Yes, They're Really Developing a Movie Based on Blowey Zoe's Memoirs

Yes, They’re Really Developing a Movie Based on Blowey Zoe’s Memoirs

I’ve just kinda been sitting around and basking in the afterglow of the LIVE show from earlier. As someone in chat said, it it was truly legendary. I didn’t have much to do with that, as the subject matter itself was fascinating, and the panelists I selected brought the heat. Anyway, we’ll get to it in more detail later. First, an even bigger story has hit while I was sitting here wasting time. As it turns out, they are going to make a movie about GamerGate. The only problem? It will be based on Blowey Zoe Quinn’s yet to be released memoirs.

Yes, that’s right. They’re actually going to base this farce on the word of the lying bitch who helped to start the whole thing. As anyone with half a brain can tell you, Zoe Quinn has been exposed as a cheat and a liar multiple times. Now, the screenplay of a major motion picture will be based on her fibs. I guess that’s what happens with you roll deep enough with the social justice cult. Your sick fantasies can come true.

The funniest part about the whole thing? The clown actually thinks she would have a real career without GamerGate. Let me tell you something, Zoe. You should thank your lucky stars every single time you close your eyes to go sleep at night. Because without us, you’re nothing but some smelly hipster who wrote a shit game that’s less complicated that my WordPress blog. What does that make me? I guess I must be Hideo Kojima compared to your slutty ass.

I’m not surprised in the least that someone in Hollywood wanted to make a GamerGate movie. Hell, I expected it to happen a lot sooner than this. Yes, I pretty much always figured it would be biased. But I thought some shitbag SJW journo would be responsible for the base material, not Zoe herself. Now, it’s guaranteed to be a one-sided shit show. Oh well, I’m certian that there will be a lot of laughs to be had off this garbage. Here’s the original report, and even it’s full of lol’s…

Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest…

Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum are set to adapt. Pascal Pictures will finance and Pascal will produce with Rachel O’Connor, and Entertainment 360. The latter got the book proposal early on, and created the package with the screenwriters, who met while working as journalists at the Wall Street Journal. It was then shopped and Pascal Pictures stepped up. Pascal Pictures is Sony-based and that studio will get first crack; for right now, its development is being funded internally by Pascal. CAA brokered the deal. The agency and Management 360 repped the scribes, whose first project — the Tammany Hall-set feature An Extraordinary Man — has Anne Hathaway attached and is set up at Erika Olde’s Black Bicycle Entertainment…

Quinn perhaps best describes the potential movie and conflict in her proposal: “Gaming and internet message boards used to be niche interests, mostly for young men. In the past few years, however, they’ve gone mainstream. Millions of people — including women and other marginalized people — have taken an interest in the platforms, image boards, and discussion forums that once belonged by default to a much smaller population. Most gamers give zero fu*ks about this. Like the rest of us, they’re just here to play games. But a vocal minority are clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity ‘hardcore gamer,’ muttering ‘fu*kin casuals’ under their breath.”

Holy fuck, the amount of bullshit in that excerpt is making my head spin. Well, that and lack of sleep. Before I do hit the hay, let’s take a look at Amy Pascal. In case you’re not familiar with the woman who’s funding Zoe’s flick, here she is, in all her glory:

Sony boss Amy Pascal is leaving the Hollywood studio to set up her own production firm – just months after The Interview debacle that saw her private and damaging emails leaked all over internet..

Pascal, 56, was targeted during a cyber attack on the movie studio ahead of the release of the Kim Jong-un assassination comedy The Interview, which saw a string of her emails leaked – including one in which she made an embarrassing jibe about President Obama.

As Pascal’s emails were leaked, the most damaging email exchange saw the Sony boss and producer Scott Rudin exchange jokes about  President Obama’s race.

In the messages, Miss Pascal allegedly asked Rudin for suggestions on what she should discuss with Obama at a ‘stupid’ fundraising breakfast hosted by DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg, a big Democratic donor, in November 2013. 

Rudin, 56, whose producing credits include Moneyball, Captain Phillips, and The Social Network, asked whether he would like to help finance any films.

‘I doubt it,’ Pascal is said to have replied: ‘Should I ask him if he liked Django [Unchained]?’

Rudin responded: ’12 Years [a Slave],’ to which Miss Pascal brought up a series of other films starring African-Americans. ‘Or the butler. Or think like a man?’ 

‘Ride-along,’ Rudin said: ‘I bet he likes Kevin Hart.’  

This person would be smeared as a virulent racist if they weren’t rich and SJW’d up. Pascal is well aware of that double standard, though. In fact, she’s banking on it, quite literally. Don’t look for the rad fem press to talk about it much. Instead, they will discuss how stunning and brave noted cum guzzler Zoe Quinn is. Fuck it, I’m just gonna sit here and laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing. Remember SVU? This will be 1000 times better.


Let me know what you think about this somewhat stunning development. Yes, it’s real. I’ve had several people come up to me in denial about this, thinking it was some kind of joke. It’s all too real, though. I wouldn’t stress it. To me, it’s funny. This film, if it ever gets made, is going to do nothing but further strengthen our movement, at the end of the day. That’s just my take. I’ll be back after my nap with some thoughts on the legendary LIVE show from yesterday. Also, I’ll be putting up a shortened highlights version of that program sometime this weekend. So be on the lookout for all that, and more.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • ZanbonSen

    If there is a god, someone will bring Chris Farley back to life to play Ralph.

    • Phil_McG

      John C. Reilly to reprise his role as Wreck-It Ralph.

      • Social Justice Whitey

        Cuck Rogen …

    • Col. Warrick Pumilio

      Fuck that, Chuck Norris needs to play Ralph!

  • Erthwjim

    Well she probably can’t use well known ggers (or perhaps any real twitter name that can be linked back to a real person) in her movie, someone could probably sue her for libel or slander at that point, I think. But I’m no lawyer so I could be way off.

    • tjp77

      You can use real names as long as what you’re saying about them is demonstrably true. It’s only libel/slander if it’s false.

      So yeah, she’d have to use fake names otherwise she’ll face lawsuits because she’s a lying shitbag who couldn’t tell the truth if her pathetic life depended on it.

      • Elilla Shadowheart

        She’s going to have a hell of a problem then. Since Eron’s information is what broke this open, and is demonstrably true, it means that she nor the screenwriters can lie about it. If they do, it’s defamation.

        • tjp77

          They’ll just create a fictionalized story with all different names. It happens all the time; the law gives you a whole lot of leeway with stuff like this. Defamation and libel are incredibly difficult to prove.

      • Erthwjim

        Yeah more or less what I was implying, she wouldn’t tell the truth. The only way anyone would buy the rights would be if she lied when she wrote it, otherwise the movie would be a piece of shit.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I hope this movie gets made. It will become a cult classic among gamers and those fighting political correctness/SJWs. It will generate a whole new wave of memes and lols. It will be viewed at future GamerGate meetups so everyone can laugh at it and yell “Go home, gamer girl” at key points.

    • Social Justice Whitey

      ,,,true,,,but let us now take a moment of silence for you know that at least 2 hardcore mega memers must have died last night drooling and jacking it to all th’ potential shitposting,,,they will never be forgotten,,,Valorousium Pepe Honorous Fartus,,,

  • My head hurts… this whole thing is relatively new to me and I’m still struggling to understand what exactly is going on… I’ve seen Anita S before, attempting to castrate the internet, but until last night and the Steve(?) thing, I’d not heard much about Zoe. *rubs face* I need more sleep, but this stuff is dragging me in… ^_^

    • Social Justice Whitey

      You should click back thru to th’ beginning of The RalphRetort up at th top of this page, issue by issue, not stopping to read,,,,way way way back as far as you can go,,,then read forward,,,good luck and welcome to being dead, being over, being a neckbearded virgin who somehow is also a rapist, being a racist, sexist, terrorist, shitlord because Ben Kuchera said so,,,(get used to such ridiculous hyperbole because antiGGs will never call you anything better from this point on),,,good luck and don’t stare at th’ memes too long,,,some of them,,,they are,,,hypnotic,,,

      • I don’t know what’s more worrying; your description of the whole thing, or that I’m trying to picture myself with a neckbeard… Abraham Lincoln, Testicle Hunter… Part of me wants to read from the start, the other part of me wants to leave this chair and be productive, before my limbs shrivel up, mumify and drop off, leaving me a transfixed torso, relying on repeatedly smashing my face into the kepboard to turn the “page”.

        • Social Justice Whitey

          I do hope you understand this isnt a personal jab from me to you but was a description of how rabid those who’ve tried to smear us from day one are. Some here like Ralph, me and many others have been on this ride th’ whole way and have have expierienced first hand th’ kind and gentle embraces from SJWs and their wonderful tolerance and,,,no…that doesnt exist. But th’ first thing I said to you wad in fact true and then some. And as a female, if you try to engage them in a logical debate on any pkatform, you WILL be called a sockpuppet account run by a man, or a weak female with internalized misogyny. If you are wanting to follow and support Gamergate without th’ hassles, this Based Comments section is probably th’ safest zone as many of us here hail from many political, social, racial and economic backgrounds and although we play a little rough here, you’ll not find much harsh drama amongst us. Disagreements? Sure. Censorship? Never seen a trace of it here.
          On Twitter or Facebook though, I wouldnt do more than lurk and observe if youre not up on th’ whole history of GG and what has transpired at key points. Or know exactly how intolerant and vicious anti-GG folks are. Otherwise they will come at you in defence of th’ indefencible and that will only be ugly and harmful.
          I welcome you here, as Im sure does Mr. TheRalph and all th’ other Based Shitlords that dwell in this dungeon.
          Welcome to th’ Muck.

          • Oh don’t worry, I don’t even usually take personal jabs personally 🙂

            Thanks for the advice!

    • Pablo Carpio

      Ths video is the best place to start researching about Zoe Quinn.

      • Thanks for the introduction! 🙂

        • David Gray

          It’s not unusual.
          She’s only ever mentioned when she pokes the hashtag and it’s supporters with a stick to get a reaction.

          Simply put, she used friendship (“perhaps” sexual) to get positive coverage.
          This was discovered because her ex-bf wrote a blogpost detailing their relationship (and her emotional abuse of him. Note: she has admitted to the worst of Eron’s allegations, he provided proof which she confirmed is genuine)

          She then used her connections to censor the internet (yes, really) she took out a gag order on Eron (the ex) and a dozen outlets published articles on the same day denouncing the gaming community, and all of nerd culture, as unsafe for women, misogynists and trolls.
          “gamers are dead” they declared.

          When this lead to EVEN MORE people being angry, they back pedalled a bit and pretended they were ONLY saying that games are for everyone (which some of them were trying to say, whilst also libelling enthusiasts and anyone that fits the old nerd stereotype. Because tolerance)

          She’s engaged in some questionable (at best) behaviour and been given a free pass every time because “she’s a victim”
          The worst of it is, I know many GGers agree with me in not giving a fuck if she used sex for advantage. She’s not a journalist, so she’s not at fault for that. Most of us think a simple disclosure (“Quinn is my cool friend that makes games, check it out!”) would be good enough. Apparently it’s too much to ask.

          That’s basically it.
          A year later, the demands for a more ethical and transparent media are still called “an excuse for misogyny” even as these standards are adopted and many in the grievance industry are desperate to make gamergate fit their personal narrative.

          • I thought you were going into a Tom Jones song when you started, now I can’t get it out of my head!

            As someone who suffers from an almost compulsive desire to get nekkid (ususally when drunk), I can somewhat relate to the fact she has a lot of nudie photos floating about on the internet (apparently). The whole sex for getting ahead in work, though… when you’re in a relationship… yeah that’s not a good way to make friends. If you do something like that and get found out, I think the best action is to just fess up and get on with life. Is she trying to suggest that the whole sleeping around is what she needed to do to get ahead? I think I need to look into her side of the story a little more, to try to understand the psychology behind her actions.

            From what I’ve seen of GamerGate so far (I think Sargon of Ak has mentioned it a couple of times), it seems there’s a lot of misunderstanding of the stance GGers take against people like Anita and Zoe, and women (and minorities) as a whole. When people are vocal against radical feminism, feminists appear to take the opportunity to point the finger and say “look, they hate women because they hate feminism”, rather than understanding that, from what I have seen, GGers appreciate the differences between men and women, whilst equally striving for equality/equal opportunity.

            What worries me most about what I have seen of radical feminism, is the idea that men should be prevented from expressing any male/testostorone fuelled thought or action, anything percieved to be offenseive to delicate sensibilities, regardless of whether it’s intended in jest, has any real hatred behind it, or is even objectively wrong. Heck, if a man has a joke with me about being fragile (I kinda am, physically) or best spending my time infront of a sink, I throw one back at him about the fact he’s going bald, or tell him he’s probably best off using a hammer, because his brain isn’t going to solve the problem for him. It’s all great craic, as the Irish say, and nothing to be taken offense to.

            Oh, and another thing. I’ve been told I’m “self victim blaming” for this, but the only time I have ever been sexually assaulted, was when I was an escort and, quite frankly, the clients I had were typically the kind of men who’s mentality it was that that’s what I was there for, or those who were prone to sexual agression and were therefore a potential risk to women. 99% of men that I have met, are not rapists, so the idea that men as a collective are responsible for the actions of a minority, is a load of bollocks to me – people need to take responsiblity for their own actions, first and foremost.

          • David Gray

            People are mean to Quinn (which is unhelpful) but it’s not because she’s a woman or because she’s done some nude or even because she slept around (though there are a few, I suppose)

            It’s because of her conduct.
            She didn’t rally deny any of the accusations, and they stand up to scrutiny as far as “he said, she said” ever can.

            If she’s let the internet talk about her scandal for a few days it would have ended. Uncomfortable for her, but a minor joke for the channers, the end.
            Instead she attempted to censor anything that wasn’t supporting her and ideologues used it all to justify their nonsense.

            Personally, I don’t agree with her own cited and admitted position (that “cheating” is rape of your partner)
            I just don’t have a possessive bone. I wont be walked over, for sure, but fidelity never struck me as important, only honestly and safety.
            I don’t think sex or nudity are shameful either. I don’t think public displays of either are appropriate, but I don’t lose respect for a woman that gets nekkid (objectification is nonsense. Seeing a woman naked humanises her in the most direct and automatic way possible. Why would I disrespect somebody I find sexually appealing? Never understood it ><)

            Essentially, this is a case of an indie clicque being caught red handed and instead of apologising they attack those that DARE to question them.
            The sad thing is, nerds as a whole are prepared to let them have their fun, as long as they keep to themselves. They just cant help but force their stupid opinions on the world at large.

      • Paladin der Liebe

        Here’s a playlist with a good (not too much) selection of videos, which show you the actual roots of #GamerGate.
        (Quinnspiracy videos are included of course.)

        Imo it’s enough to completely understand the #GamerGate-movement/community.
        And imo it’s something we should never forget, and something everybody should know.

        SJWs, Feminazis and Antis, who refuse to watch those videos and discuss them, only show their fear of being dismantled by the arguments of reality.


    So… what Zoe considers “accomplishments” is basically sleeping and sucking her way into the gaming industry for good PR? Then cries “harassment” when gamers called her out on her bullshit? Uh… ok.

    • Madeline Victorino

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    • Shirley O’Donnell

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  • Dave The Sandman

    my reaction: The Shitwinds Are Comin’

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,we’re gonna need a bigger IMAX,,,and 9000 pounds of popcorn,,,

  • tjp77

    Studios option films all the time. This will never ever get made. Where’s the audience? Feminists? Does anyone else even know or care who this chick is? Nope. Frankly GG isn’t even known outside of a very small internet community.

    If her ‘memoir’ (LOL) is a significant success, it has a shot. But that’s a BIG if. And even if it does get made it’ll be a low-budget vehicle for the festival circuit, nothing more. But I cannot imagine that any sizable movie-going audience gives any fucks whatsoever about her or ANY of this.

    • Social Justice Whitey

      ,,,hell I bet you 5 bucks that book of hers is PDF’d, archived and spread around for keks before th’ ink is dry,,,

  • Danlantic

    Sounds like one of those perpetually “in development” films.

    I imagine some great scene of screenshots of Depression Quest and a couple depressed people reaching the ends of the game and pumping their fists in the air. One yells, “Wow! I feel so releived of my depression!” The other yells, “ahhh. i’m going to commit suicide.”

    Off to the side 2 psychiatrists, one with a Viennese accent and beard mutter, “This game will put us out of business. I’m going to secretly finance GamerGate.”

  • axisfiver axisfiver

    good, let them make it, its her last chance to come clean and tell the truth, the movie will be scrutinized by more than gamers

  • Charmieos

    I suspect this will end up in development limbo, I mean, even if Zoe was a 100% honest, who outside of the Gamergate debate even knows or cares who she is?

    What is the reach of this movie? Less than a million people? Over half of whom would not pay to see it?

    Who is going to invest in a movie about an incredably minor internet celebrity? I mean even Anita, who has ten times Zoes reach at least wouldn’t have enough draw for a successful movie

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    Oh god, are we taking bets on who’s gonna play Ralph?

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I nominate Mark Addy!

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I nominate John Goodman.

    • Bitterbear

      You all are going to hate me but..

      • Raiden

        Pitch perfect casting!

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    The Social Justice Morons already claim this as a victory. Remember that they also said the SVU episode will be great and will kill Gamergate. We all know how that turned out. Even the unholy trio Wu Manchu, Scamkeesian and Van Skankenburg hated it.
    Also folks, do you remember there were movies about Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox? Neither do I.

    Who will watch this? Lets check:
    -Gamers wont
    -People outside of the US wont
    -Nongamers from the US wont cause they don’t know her
    -It will be made for TV, meaning people will change the channel when its on
    -“Based on true events” doesn’t get people hooked anymore
    -Even when you cast Scarlett, why should people care for a story about a nobody?
    -Gamergate is not THAT mainstream like van Skankenburg thinks

    So who will watch it? SJW’s, meaning 30 people.

    Good Job on wasting your money, Amy Pascal. Why don’t you flush it dow the toilet? Would be a better use for the dollars.

    Keep that shit coming. I’m excited!

    • Manga Kamen

      ‘-“Based on true events” doesn’t get people hooked anymore’

      That’s usually for the horror genre…

      Ooh, does this mean that this movie’s gonna be a horror flick? I’m already trembling at the idea of this stupidity of a movie.

      We can’t get a half-way decent video game adaptation, yet crap like this will get made? We need to take over Hollywood.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        It will definitely be a horror movie if they show one of her Locke Valentine noodz. If you haven’t seen them yet, DON’T look them up. Trust me you’ll regret it. I had nightmares for a week.
        It would be the most horrifying jump scare in movie history though.

        • Manga Kamen

          Hmm… Think we can get the FNAF crew to cameo in this? lol

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!


          • Manga Kamen

            … Is it sad that I wanna see a FNAF vs SJW movie?

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Absolutely not.
            I had an idea for a SOCJUS VS GG game that would also be awesome.
            Although who wants to play as SJ-Weasels?

          • Manga Kamen

            Hmm, we just have to have the computer play them.

            As someone who’s working on a couple games myself, I’m actually taking potshots at these people in the script. lol

    • Ryan Arko

      I was about to post it, but you got there first. This movie will likely have a single big name in it who is a friend to the producer or director and it’ll end up at film festivals before bombing to screenings on Lifetime or OWN.

      That anyone thinks this movie will gather any widespread attention or big budget fanfare is giving Chelsea and her gang of piss and salt-coated scumbags way too much credit.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Oh. and since my movie comes out next year here is a question to Pascal and the other morons:
    Who do you think people will watch more? Wade “Motherfucking Deadpool” Wilson or Chelseas “Five guys” Van Valkenburg?

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Another “would you rather” question. Be honest folks. What would you rather watch? A self centered ass kissing movie about one of gamings biggest frauds or me jumping in the bounce house for 90 minutes?

  • webkilla

    Just imagine all the people we can reach on movie review boards. Oh, and I wonder how the movie will show Eron Gjoni? I mean, he’s set to win in his legal cases against Quinn, which would mean that he would could totally sue the shit out of the movie company if it smears his character in the movie.

    If he gets the court’s word that Quinn’s gag order was based on lies, then a movie that repeats those lies – he should be able to sue for defamation on that

    Also, this new movie company that seems to be making this: What’s the budget going to be? Can they even afford Scarlett Johanson?

    • Fail Burton

      First of all, they can only afford Margaret Cho. Secondly, how weird is it to make a film about a woman truly notable only for screwing a bunch of guys and then censor that part out? What’s left? I don’t get this at all. They’d make more money telling the truth and releasing it as porn since that’s really all there is. #VaginaGate.

      • webkilla

        Afford who? But then again, I don’t think there’s any word out on the movie’s planned budget. Can’t imagine that it’ll be much.

        And between the “The Red Pill” documentary, and the movie about Milo being made, then I think Gamergate and the real truth behind gits like Quinn will get plenty of movie coverage.

    • ElderWolf

      There any news on his counter suit by the way?

      • webkilla

        Nothing since we were told that he had rejected her offer/motion to have the case and gag order lifted – he wants to take it all the way, so he can get the court’s verdict that she was in the wrong to bring the gag order upon him in the first place.

        This’ll set a case law precedent, so it’ll become a lot harder for anyone in the future to abuse this kind of restraining order to simply silence people – that’s his goal now – and he has the money to see it through via the crowdfunding he got from pro-GG ppl.

        • ElderWolf

          That was months ago and last i heard his lawyers thought they had enough. I would have thought there’d be a hearing date set by now at the very least.

          • webkilla

            It probably has been set – but I don’t think Gjoni is bothering to give us info all the time. It won’t change anything. We’ll hear from him when he has something to tell.

    • SonofaGlitch

      Eron will be played by a disheveled Clive Owen, rambling and raving and mad about obscure math problems, as Scarlet Quinnhanson nobly takes pity on him for his mental illness and see through to his beautiful mind.

      The 2nd Act will see him beating her about the face with human decency and romantic words, an abuse she will rebel against with a brave and stunning display of slutting around (cue a montage of wholesome whoring to the tune of 1990 hit “I’ve Got the Power” by Snap –

      This will mortally wound Eron, who, with his dying breath, will summon a portal to hell using his arcane mathematic skills that no pure and just female brain can truly understand, his dying words being ” . . . Gamergate”.

      A horde of demons flows from computer screens across the world all at once, streaming in a blur of purple and green toward Quinn, who flees her home to Malmo, Sweden with a pair of tickets she had the foresight to purchase several months before.

      The last hour is basically just a big Avengers battle scene as Quinn summons a series of allies and stands against the demonic internet army. With her super powers to spit a tidal wave of semen backwash at will and that hologram trick Loki constantly uses to make it seem like she’s in more trouble than she is, Quinn leads a team consisting of Transforming Cyborg Man-Woman Wu, Adam Sizzler – a coke fueled Super Speedster, eminent Asian psychic “Mindkill” Chu who floats four feet above common sense at all times, and Ben Cuckera a hyper Feminotic leader of an army of Noble Bearded Knights clad in purest white.

      Despite their prowess, this team still suffers set back after set back as they try to close the central portal in the city’s monolithic ultra server. One by one, they fall to the demon’s truth beams until it’s only Quinn left standing, scarred and bloodied. With all hope lost, she makes a desparate move and begins praying, and in a fourth wall breaking moment, asks all the women in the audience to begin praying with her, while the men need to shut up and be good allies.

      All of a sudden, the heaven’s open up and a glowing light pierces through the clouds!

      What’s this? Who is appearing?

      Why? It’s Saint Sarkeesian the brave!

      With her glowing scepter of righteousness, Glorious Anita emits her ultra-sonic feminist frequency, and the troll army evaporates in an instant!

      The battle over, the team recovers and talks about what they should get to eat now that the fighting is done.

      Quinn says,” I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer to go Greek!”

      Everyone laughs, and the film freeze frames as they all jump in the air during a high five.


  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I guess this is how Scarlett would look like in the movie (If you can call such a travesty a movie).

    Message to SJW’s: If one of you (especially cherry picker Nyturd) sees this i’m not salty I just make fun of your hero.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I read a funny white knight comment on twitter: “Anne Hathaway should play Anita. I know the race doesnt fit but still.”

    My Question: ???

    Anne Hathaway = Caucasian
    Anita Scamkeesian = Caucasian

    Why does this not fit!? (Social Justice retards still think Anita is a woman of colour)
    Read it and weep White Knights: ARMENIANS ARE CAUCASIAN!

    • fnd

      Anita Belongs to sub-human race.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Here is great quote from the song the Wild Boys by Duran Duran: “They tried to break us, Looks like they’ll try again”

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I got another question for hollywood: Ariel Winter gets called fat by trolls, where is her biopic?

    • Fuck she looks amazing in this photo, wow. I just read she actually had breast reduction surgery since then, though.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        She sure does. I can understand why she had a breast reduction. The reason she had surgery was because of the back pain she gets on set when standing too long.
        It was also in that interview were she said people called her fat.
        (Note from Motherfucking Deadpool: Fuck these asswhipes, she’s gorgeous!)

        She has always been a great actress and voice actress. She did a great job in the Green Arrow short and The Dark Knight Returns. And of course their is Modern Family.

        She gets more beautiful each year. She and her TV-Sister Sarah Hyland are two of the most beautiful young stars at the moment (In my opinion).

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    This will definitely be the next Lord of the Rings because as we all know the world loves Social Justice Warriors!

  • SiliconNooB

    JLAW needs to play Zoe!

    • Ryan Arko

      There’s a good chance. Lawrence already thinks we’re talking about people who look like her when we say fat people need to lose weight.

      And she’s also a deluded crybaby who can rationalize making more than men in the movies she headlines but thinks it’s persecution when she makes less than the men she co-stars with.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        I hate that bitch!
        “Why did RDJ make more moeny tahn me this year? must be SEXISM!”
        “Nobody should call someone fat, like ever! I wanted to kiss batman not fatman.

        “Sex sells is disgusting except when I do it”.

        By the way she is not even that hot. Thats how this GODDESS looks like IRL without a ton of make up.

      • Kellen Joel

        Oh yeah, the radfems were *outraged* when she was only the 2nd highest paid actor this year.

      • SiliconNooB

        She also loves being bathed in semen.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I forgto to mention this earlier. Don’t think that this is a movie out of “kind of heart”. First and foremost it’s about the money. These idiots think they can still exploit GG and get rich of it.
    NEWSFLASH: November 2014 is over it doesnt work anymore.

    The patreon cash gets lower (WU has gone from 3200 to 2700). It goes down slow but steady.

    The second reason this work of art is made is because the producer of this shit is…wait for it…

    Who is amy pascal? One of the “victims” of the sony hack.

    Rich white rainbow heard hipster + Rich white old producer = $$$ (only in their head)


    • d0x360

      She looks like a Dr who monster of the week

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        She also strangely resembles Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.

  • Ryan Arko

    I’ll watch it if they get Paul Reubens to play Brianna Wu.

    “Hey Jambi…er, GamerGate.”

  • Ryan Arko

    Quinn’s got memoirs. I wonder how many times she wore out the “i” key.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      She joined the club.

  • d0x360

    There’s no way this will ever be released just no way

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      If it will, it will bomb. Who is the target audience? No one out of gaming knows who this skank is.

      • ElderWolf

        Well, that and feminists, but their films don’t make it out of film festivals for a reason.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    As I always say: “For every victory SOCJUS Queef sniffers get, Gamergate and real gamers get 2”.

    “Never watch dubbed anime” -Jonathan Mcintosh (Yes, thats a real quote by Josh)

    • Manga Kamen

      … Ah, Mcintosh must have only watched 4Kids dubs.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        With idiots like this Tyson guy (and the voice actress loved that line too I heard) they will eventually revive 4Kids. The reason 4kids lost the voicing rights was shit like this. These idiots will never learn their lesson.

  • Kellen Joel

    I’m surprised that no one made a petition to remove the movie (not that it will do anything), but yes, I’m expecting that this will actually help GamerGate, because the SVU episode was obviously bullshit. Either way, I think I’ll ask Eli Roth or someone to make a counter movie of this, then ask Leonard Maltin to review Zoe’s movie and give his legit thoughts.

  • Fail Burton

    Well… this just the strangest thing. Apparently Quinn believes her own victimhood. Too bad the press doesn’t work like that. No matter how biased the media is there is enough of it which is not that will unpack this woman’s lies to the point the entire film will be shown to be a lie. That’s the problem with lying in public; increased scrutiny brings increased truth, and Quinn has none of it to distribute. I’m especially looking forward to the sex scenes with half a dozen men who then go on to defend and censor anyone who claims she had inappropriate sexual relations with half a dozen men. This is a film whose head will eat its tail until there’s nothing left.

  • Col. Warrick Pumilio

    THis is hilarious. So who is going to play Brianna Wu? Nicholas Cage? I’m keen to read her book though. I won’t buy it. No way I’m supporting the Van Valkenburg’s. I will be torrenting the book the minute I can. Same with the movie.

    For the lulz

  • Nathan

    Honestly, this is just a payday for her. Odds that this actually gets out of development are slim

  • ElderWolf

    Screw the movie, only the faithful are buying her bullshit now anyway. It still amazes me that she had professional porn photographs taken and sold to an adult magazine and people are stupid enough to buy that those pictures were stolen and published for her harassment. Well that’s funny, you took Eron to court to simply shut him up, but you didn’t seem too eager to take legal action against this magazine company with their brand all over those pictures. Wonder why that is?

  • calbeck357

    “leaving the Hollywood studio to set up her own production firm”

    And torpedoing the firm’s financial investment in its very first film. That’s got to be a new academy record!

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Upcoming Movies:
    Sarah- A Trannie’s fight against pedophobia!
    Briannas List- How one woman (lulz) created a list to safe duh wymonz from evul gators!
    Fullmcintosh- One mans fight for fictional characters rights!
    Anita through the looking glass- The Adventures of the Feminist-queen in the land of patriarchy!
    Dan & Delon’s Excellent Adventure- Foldable and Valis travel throught time to meet lots of LOLIS!!!

  • Silence Dogood

    This will have the same appeal that Christian movies have: It will pander to a specific group of people who want to absorb non-critical propaganda to reinforce their world view. It will fail SPECTACULARLY if they put too much money behind it because only feminists and rad fems and hipsters will go see it (please, more likely to pirate it since hipsters are too busy spending their money on skinny jeans and craft beer). Likely the production values will be SHIT and the entire thing will be massively cringe-worthy. My prediction is it’ll be Razzie worthy at the very least. I’m certainly not going to see it at any rate and I recommend people do NOT engage in anything so stupid as a “boycott” movement as that will only signal boost a piece of shit documentary that the general public otherwise wouldn’t know or care about. You can only squeeze so much out of the victimhood narrative and you’re not going to see this thing advertised everywhere to the extent of a legitimate movie. Expect low revenue and poor reviews to be hand-waved as “misogyny”.

    • Fail Burton

      Speaking of Christians, Suey Park has announced she will become a nun after wrapping up a few loose ends. I am not making that up. She’s like a Korean Catholic who has admitted in the past she goes to church.

      • Silence Dogood

        lol incredible.

  • Julie Shaw

    Wow, really scraping the bottom of the barrel for their dogma aren’t they?

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      Lets look at anti-Gamergates past comments. Shall we?

      “The colbert report will kill GG!”
      “Okay that didn’t work but SVU Will 100% kill GG!!”
      “Okay, that one failed too but this movie will wipe them out! Forever!!!”

      The desperation Of SOCJUS is so delicious!

  • Kincyr

    funny thing is that everything related to Chelsea van Valkenburg is complete irony.

    consider the following: in 2007, SomethingAwful hosts the infamous Jade Raymond comic. 6 years later, SomethingAwful member Chelsea van Valkenburg does everything depicted in the comic. need I say more?

  • mitch_match

    Guys this is great, any writer thats not a total hack is going to do a little thing called: research and any amount of research reveal how full of shit (as well as other body fluids) Quin is. So any decent writer they hire will we fired. also even if this movie gets made its still 2 years out. no commercial appeal. DOA limited release at best. Doxing charities and trampling peoples free speech do not a good protagonist make

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Shouldn’t the “GEEK QUEEN” portray her. She is her SOCJUS-sister in arms after all. Oh right no one hires that D-List loser.

  • Frozen Binary Studio

    Remember the last time the media tried this crap?

    Ice T remembers.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Shouldn’t the “GEEK QUEEN” portray her. She is her SOCJUS-sister in arms after all. Oh right no one hires that D-List loser.

    Ps.: Is it me or does this bitch get uglier each month?

  • LePatriote1980

    SJWs are trying to rewrite history. If this movie gets made, they will claim it is “based on real events”. Now ignorant people might see this and believe all these lies.

  • Skilenton

    What manner of hallucinogen-induced alternate realm of reality have I entered

  • Jak Constantine

    Funny cause like the Law and Order episode, this will hit them back hard. In fact this will be worse than the Law and order episode and when the Eron Gjioni case comes in to play it will be such a mess for them.

  • Sevuz

    So we are gonna get a sickness bag of a indie film based on her own BS claims? Just what the world NEVER ASKED FOR

  • arrow2010

    Sorry but if Scarlett Johanssen does this role, her career is OVER.

  • Fail Burton

    Somewhere on youtube there is footage of a pig rooting around in garbage. I see no reason to waste money and time on expensive actors, directors and scripts when the original Rise and Fall of Zoe Quinn’s Amazing Sexuality is there for free. Plus the pig is nude.

  • The reaction people are having is awesome, and I’m not talking about people who are active in #GamerGate! NO ONE thinks this wh0re deserves a movie.

  • tz1

    Somehow this reminded me – has anything happened with the OAPI (online abuse prevention initiative)? Or has everyone been too busy dyeing their hair unnatural colors?
    Calling Milo!

  • Botiemaster

    So is this going to be a horror film? Like Scream or even Scary movie? Because that’s the only way I see anyone bothering to produce this. Evil online gamer goes mad and tries to kill Zoe Quinn in RL! AHHHHHHH! OMIGAWD all I did was create a renta game please don’t kill me! Leave now or I will call one of five of my journalist boyfriends! AHHHHHHH! WAIT! STOP! ……. need to start a patreon quick….. ok proceed! AHHHHHH!!!

  • Toastrider

    Yeap. This is never gonna get made. It’s gonna sit in development hell until the heat death of the universe.

    Not too long ago, the movie ‘Truth’ released. Big names: Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett. Dealt with the spectacular fuckup that was CBS, 60 Minutes, and the ‘memos’ purporting to show Dubya getting preferential treatment in the Texas Air National Guard.

    It bombed. The limited release only made $60,000. For a big name project, that’s awful, and the projected full release isn’t expected to make back its budget.

    And that was with big names, and a fairly well known scandal. What studio would take a chance that people would flock to hear about the story of Zoe Quinn? Hollywood is ALL about the sure bets, to the point it’s actually retarded their creativity (one of the few things Bob Chipman and I have agreed on).

    Yup, I suspect there’ll be a lot of talk, a lot of flexing, and no movie. Whoopie 🙂

    • Michael P

      I think it might end up getting made but Amy may as well be flushing money down the toilet, nobody outside of gaming will give a shit and only some of the SJW’s will actually pay to see it.

      For GG it’s going to be the feel good comedy of the year though, god bless KAT!

    • AimToMisbehave

      The more Hollywood money that’s wasted on vanity-driven ideological bubble agit-prop like this, the faster their iron-fisted control over all things media and entertainment erodes. I hope they go for it, and blow even more money on more of the same…

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    this is gonna be greater than law & order’s episode. if it miraculously gets filmed, i can’t wait. so excited 😀

  • Danlantic

    Make GamerGate a musical.

  • Raiden

    I’d say ‘there is no God’. But this happening definitely proves that there is a Satan.

  • Sheba

    Oh yes, another movie that will go down in a history footnote as another of those “OMG NERDS ARE SO EVIL” exploitation movies like this one

  • Danlantic

    GamerGate as a musical. Its sets and stagiing should not be limited to a physical reality. Great opportunities for things like a Sarkeesian&MacIntosh duet. Eron Gjoni was metaphorically singing the blues about Zoe’s cheating hear, let’s have his character literraly sing the blues.

  • Shirley O’Donnell

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  • Mathaes Loogmanheimer

    Female actresses would love to play the lead in a Zoe Quinn movie. Most of the time they must work hard for their movie roles, basically be as beautiful as possible. At the very least they must be presentable. But playing Zoe Quinn? They could eat all the ice cream and junk food they want! This could ruin the actress playing Zoe it would be so good.