YouTube "Heroes" Program Makes Censorship Into a Role-Playing Game

YouTube “Heroes” Program Makes Censorship Into a Role-Playing Game


YouTube is shamelessly incentivizing censorship by involving its users in a new program called “YouTube Heroes,” wherein creators and consumers are awarded points and exclusive perks for reporting negative videos and policing negative community content.


Critics of YouTube Heroes have compared the policy to Reddit’s moderator program which allows designated users to delete and moderate content for personal or political reasons. This new program even institutes a Scientology-esque level system that rewards users for flagging content with even more powerful features to mass flag content.

YouTube Heroes comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to Google or its subsidiaries in recent months, as many of those on its “Google Ideas” council have been collaborating to defeat online trolls in the public eye. Montage and other Google apps have enabled the platform the perform analysis on a massive scale without individually watching each video and assessing its content. There’s even been talk of crowd-sourcing video moderation and allowing artificial intelligence to weed out trolls who target people such as Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn.

This is just the most recent roll-out against free speech and it will not be the last. Clearly, given the date of this release, Google and YouTube are continuing to posture for the upcoming handover of the Internet’s domain system to globalist powers on October 1st; which, without a doubt, is timed for the beginning of the most volatile section of the presidential election. Rest assured, more programs like this can be expected within the coming weeks and companies such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will attempt to censor anti-establishment views as they already have.

Johnny Fox, a critic of YouTube Heroes, gives his thoughts on the program below. His Twitter handle is @JohnnyFoxRox and you can donate to his GoFundMe account here:


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  • D-Bone

    This reminds me of 1st grade when the kid with meth head parents was always stealing our teachers smokes when she was out of the room and she created pretty much the same thing here called “tattle bucks”, which we could cash in for candy and such.

    Youtube is pretty much a 1st grade class now.

    • KryptoTSD

      Really? That’s bad…

  • scemar

    this sounds like a brilliant move, they’re basically weaponizing the regressives by giving them more involvement in the anti democratic process of censorship

    it’s crowdsourcing their anti free speech measures, better than automated processes by far

    youtube pls die already, just die
    go away

  • They more they pull shit like this, the more an alternative to YouTube is vital now.

    And don’t count on DailyMotion, they seem to be even worse – strict, hidden video upload approval, and are sex-negative puritans based on the opinions of a friend I know who tried to upload Anime stuff on there.

  • Emil Åslund

    Please tell me that this is a joke.

  • These tools are nightmarish- if they’re applied fairly, for one, the regressive left’s presence online will be crushed immediately. Most of them seem to be seething in hatred towards someone or other- Trump presently- at all times. Hell, mainstream media sites would have their youtube presence nuked.

    But I think we all know the incentives and algorithms will be fixed to ensure the hammer falls on the ‘right’ side of any debate- establishment voices need not fear. Google doesn’t visit the White House all the time just for their coffee.

    We need solid free-speech alternatives, so thought-policing platforms may hasten their reunion with Myspace.

    • scemar


      whenever the tech giants implement anything like this it’s always free speech and safety for me and not for you

  • Flowey

    lol youtube disabled comments on the video.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Did they start disabled or were they disabled after they got a thousand critical comments? Neither would surprise me.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Seems that the vid will be the only one to make the CisBusters trailer look popular in comparison.

  • GodBowser

    I guess Nut Job Wu will be flagging review videos of her shitty game if it hurts her feelings because the people doing the reviews said negative things about it and Anitard will have a field day flagging all the videos that criticize her and her videos


    Surely this will not backfire horribly and lead to YouTubers paying bribes to flag the channels of their competitors or SJWs abusing this to mass flag anyone who hurt their fee-fees.

    Oh well. At least this means that YouTube will die a violent death much sooner, and an alternative that isn’t a censorship wonderland can start to flourish.

  • DisneyVillain

    I still love YouTube despite the crap that’s been done to it, but if this program actually happens and YouTube does away with AphaOmegasin, Sargon of Akad, Yo Mama!, or even game tips, the last bit of redeeming quality Youtube will officially be dead to me.

    But man, Google would have to be so fucking stupid to implement this program that calling them retards would be the equivalent of calling them geniuses.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      They think they’re fucking invincible but the truth is google, facebook and twitter are no more invincible than myspace was. They will ultimately chase away a section of the customer base and that will create a market for something else to start growing.

  • Cazamus

    So I can start flagging hate speech, like “All men are sexist” and racism like “white people are scum”? Or is this going to be the normal kind of censorship, that you watch kill creativity and be applied unfairly across the board, like reddit, until the viewership reduces itself to a circlejerk.

  • Fatherless

    Is this to suppress allegations of vote rigging in November?

  • Fatherless

    Time for a report a thon! Wouldn’t it be funny if Gamergate ended up as the majority if the peopke at the “Hero’s Summit?”

  • Perrico de los Palotes


  • Maintenance Renegade

    Win cash prizes by reporting on your friends and neighbors! Double plus good!

  • Dave The Sandman

    Awww come on….look at it another way. Those rainbow haired San Francisco hipster cocksuckers just handed the Kek Warriors the keys to an armory full of military grade weapons and a sack of pure Columbian Cocaine.
    Sign up, get busy….and smash the machine from within!

    • Dave The Sandman

      Oh look…. you get rewards for doing subtitles.
      so you go and subtitle every Young Turks vid with obscene drivel in Russian and Finnish google auto-translated content

  • Lost Question

    the heroes idea is terrible, what would make it less terrible would be youtube saying ps now those who intentionally false flag and what we believe to be mistakenly flag things will be severely punished (-100 points per mistake and permanently being locked out of the heroes program and lose flagging privileges if you either consistently mistakenly flag video’s, or false flag a video once)
    basically making flagging something that a “hero” has to review and think very hard about.

  • Sherry M ✓ᵀʰᵉ ˢᑫᵘᵉᵃᵏ

    Whom ever thought this was a good idea is surely a idiot of the first order.