Absurd Proposals To Increase Number Of Female MPs In Commons Rejected

Absurd Proposals To Increase Number Of Female MPs In Commons Rejected

I apologise for the lack of posts the past week. I thought I had breast cancer and spent the past week looking at my breasts while whispering ‘You’ve betrayed me’. Luckily, no breast cancer so I have no more excuses. Just like the women who don’t make the cut for Parliament. See that transition there. Parliament has rejected six proposals to force help increase the number of female MPs submitted by the Commons’ women and equalities committee. And rightfully so. One of the proposals was to fine parties that do not select enough women as candidates.

Women make up 30% of MPs, which is shocking. I can’t believe the number is that high. It’s not that I don’t think women aren’t competent, but that the job sucks. People are always yelling at you, your co-workers are cunts and people are always asking your opinion about shit you really don’t care about.

Sophie Walker, the leader of the Women’s Equality party, said the response was deeply disappointing. “By rejecting every one of the women and equalities committee’s recommendations, the government has let all women down and continues to stifle true democracy in which all voices are heard,” she said.

The proposals were ridiculous. The committee wanted parties to get fined if 45% of their candidates for the general election weren’t women. Always so wanted parties to publish ‘candidate diversity data’. How demeaning is that? ‘Sorry David, you’re perfect for the job but you don’t have a vagina or melanin’.

I don’t believe having more women in Parliament is going to make the government better at its job. I think having better candidates will. For example not just choosing candidates from Eton or that have done PPE from Oxford. And if that happens to be a woman? Great. If not? Who cares anyway.

When I was in college, we had female MPs come in and talk to us about the lack of female MPs. Being a class of STEM girls, we didn’t really give a shit about the gender makeup of Parliament, but I remember the MPs being flabbergasted when we disagreed with a quota. We argued the best person should get the job, and I remember the MPs and their assistants nodding their heads in a patronizing manner. Why ask our opinion if you’re just going to treat us like idiots if we disagree?

I disagree with quotas as a whole but let me know what you guys think.

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.