Young Anita Sarkeesian Photo is Discovered and It's Not Pretty

Young Anita Sarkeesian Photo is Discovered and It’s Not Pretty

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier when I saw a pic of Anita Sarkeesian from what looks like high school. I guess it could possibly be college, but there was no yearbook at my college. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe there was and I was just too high and/or drunk to remember them being sold. Still, the point is, she looks ridicoulous. This isn’t exactly a breaking news story, but oh well. We all need a laugh now and then, plus I need a lot of posts cause I’m about to leave town.


That hairstyle. No wonder she hates men. She’s still mad none of them wanted to fuck her back in the day.

Ethan Ralph

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  • The Bechtloff

    I thought that was shopped when I saw it today. She looks like the dude from Green Day.

    • William DeMarco

      Nope. Saw it on ED’s Facebook page the minute it was posted.

  • Trump TRex

    I thought her CURRENT pictures looked ugly.

  • scemar

    I’m not one too familiar with every trend that comes and goes but that look reminds me of the punk emo feminist look of the late 90’s

    black cloth, spiky short black hair full of gel, dark lips, chain


  • Quanta T

    She looks fine but that hair is awful.

    • Sheba

      80s hair is good on men. But AWFUL for women.

  • Jordan Allen

    Wasn’t there another school photo of her making the rounds that looked a bit earlier than this one? She looked like an awkward wannbe surfer boy.

    • Jordan Allen

      This was the one I was thinking of.

      • KLLRFRST

        It’s not her fault. She really wanted the lead part in the rumored Bill and Ted remake.

        • Jennifer

          I’m dying, omg.

    • scemar

      She just hops from one whacky look to another

      it’s like she can’t help looking like a bad cliche


  • Jennifer

    She straight looks like a misandric lesbian in that picture.

  • FlameBeast

    I mean she looks fuckable back then than she does now.


    I think we just found the female equivalent of the “Just fuck me up, fam” meme.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG


  • One-Eye

    She looks like some chick you would finger at a Rammstein concert.

    • Fatherless

      Oh man…..

  • John

    Dunno why but look like it’s shopped.

    • some of the worst things in life look shopped…

  • ash

    To be honest I would have totally went for that back in my goth years in the 90’s

  • Kyle LondonArsenault

    what purpose does digging up a high school photo serve? we all looked ridiculous at that age.

  • Bobcat665

    OMFG… That *IS* bad.

  • rotekz

    Her grin is 100% The Joker.

  • Ali Radicali

    What the actual fuck. I hope that’s the result of heavy intoxication….

    • Throwingrocks

      She was a teenager – we ALL did stupid, STUPID stuff as Teenagers. Alot of us here on Ralph’s site were lucky enough to be stupid teenagers BEFORE Social Media was a thing.

      • Ali Radicali

        Yes mum.

        I’m just saying, that’s an impressively bad hairdo.

  • Doge


  • As fashion victim as she is now.

  • Silence Dogood

    That’s a revolutionary lesbian hairstyle if I’ve ever seen one. It just screams “deconstruct the patriarchy!”

  • Clark

    I would have had a crush on her in high school.

  • Melissa Michelle Wray

    OH MY GOD that smarmy-ass grin.
    She STILL had that smarmy-ass grin as a teenager.

  • Eggard Snark

    if you didn’t pose for a yearbook photo there probably wasn’t a yearbook

  • I bet she watched a lot of Daria.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      …and entirely missed the point. I bet Anita watched Daria the same way alot of the guys I knew in highschool watched Fight Club over and over and thought that Tyler was supposed to be a heroic figure that everyone should emulate.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    It looks like highschool Anita was probably about as good at pretending to be part of the punk scene as she currently is at pretending to be a gamer.

  • Dranka Dranka

    On the one hand, I like the more natural brows, ethnic girls tend to overboard with the plucking (older Anita is definitely a case in point) and the lack of pancake makeup. She was definitely pretty back then. That haircut though. That’s beyond Joe Dirt. This makes me genuinely curious as to the story behind that shit.

  • AceofSpades

    God she looks like this emo chick I went to high school with, who incidentally was a proto-SJW…

  • Devon

    Jesus Christ, she looks like a outtake from “Just One of the Guys” circa 1985…

    FYI, while I hate to nitpick spelling, it’s “ridiculous” 🙂