First off, I want to thank the Trump campaign and all their press people for having me out at the campaign event yesterday in Radford, Virginia. It was the first time I’ve been credentialed for such an event, and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun. I’ve put up a couple videos from there over on YouTube. Look out for another couple coming up today. Here’s the ones I’ve posted so far:

It’s hard to describe the feeling that I had there in the press box. Of course, I was a little nervous at first, but that quickly subsided and then I was just there doing my job like anyone else. I talked to a few supporters, although I didn’t focus on that as much since I’m a Trump supporter myself. I don’t really need to get into the mind of these people since I’m also of the same mind. Still, the one thing that struck me was the diversity of the crowd. There were Republicans, Democrats, and independents…not to mention people of all races. The Trump Movement isn’t really about ideology or skin color, it’s about fixing what’s wrong with our country and getting away from the left/right paradigm. Last week someone told me Trump wasn’t a conservative. I said, “Yes, I know. I couldn’t care less.” This has nothing to do with conservative bona fides and everything to do with getting the United States back on track by doing whatever it takes.

The other thing that I noticed was the tension. Protester after protester worked to disrupt the proceedings, their hatred shining brightly. I’ve never been in a room quite like that. I imagine the feeling I felt is the same one others noticed back in the late 1960’s. I hate to say this, but our country is headed for some rough political fights…much rougher than what we’ve seen during my lifetime. A photographer got into it with a Secret Service agent at this very rally, which is another sign of what’s possibly on the horizon. My only hope is that we don’t see real political violence come out of all this. The feeling in the room yesterday left me thinking that we might. I’ve never been involved with an election like this one and I feel like our country’s future truly is at stake. They say that during every presidential campaign, but this time it’s true.

This vitriol is coming from leftist activists and the establishment, not Mr. Trump. Yes, he’s said some harsh things, but in my mind, the hatred has actually been ratcheted up by his opponents. If something bad happens, they have no one but themselves to blame. I’m going to go cast my vote for Trump later today, and I couldn’t be happier to do so. I’ll also have more over on YouTube and some regular SJW stuff here on the site. Tonight is of course Super Tuesday, and I might do a stream, although I haven’t decided yet. I will let you know if I decide to do it. Thank you all for supporting me in this endeavor. I hope to do more stuff like this in the future. Your donations and support help keep me working here, so those are also much appreciated. Another way to help is to go to Amazon through this link and buy something, if you don’t feel comfortable donating. Or, if you’re poor like me, just keep reading. That will always suffice.


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