike and alternative media as a whole.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • hamilton geyser

    Don’t go on fake news and then whine about them selectively editing.

    • Brad Donald

      You go on so you can create a situation where you can SHOW they selectively edit to diminish their trust.

    • St Martyr

      THIS. But at least he landed some blows…

    • rotekz

      Correct. He should never point these things out.
      He should never go on these programmes.
      He should never take the fight to the enemy.
      He should stay silent about selective editing. After all it is not important and in no way obscures the truth. We are better off not knowing. You are so right.

      • hamilton geyser

        demand interviews be shown in their entirety.
        demand interviews be shown on your website as well as their dumbfuck corporate network.
        demand that an agreed upon, third party conducts the interview.
        when they refuse, tell them to fuck off, and don’t give them any legitimacy.

    • John

      You’re a dumb one aren’t you? Are you one of those people who says “if you don’t like something just shut the fuck up and don’t say anything”? I bet you are.

      • hamilton geyser

        no dumbfuck, I’m the guy who tells the media to go fuck itself if they ask for an interview on their show in which they control the editing. If they want to talk, it can be under the condition that the entire unedited interview is shown, and can also be shown off of their corrupt piece of shit network. If they refuse, fuck em.

    • Yeah he should just ignore them, not say anything, keep quiet and just let the mainstream media get away with what they’re doing. You know, the same attitude that has allowed SJWs/leftists/feminists to take over and gain control of the mainstream media, news media, academia, education, institutions, politics, government, entertainment media, etc.

      Aren’t you a clever one.

      • hamilton geyser

        ignore corporate media. There is nothing to be gained by being their punching bag. If they want to talk, they can talk on youtube or on sites not of their choosing.

      • hamilton geyser

        1.demand interviews be shown in their entirety.
        2.demand interviews be shown on your website as well as their dumbfuck corporate network.
        3.demand that an agreed upon, third party conducts the interview.
        4.when they refuse, tell them to fuck off, and don’t give them any legitimacy.

    • Silence Dogood

      That’s the point – you’re SUPPOSED to point out the selective editing and then KILL THEM with the unedited material. Lies fall down when confronted with the truth and every attack against the MSMs credibility is another step towards a future free of hegemonic corruption in the media.

  • ash

    I like how Pelley plays dumb about the obvious leftist media bias like most of these drones in the MSM. Mike certainly nailed him in this interview.

    • Sigma K

      He is not playing. He sincerely believes the lies and the reporting.

      That is what makes the left so dangerous.

      • SallyForth

        I agree.

        The Lefty ideology is so ingrained in them and their associates that they don’t see any other way to view the world.

        Anyone with a view point that’s to the right of what they believe is therefore considered an alien who must be marginalised despite conservatives comprising 33% of the US population and the Left 25%.

    • Silence Dogood

      My favorite appearance of that bias was during the election night when one of the commentators was sperging out about the dramatic reversal of fortunes and said “we need X number of votes” and then corrected himself to say “Hillary needs”. The bias was beyond real.

    • Lost Question

      i find it funny that cernovich tells pelley that he knows what going to happen, and preempts pelly and it doesn’t click in for him

  • D-Bone

    Good for him, I don’t think it’ll happen, but could you imagine John Walker Flynt doing an interview like that? She’d be in full “this is a hit piece” mode instantly. I really hope she does some debates and Q&A’s for her campaign, that would be so awesome.

    • I’d love to see Wu get destroyed during a sitdown like this hahaha

    • Lost Question

      considering how ideologically entrenched those places are they would see flynt as one of their own they would probably lob softball question and attempt to cut out most of the crazy that flynt spews like a vegas fountain.

      • Silence Dogood

        Flynt demonstrated he can’t even handle soft ball questions because the extent of his argument/position/beliefs is “I am unquestionably right – now repeat back to me what I tell you.”

    • Silence Dogood

      Flynt is so used to special snowflake treatment and “listen and believe” that the moment you ask any sincere question, which he can’t answer because every word out of his mouth is a fucking lie, he immediately spergs out. It’s magical.

  • Lost Question

    in the studio: shit he has our guy on the back foot, quick tell the editors they need to work had on skewing everything
    the studio after cernovich release’s some of his unedited interview: who let him walk out of here with a unedited copy

  • Grimm Bastard

    Mike did well, but he looked nervous and had some awkward pauses and I think fumbled a few words. It reminded me of Trump during some of the debates.

    • inVred

      Generally, that is whats supposed to happen. You don’t really notice since almost everything is scripted or edited to the point you can’t really see these organic moments.

  • Quise

    This was not a win for Cernovich or the retards who believe in him.
    First of all, and this was news to me: Cernovich talks like an autistic child with a dick in his mouth. It was honestly pretty funny to hear mr. tough guy use his voice, and it was even more retarded than I could’ve imagined.
    Secondly, his hair looked like Jerry Seinfeld’s hair in the episode where he gets that terrible haircut.

    • Nelia Aria

      the example that you use about the autistic child, about the way Cernovich’s hair looked tells me the kind of person you are: an ugly American and an idiot!

      • Quise

        Right, because this very site is a bastion of respect and kindness. Fuck off, cunt.
        Oh, and I’m not American.

        • Yuno Gasai

          So then you’re just an ugly idiot.

          • Quise

            It’s funny that you have no response to what I said, and you’re triggered by making fun of a fucking dickweed like Mike Cernovich and his fucked up haircut and speech impediment. Well played, pussies.

          • Yuno Gasai

            I respond to you because you respond back with some asinine comment and then I laugh at how you up vote your own comments.

    • Toastrider

      Still upvoting your own posts, Quise? Cernovich looked about like any amateur would on TV, no better and no worse.

      Of course, admitting to THAT might lead to admitting that he had a point — that the media’s been playing favorites for the last sixty-plus years.

  • Quise

    CBS is fake news! Their coverage of the Vietnam War was fake news! Their coverage of the FBI being involved in the promoting of a terrorist attack in America is fake news!
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign telling the media that she actually DOESN’T have Parkinson’s Disease is fake news!
    Mike Cernovich making up shit that is clearly absurd and without any basis in reality is NOT fake news!

    You fucking retards. Funny that Ralph didn’t discuss the rest of the piece, where they were interviewing a fake news hustler who made it clear that the only people who buy into this retardation are alt-right spergs like y’all. Pizza gate is real y’all! Cernovich is NOT a mentally challenged halfwit!
    “I don’t believe anything the Clinton campaign tells me”

    “ok well what was your source for claiming that Clinton had Parkinson’s?”

    “I’m my own source”

    • Schwantz Stevens

      Yeah, you are any better. “Man that Cernovich is a nut, right CBS? Now please get back to telling me all I need to know about the world.”

      • Quise

        Good comeback you fucking idiot. The retarded right will believe whatever fits their low level understanding of the world, which in truth they have zero idea of. Socially handicapped, impotent virgins don’t know shit about the world but want to feel important, hence the entire internet world of the alt-right.

        • Yuno Gasai

          Because the left is nothing like that, and in other news mirrors don’t exist anymore.

    • Toastrider

      “CBS is fake news!”

      Hell, it was fake news before there was such a term. Remember Rathergate?

  • Quise

    So now that Cernovich came out and said that the 60 Minutes piece is “good journalism”, does that mean you’ll all start praising the segment? Or is it just a massive conspiracy to undermine your feelings about the media?
    Also, remember how Cernovich’s haircut looked retarded?

    • Yuno Gasai

      Why does his haircut matter?

      • Grust

        Just ignore him.

    • F Harper

      Hey, Quise, you forgot to upvote this one.

      • Silence Dogood


  • robert franklin stroud

    Did Hillary not collapse on 9/11 at site of 9/11 before being dragged cold, toes down, into a van with such haste that she left a shoe behind?

    Was she not wearing blue-lens anti-seizure glasses at the time?

    Did she not take long stretches off the campaign?

    Did she not have uncontrollable coughing fits throughout the campaign?

    Did she not improperly take and use Debate questions beforehand and then remain silent about the unethical advantage?

    She’s #SickHillary in every way possible.

  • Silence Dogood

    Oh Mike kicked that smug fucks ass to be sure. I LOVED the selective editing they did; just loved it. Real slimy shit. It’s nice when you have your own platform and a way to get the truth out there though. 😀